Testing the Jones Flagship Snowboard in Powder

JONES FLAGSHIP: http://bit.ly/2zLwowm
AIRBLASTER NINJA SUIT: http://bit.ly/2zRoBwP
GOPRO HERO 6: http://bit.ly/2CcP7pU
SANDBOX HELMET: http://bit.ly/2kml7vT
IMPACT SHORTS: http://bit.ly/2DDdXMK
DAKINE VAPOR JACKET: http://bit.ly/2ALs9G1
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HELI PRO BACKPACK: http://bit.ly/2nm3tOi
DAKINE MITTENS: http://bit.ly/2AqsKfL
BALACLAVA: http://bit.ly/2kafOnD

JACKET: http://bit.ly/2jEiVA9
PANTS: http://bit.ly/2Al0FG3
BACKPACK: http://bit.ly/2nmPI1J
MITTENS: http://bit.ly/2AqihP1
BALACLAVA: http://bit.ly/2zIfY8M
TRAVEL BAG: http://bit.ly/2BBXhol

Today I’m taking the Jones Flagship snowboard up the mountain to test in some deep powder snow. I almost didn’t make it up the mountain today because of a stiff back. After thirty minutes of stretching I was able to get loose and feeling good for a day of snowboarding. I’m also wearing one of my early birthday presents which is the Airblaster Ninja suit. The features of the Jones Flagship snowboard that I’m most interested in testing out are the larger spoon shaped nose and also the mellow magne traction along the edges. The nose on the Jones Flagship snowboard is supposed to help with keeping you a float above the powder. The magne traction should be good for holding an edge on steep terrain and also for carving. Thanks to Evolution Whistler for loaning me the snowboard for the day. If you guys have any advice for what I should buy as my next all mountain snowboard it would be great to hear it in the comments. Thanks for watching!


Venom's Motors says:

T rice pro hp is Amazing.. I’ve road both but t rice is my fav!

ayadal says:

T Rice Pro. You can really use it anywhere on the mountain. I think the flagship is more free ride oriented. How did it feel to you? I just bought a Yes PYL for free riding and powder. Have you got a chance to ride the YES PYL yet?

Connor says:

Lib Tech T.Rice pro! Also can you do a review on the Burton panhandler? Awesome Video.

Christopher Borstnik says:

Great view of how the nose pushes through the pow…

Yitzhak B-gomerzky says:

Gnu Hyperkyarve test or RIOT!

LeoGallegos says:

These videos are so good I wish they were longer ! Haha cheers

Keegan Stafford says:

t rice magnitraction board is a great all mountain

ZANE Flow says:

you should try the rome mod stales edition

Aaron Nava says:

Trice pro all day, every day!

Maxime Steelandt says:

I like the ride berzerker, you should definitely give it a try

MrSpreadem says:

The view of the nose of the board passing through power is a cool shot

P Kurk says:

burton custom flying v is probably one of the best all mountain boards ever made.

BekkerRobin says:

Please try the Yes Typo!! The T rice is also very nice!

brendan strange says:

Have you ever tried the burton flight attendant? Its a lot like the flagship.

Theriddick133456 says:

Lib tech

blacksun1520 says:

Hey Kevin, have you ever ridden a Gilson? Their Pioneer board looks pretty sweet and the 3D base sounds interesting.

Cole Wleklinski says:


FAYOTO says:

what is his binding angles ?

Benny Adler says:

I think u should get the lib tech ejack knife… great free ride board

Seags says:

Salomon Ultimate Ride
Ride Alter Ego, Warpig
Capita Mercury
Lib Tech Ejack knife, Swiss knife
GNU Mullair
Burton Deep Thinker
Don’t do a T-rice. Ya it rides well in all conditions but everyone and their mother has one. It’s the safe, boring choice.

Stefan Ullrich says:

What is this music you are using in the video? Sounds great for relaxing. Starting around 3:20.

theft repo sol says:

I’ve had both in the past two years. ill just say i sold my 2016/17 TRICE PRO for the new flagship.

U.K.M. says:

T rice pro!

Mark says:

Have you ever done any avalanche training?

Joshua Li says:

Try the ride berzerker!

Alex K says:

Do they just rent all these boards your trying? Or do you have a special relationship that allows you to test?

Steven Maggio says:

As an ice coast rider I approve the flagship. Just picked up one of the original ones from when Jones Snowboards first started. It’s an absolute beast, carves super well. However, if you’re looking for an all mountain board, knowing you’re kind of more freestyle background I’d recommend the T.Rice. That board seems to be more of a twin tip and can still handle it’s own riding either way in powder. I haven’t had the chance yet in NY but I wouldn’t even think about riding switch in powder or doing any freestyle on my Flagship.

Friend of God says:

how well is the T-Rice pro in powder? the camber profile throws me off? would it be a good powder only board?

Kevin Howell says:

Ride Berzerker and Warpig are the only 2 boards i’ll ever need 😉

Andrew Smiles says:

Rome “Mod Rocker” PLEEEZe?

Shawn Martin says:

Any suggestions for good board for riding north east in the states?
I have a never summer ripsaw and a lib tech Travis rice board. Been riding my the lib tech mostly. We get way too much icy conditions so wanted to add another board just for those days

connor vannatta says:

Get the t rice

Maarten Verbinnen says:

Jones explorer!

max t says:

Pretty sure it’s snowing in the lift at the beginning?

Brad Alger says:

Carbon flagship is my baby!!!!with the Now Drive bindings

gkill24 says:

Try the mullair

Vincent Yeung says:

Way to rep Union Bindings, Kev and TJ. Tried the Union Atlas they’re absolutely bomb. Stiff as hell with just the right amount of lateral flex. Much respect, see you on Whistler.

turtlezed says:

That’s too difficult a request, ‘which board do I think you’d want more’….not an igloo mate, I get from your ride and the comment, ‘still deciding’, means the flagship didn’t make a massive impact on you? I guess for you after riding a pure powder board like your 420, the Jones wouldn’t match that specialism at lower speeds.? On steeper terrain at higher speeds it may be a different contest. I was so looking forward to hearing a lot more on it and now don’t regret passing on it because it was up there price-wise. I ended up with a new /old stock Slash Aurora which was 250 quid cheaper and I’m keen to have a blast on it before we shove off to Austria in Feb….Still loving the mileage you guys are putting in….keep up the hard slog as long as you can guys…..the comments below about the Explorer and T.J’s review make for interesting reading/watching…

jborgar says:

gonna be that guy and ask what the song is a 4 min. cool vid!

CptnBeats says:

t rice pro all day

SNOcoat says:

Lib tech trice pro is such an incredible board. Full on magnatraction allows more versitility than the Jones. We have a 2014 trice pro within our Collection and had been used in powder ice and even park.

suedeslounge says:

Attack Banana FTW. It doesn’t stick as much in the turns as the T Rice because it has a mellower magnetraction cut. I have both and I think the AB is the better board for all mountain.

ctahall says:

Get Capita defenders of awesome

Jake Enders says:

Why no tj?):

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