Testing the Capita DOA Snowboard

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In this video I’m testing the Capita DOA snowboard on Whistler mountain! The DOA is supposed to be one of the most versatile snowboards in the Capita line up. The DOA has a mid flex, a cam-rock profile and a twin shape. In this video I’m testing how to Capita DOA feel around turns, ollies, butters and in powder. Thanks for watching !


Peter Hong says:

I knew I wanted a capita board. I came from a gnu park board didnt want the same type of board. Thought I was going for the doa but it seemed like a park board and read some negative comments on it being alot of leg usage. Went with the capital mercury cause at 39 year old I ain’t going in park. More of cruising and powder.

Luis Rivera says:

What’s up Kevin, so I recently got a never summer chairman 165 X(wide) haven’t put it on snow yet n I have a 13 size boot but I feel like Ill catch my toe n heel edge

Jake from State Farm says:

coming from a burton 156 pro axis, I used a horroscope and LOVED IT but it was a 151, the short board made tricks (butters/180’s) so much easier. I want to get the DOA but everyone is telling me to get a longer board, ie. 156-158. Why is that??

Sean Strampher says:

I have been looking at this board since last year, and my first board I bought it too long and too stiff and I want to avoid that again. I’m 5’7″ and 125lbs, I currently ride a 154cm board and I was wondering would 150cm be too short for someone as small as me??

Jonathan Ng says:

what size boots do you run when riding the doa?
what size is your doa too?
thanks a million!!!

Brandon Yosick says:

Looking for the best All mountain board. I want something that can do everything, on the flexier side. is this it. any other recommendations?

Phu Dao says:

Bruh Its a dream to have a brand new board every season, my Burton process is on its 3rd season, and I would love to have the Capita Mercury this year.

Xv HATTON says:

My DOA arrives tomorrow I’m so hyped

FunctionONE says:

Definitely getting this board next

Matt Heffren says:

weird graphic though

choigunz says:

For everyone saying this is a pure park board, not a freeride yes you are correct in the traditional sense. But Kevin is saying that for his style of freeriding and what he likes to do e.g. doing some fun butters and presses while he freerides it makes sense. The Kazu Kokubo pro model is a freeride/powder board but i see people rippin it through the park. Sometimes you can use things that aren’t for it’s intended purposes and strengths, it comes down to preferences and personal style.

Howard M. Burgers says:

Just ordered one! I’m calling in sick when it arrives!

Luke Alexander says:

Really showcasing the pop with some boosted ollies

RM_Supreme says:

How much is the DOA?

Arturo Espinoza says:

What size are you riding ? And I’m 165 lbs 9 us boots wish size is good for me ? Fun and pure some off pist !

jawsmod says:

Love my DOA!

Heinz Donnerbalken says:

whats ur board/binding/boot size ?:)

Yaseenabinladin n says:

review the mercury pls

PoolsFools says:

They killed the graphics

Nicool333 says:

What’s weird is that snowboards are become like they used to be. Stiffer, full camber, directional, shallower sidecuts…. Technology has come full circle.
Hey just give me back my old haakon deck!

B Xx says:

6’2″ 185 lbs, size 10.5 feet. Should I get a 158 or 158W?

Ryan Nules says:

Really close to buying the DOA, going to test some boards out next weekend…hoping you could offer some advice on a board. Looking for something I can kill the whole mountain(mainly park) on but I want a more jibby board, something playful so I can really learn rails on but still kill the rest of park like jumps and side hits. Thanks Kev. Hope to hear back.


Which is better Capita DOA or Rde War Pig? In California dont get to ride powder to much.

dustin sanchez says:

Anyone saying this board is not for all mountain simply doesn’t get it. It definitely is! I’ll take one of my DOAs and you can pick any board you want, and I’ll leave you wishing you could….

PlantiPal says:

Got this puppy with Stratas this season

Samuel Grodecki says:

I’m wanting this board with union force bindings. I am a size 10 (UK) boot, will I need the M/L or L/XL Bindings? If the larger will I need the DOA that’s wider, or will a regular 158cm work fine? Love the review so much can’t wait to get on one!

Viridian says:

Super pumped, bought the board and cant wait to take it to the mountain in a day

thesauce says:

6′ 170LBS……what length snowboard? im currently on a 155cm

Rob Taylor says:

Video quality is insane dude! Vids keep getting better. Pre ordered my 158 doa and picking it up in a few days
Looking forward to part 2 of this for your feedback on park laps. Great to see you doing board reviews as well!

Gispee says:

How important is it to have good bindings? I currently have the $150 Burton bindings (I honestly don’t even remember what they’re called I just got the cheapest ones available but I think they’re the freestyle 13 or something like that) and I don’t know if I’m missing out on performance. I might need new ones soon, and I was wondering if I really need something like the high end unions or if it’s just durability/aesthetics.

jayschwab says:

skeleton key

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