Snowboard Binding Guide

A guide to help you select the right snowboard bindings:
Whether you are a park rider, jibber, backcountry rider, or all mountain snowboarder. This guide will help you track down the binding that will best suit your needs.


Samuel David says:

what is a good all-mountain snowboard binding from burton?

QuikBrdr83 says:

I have the cartels and have had an issue with the back of my boots getting chewed up…am I ratcheting too tight or do I need to angle the ankle strap more towards the high back to keep the back of my boot more locked in. I have the toe and ankle straps centered to the boot…somethings off only after 6 rides with new boots…

Justin Dahl says:

Is it good for me to start at a comfortable distance when first trying a new feature? What i mean by this is so i can just stand up and hit the jump without having to carve in to it at first.

rupman27isback says:

hahahah!! i couldnt focus from his head going side to side lol

Wooditdo says:

Hahhaha General Chat at 3:26.

MolecularWeight says:

I bought the Union Bindings Force 2 days ago! 😀

Nicholas Palumbo says:

should i have my binding set at a duck stance for park?

toponereviews says:

wow, it is very cool

Matt Pierce says:

Nitro/Raiden Zero if you like jibs more, Nitro/Raiden Phantom if you like jumps more. Both are great bindings, but the Phantoms are just a tad stiffer. Union Force or Contacts would be awesome too.

Nathan Bass says:

I’m 6,1 and weigh 168 lbs, and i spend a lot of time with family and friends on the slope, but im really enjoying park riding and want that to be a main focus. I’m pretty good and comfortable on a board. But always riden a camber board, and never riden a rocker. I was thinking a performance rocker of some sort..
do you have any ideas?

Travis Sorrentino says:

Im getting a 155 capita board and i want good flex, good for jumps and jibbing so basicly a all around park binding any ideas?

Young Pup X says:

pretty sure this guy doesn’t blink once. Also what’s up with the head tilts

Nanerdeath says:

UNION! Contact pros for life!

Firelord360 says:

I am about to buy another snowboard that is a Burton Channel…what bindings would be the best within the EST models and the non EST models?

DusSemGamez GM says:

I get a board whit bindings and that board size is 151 and the Binding size are L Is that to small or to big for the board My feet size is 43 Please can you help me

SourToiletSeat says:

@joewamalama yes! Thank you so much man!

Audi says:

what’s the difference between binding strap that goes on top of the feet and the strap that covers the toes? Do the straps that cover the toes (instead of top of the feet) give you better control?

Matt Pierce says:

You’ll probably still be safe, but the bindings may feel a little sloppy and be more flexible than intended

The5thFlame says:

sierra reverse crew looks really nice for park and all mountain

joe lober says:

I ride a burton custom Flying V that thing has amazing flex and I ride burton cartel

Danny Chew says:

heyyy Doug, I have an 2012 Park Pickle, any recommendations on particular bindings I should try? I’m starting to try my hand at park, doin basic jumps and just a few rails but will usually just cruise round the mountain most of the time.

Any recommendations would be awesome!

Fred V. says:

Rome crail would be a pretty good option, what price range are you looking for?

Drew Peacock says:

union force all day

S1eepyFox says:

Someone, What song is that in the background? Plz(:

SourToiletSeat says:

Im getting pissed. He said you can get collapsible high back but I cant find anything about it. Is there a specific word to call this.

420HEADY says:


Dawson M says:

im an intermediate snowboarder and i like stiff bindings as well as a camber board. what bindings would you reccomend? im 13 145lbs 155cm board and have a 10.5 boot

Matt Pierce says:

Nitro/Raiden Phantoms all the way! Union Contact Pros are sick too

peepmysteelo says:

Great advice as always. Thanks Sierra…

myz myztik says:

i have a 2011 burton hero smalls and im going to get the union contacts would they work on it ?

WeAllGonnaDieAlive says:

good vid. Im waiting for a shipment of Burton Mission to my Skunk ape cant wait.

Michael Menton says:

I have a Lib Tech Travice Rice 2011 153 cm and i have a size 10.5 foot ( but i need new boots) i love big jumps and power. i weigh 140 and 6′ 2″ and i have been snowboarding for like 8 years.

I heard the union force were good

Людмила В. says:

Union the best! 😉

Daniel Stefanyk says:

I have size 12 snowboard boots what size should my bindings be ?

sdoubleon says:

Bought a new 156 bataleon whatever 2014. And dont know what type of bindings I should go for but I did look at Flux RK30 2013 but wasn’t sure if that suits the board and my riding styles. I am more of doing ground trips and nailing front side 180, speed and looking for light weight so i can ride 6 days straight in Japan. and would like to improves in the close future. Your suggestion and advice are appreciated!

canadiankid23 says:

I’ve got a 147 rossignol retox I’m mostly into jibbing and that sort…. whats a binding you’d recommend ? thanks…

Matt Pierce says:

With universal discs, they will work. The Customs might come with those. Do yourself a favor and don’t go with Burton though. They’re total shit except the Cartels. Flows and Gnus suck too because if they break, it’s impossible to find temporary fixes if you’re on a snowboard trip. Raiden or Union are the way to go. At minimum, get the Nitro/Raiden Zero or Union Flite bindings. If you can’t afford those, check out c3-shop and pick up some demo models by Union. -snowboarder of 11 years

Tsto128 says:

@shakejunt192 any lossness is bad fix imedeatly

Evan G says:

one of my bindings is missing the rotation screw on one of the sides, so that side is loose… do i need to get that fixed asap or is it not that big of a deal?

WolfieGamerHD Hd says:

if i told you what bindings i have, you wont even know that they exist until you search it up

chase roddy says:

im looking for a good freestly binding for jibs and jumps should i go with the union force or union contact. or any other binding you recommend

Pedro Chapuis says:

im 5’7 160 lb, just got a 2012 k2 playback board and I’m large size binding, what would be a good binding for that board?

jiang son says:

I just got a 2011 Rome Agent Rocker with Rome 390 bindings, I haven’t try them yet, but can someone tell me if my set up is good or not??

Matt Pierce says:

There’s really no noticeable difference regarding control. The toe cap strap apparently keeps your foot more locked in (won’t slide forward), but you really won’t be able to notice a huge difference. I ride toe cap straps because I like the way it feels on my foot.

Kyle Wiltse says:

the ride capo’s are pretty awesome. just waiting for my arbor roundhouse to come in. also super amazing board.

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