Testing the Travis Rice Pro Model Snowboard

Today we’re snowboarding in Whistler on the one of the heaviest powder days of the year, to test the Travis Rice Pro Snowboard by Lib Tech. Travis Rice is one of the most iconic snowboarders in the world and his snowboard is designed to shred the entire mountain! To put this snowboard to the test we’re taking it off powder drops, through trees and through some open powder bowls! The main features that stand out on the Travis Rice Pro model snowboard are the magne traction, medium stiff flex and hybrid rocker camber. The demo center on Blackcomb is a great place to test this snowboard for yourself!

Get the Travis Rice Pro Model snowboard: http://tinyurl.com/hkn9g4u
Check out our written review: http://boardarchive.com/lib-tech-travis-rice-pro-hp/

Sandbox Legend Helmet: http://bit.ly/2kml7vT
Electric EGX Goggles: http://bit.ly/2kvQzLu
Volcom Utilitarian Jacket: http://bit.ly/2km8GQy
Volcom Articulated Pants: http://bit.ly/2kmorH8
Burton Process Snowboard: http://bit.ly/2jsiTwF
GoPro Hero 5: http://bit.ly/2kyFx41
Handle: http://amzn.to/2ivY5Fo

TJ’s Bindings: http://tinyurl.com/z8k5pya
TJ’s Jacket: http://tinyurl.com/zhwl3uu
TJ’s Goggles: http://tinyurl.com/gpz7h9r

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Caden Williams says:

Small youtubers, where are you at? I want to check out some small channels and show some love, so drop a comment and I’ll check your content out! If it’s good I’ll leave some feedback and smash that subscribe button!

Assertive Biker says:

Who could dislike this?

Sean Davies says:

My burton malavitas do the same Kevin and there only last seasons

Newt Tella says:

about your Burton toe strap coming undone: my straps do that on days where there’s very warm temperatures that causes snow to melt, then freeze up when I’m at a cooler part of the mountain. That little bit of new ice either in the ratchet mechanism or on the strap will cause the ratchet to not grab. I found this re-icing was worst on my old Drake bindings that had metal ratchets and almost never occurred on my original all plastic Burton freestyle bindings.

Philip Tabor says:

you guys should go to monarch mountain in Colorado and hit the Mirkwood bowl

aistis72 says:

Power looks wet, not good, 4:26 on your helmet in a right side sticker, why you not remove it? Looks weird, it’s like leaving price on a helmet

Freddie Ellis says:

Kevin do a video on how to hit jumps in powder and the technique ect? would be pretty sick I think!

TabesPlays says:

I got the Travis rice pro hp and it’s pretty sick

przybylason says:

i know sometimes it looks like the stuff they are doing is easy, but it’s not. much steeper in real life, and powder like this takes so much energy to fight through

Sebastian Nagy says:

You guys should review the best budget board

Max Maher says:

How’s the flex, and would it work well in the terrain park?

Volvent says:

J’adore le rythme de vos vidéos. C’est du bon travail et super agréable à regarder.

Casey Caplette says:

thats why you use Union bindings not burton

Милан Тодоров says:

Hey TJ, how did the NFX goggle with bluebird lens perform in this overcast/flatlight day?

Chimmy Chaunga says:

you should do a video about gopro mounting positions

iLuck says:

This is so weird I’ve been watching these vids for months and now I’m in whis for the season and I know all these spots and dealing with the same conditions, makes this channel even more helpful

Graham Jones says:

I need help, I can carve and stop quite easily but I can’t go straight down the hill I get too scared and I immediately stop myself or turn when I go fast any suggestions? I’m also taking lessons where we’re working on small boxes, halfpipe and jumps where you need speed, so yeah..

sappo says:

great vids with you and tj. thank you and keep em coming…..

MasKeD GFX says:

Nice Edge of The World sticker!

avo420turbo says:

just went snowboarding last week for the first time in 16 years (im28) ended up demoing a never summer snowtrooper but made a final purchase on this board after some consideration about how much ice Virginia has and the magnetraction just sounded like a good thing to have. I will let yall know next week when I return to the mountains how the boards differ for a once mediocre snowboarder to now a scrub out of shape big boy on the slopes.

Abel Godinez says:

awesome vid

KinematicsFX says:

Almost time for a new jacket man!

Adam Beacock says:

Hi Kevin! I just have a quick question… Would Camber be an okay choice for a park snowboard that likes to do a little bit of carving? By the way love your videos! Thanks!

EvanHasGamed says:

Would you mind making a video on snowboarding in the trees / glades more in depth? I want to try learning to ride in more powder in trees when I go to Park City in a few weeks. My biggest worry with going in the trees is not getting lost. How do I keep myself from going in the wrong direction if all I see are trees? I’d appreciate some advice if possible! By the way, you videos are awesome, thanks!

Kook808 says:

Really love these types of videos! Coming from someone who is pretty average at snowboarding, watching you guys is really enjoyable in contrast to the pros doing things I can’t even imagine myself doing. Keep it up!

Mihai Ignatescu says:

hi, I appreciate your reviews on snow equipment but I sincerely think that you need to improve your riding techniques because it looks pretty bad when you do that contrarotation on every turn.

eXpanderxl says:

Your jacket got really wet later in the day. Was it still ok?

Ken B says:

Thanks for the great review!
These type of reviews are so much better than a guy standing in a room rhyming off tech features.
Please do more reviews like this one!
Not only was this vid informative and entertaining, it made me want to get out and ride 🙂

Celyn Ellis-Williams says:

im not really sure what board im going to buy, because i always rent one, would like if someone could help please

Justin Bordwell says:

Does that sandbox helmet w/o vents give ur goggles fogging issues? I recently had to drill a few holes into my anon helmet due to that issue. Just wondering cuz i like thd style of that sandbox

hasan sahin says:

guys what is the Tj’s snowboard angle ?? any one know?

Sebastian Nagy says:

You guys should review the best budget board

Mark Halvorsen says:

What binding is TJ riding? Are those 17 union stronger teams?

mason smith says:

Vids are getting better and better! Love the vlog style videos. I’ve been looking for a snowboard vlogger and you are slowly becoming just that. Get those daily uploads goin!

sskudlife says:

Fan meet up in Lake Tahoe/Mammoth?


Solid Edit you guys. A little more relaxed than your average review. Got me thinking about hunting one of those boards down. Making me wanna shred right now. favorite part: Pillow gap ( unintentional ) Radical!

computers2max says:

OMG the rolling of the windows down at 12:57 – lucky bail and well held onto the top of the rock keeping track…. Lucky fellow !!!

smallyme33 says:

how have you not fallen in a tree well?

william egelin says:

Man i love all of your videos! Keep up the great content! 🙂 Greetings from Sweden

JoJ0z says:

Any recommendation on coconut water brands?

TheChizmatic says:

What size board was that? How big are you?

Isaiah says:

how about testing out a gnu gateway

H Harrison says:

how tall are you?

Cam Dean says:

I love these shred vlogs you have been doing

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