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In this video I’ll share with you my top 5 picks for beginner snowboards. I’ll also share my top 3 picks for women’s snowboards. I’ll also show you want to look for so you can buy the perfect beginner snowboard fo you. First you want to look for a snowboard at a lower price point. When you’re first learning to snowboard you won’t make use of some of the tech that come with the more expensive snowboard. Next you want to find a snowboard that has a catch free profile. As a beginner snowboard it’s very common to catch an edge while learning. A snowboard that has reverse camber in the nose and tail will help you to avoid catching an edge. You also want to look for a snowboard with a soft to mid flex. This type of flex with give you stability while doing turns, but also allow you to try beginner tricks. You finally want to look for a snowboard with a combination direction and twin shape. This will give you the option to ride you snowboard in one direction or try switch. If you have any questions about buying a beginner snowboard you can leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


McScott76 says:

Just go to Play it Again Sports (or Craigslist) and get a used board to learn on. I got a K2 board, decent bindings and boots combined for $150.

Katherine Lee says:

hoping for some womens snowboard reviews this season 🙂

Tonchen Tayler says:

Hi Kevin and all! hello from a 64 year old English
 man living in Germany .I have studied all your intermediate turning videos and plan to go for it this winter .I can already turn ok and can even carve on a good wide slope but want to be in more control,  I have
the opportunity to buy a Salomon Pulse 156 and Pack bindings set for 300€ (NEW); I am 175 cm in height and 148 lb,s (68 Kilo,s.) size 9.5 boot would this board be ok and keep me busy for a while ? thanks for all the great help and info.


Jaimee Ellison says:

Best beginner women board would be a Ride Compact or a Capita Space Metal Fantasy. They’re good for their value

Flying Zebra says:

I got a Lib Tech TRS HP stealth for $350 CAD

Máté Boros says:

Hey Kevin! I am a beginner and going to buy my first board (burton ripcord). Can you please recommend a bindings for that?
Is it should be similar soft as a board, like (burton freestyle, custom) or I can choose stiffer (malavita or cartel)?
Thank you in advance.

ali khan says:

Hey bud i dont know anythng about snowboards so i want a one to ride on real snow make me understand which one to buy and about the boots as well thanks

Jose R GF says:

I find myself in the dilemma of not knowing which of the 2 to choose are both directional twin and both are for all mountain : k2 Standard and k2 Raygun
I can say that im no longer a rookie but im learning so I cant say that im at an intermediate level. I also have my doubts about being rocker ?
Thanks for everything I love your channel ^^

Jeremy Stig says:

I bought a Salmon board, bindings and boots for 200$ during a summer sale. The board is still alright after 4 years, but the bindings were trash after half a season. The boots hold up pretty nicely as well, they are a little stiff for my taste though.
So my recommendation is not to save cash on bindings.

Booter crew _B13 says:

What hoodie is that it”s sick and I want one

Freaker xDD says:

hi iam a beginner and want to buy my 2 board.
i want a soft one for butter tricks,riding in both directions and easy for turns. hope someone can help me find one i see so manny boards that i want to buy but dont know witch one.

Pure Vybz says:

The only way to not catch an edge is to know how it feels when you gonna catch one. By practicing a bit it should become easier to find balance and avoiding those edge.
So I would definitely recommend to the challengers to take a beginner to intermediate board … and practice.

space man says:

Get the k2 Ray gun. Rocker/flat profile, great for park and all mtn, 287 on evo. You can progress well past intermediate and still rock it.

Ian Braslins says:

When I was 10 years old (30 years ago), my first “snowboard” was on old skateboard deck. I rode it tail first so it wouldn’t catch in the snow. I also had custom made step-in bindings… which were two pieces of scrap carpet secured with a staple gun. It was great for riding straight down toboggan hills… not so much on the jumps or trying to carve!!!

Rob Gams says:

Love these videos and the content Kevin, I am a super noob and going snowboarding for the first time ever this season at Mount Hood, OR (praying for snow soon) so I’ve been watching a ton of your videos and trying to absorb as much information as I can leading up to my first lesson whether it’s tips on gear, hacks, tips for first day riding, mistakes, things to avoid, etc.  I know I will end up buying my first board in the next couple of months and a snowboard shop recommended the 2018 Capita Outerspace Living board, but after watching your videos do you think that is a bit advanced for me since I’m the epitome of beginner?  Thanks and keep up the channel, great stuff man!

Bruh Sweet says:

My first snowboard was a crappy lil piece of plywood called the Alibi Motive. I got it in a package and paid around 370 American. it had that rocker profile and soft flex and I gave it a huge beating. It was the perfect beginner board.

river snake11 says:

What do you think of the, flow verve snowboard

SidiNic says:

Not sure how i feel about the flat base, i tested the Machete and find it catchy on slow speeds. My old Bataleon with the triple base litterally never catched an edge so i recommend that to beginners

PaigeC says:

Burton feather is awesome for beginner too

turtlezed says:

Nice vid Kev, theres no reason anybody should be riding a dull looking board surely? theres commercial graphic signmakers out there who sticker up vans, cars, shop fronts , billboards etc and I’m sure they would be able to cutout some flash graphics of your choice from the countless available catalogues they hold….couldnt say how long theyd stay on though….especially with a flexy board…worth asking them tho’ dont you think?

Daniel Z says:

As a previous burton ripcord (2016-2017 version)owner I have to say be cautious when u buying this board. The flat base profile and no frostbite tech makes it super hard to hold an edge on ice (but it is catch free for sure). And the board is a directional twin, so practicing switch on this board as a beginner was a painful experience for me.

Toasty Waffles says:

Nice to see the k2 standard here, great board

Ruth Boulter says:

I got a $1000 snowboard for $140. K2 vandle

Agustin Elia says:

Whats about the nitro stance???

AlexTheHusky says:

Does the salomon pulse is good for doing tricks?

Masih Fadaki says:

Hi Kevin, many thanks for your wonderful channel 🙂 I am a beginner and I have narrowed down my options to (1) Burton Process Flying V and (2) Burton Custom Twin Flying V. If price is not an issue, can you please help me to choose one.

Louise Kaas says:

Is the burton Deja vu Flying V good for an intermediate(In the beginning end) rider?

Pheasant says:

Love my burton custom Flying V <3 it’s a great board for the price

Joris Harvengt says:

Hi guys, what do you thing about this package. let me know…. thanks 😉

Chestnutcone 6 says:

Sportchek sells some good board at cheap price (last season model). Bought a Rossignol Jibsaw new for $180 CAD before tax. Playful once you break it in, and it does not chatter at high speed (I go pretty fast). Edge hold could be better, but beginners wont really go that hard. Good board for cheap price

pegnugin says:

Salomon pulse or Arbor forumla?

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