Top 5 Best Value Snowboards 2019





You demanded it, here it is the 2019 list of best bang for your buck snowboards. I wouldn’t call these snowboards cheap, but I think that they each offer some great tech and a unique riding experience while coming in at a very reasonable price. I’m really happy with this group of boards ranging in price from $350 to $430, offering something every rider can enjoy without breaking the bank. Let me know which board is your favorite down in the comments below, thanks for watching.


Максим прокулус says:

TJ! What is your height?

Adam Laurel says:

got the springbreak!!! it’s a rocket!!

Steven Maggio says:

Hey guys, just a heads up. There’s a channel that’s been stealing videos from you and a few others.

Sothea Mam says:

you have a lot of skills..

The Real Karrots says:

Can you do a value video for bindings ?!?!

Ryan Ralston says:

Yes. Basic 😉

drew boudrieau says:

can you please do a budget snowboard video?

The Real Karrots says:

Hey man do you think the arbor formula 153 will be good for me @ 135 lbs?

Tobias Hummel says:

The K2 sounds great to me what do you think?

Mezzi Kirshblum says:

Great video tj, thanks for the time you put into it. Would love to see a capita doa VS arbor Westmark Camber in terms of do it all type of board

Jack Wu says:

I thought the twinpig had an extruded base

Dennis Schneider says:

I bought the Burton Descendant last month. It costs only 400 Bucks and im super Happy with the Board because with that Pure Pop Camber this Board is realy catch free and i just started going into the Park.

Tobias Hummel says:

Arbour or K2 board? I’m riding slope, some powder next to the slope and some park as well..m what would you recommend?

Alex McWhinney says:

What bibs are those???

Static_ Gun says:

I own the Arbor Formula it was my first board and would absolutely recommend it to anyone going into snowboarding. It has been amazing and is a beautiful board. Well worth the cost!

Jorien Gillebeert says:

Hey! I have a question does it really matter if you’re a women that you buy a womens board?

Champo Bankers07 says:

Hi Kevin love your vids do you think you will come back to Australia, if so will you be coming to Mt Buller just outside of Melbourne

Domenik says:

What’s the difference between this lobster board and the lobster Sender?

Ryan C says:

TJ can you do a war pig vs twin pig video? Which one you would lean towards for powder, park and groomers.

Harrison Wittmeyer says:

Just picked up a ride twinpig!

Alex Quested says:

The Twin Pig runs an extruded base. Not sintered. Which is why I’m going for the Spring Break Twin.

josh braden says:

I really like the Arbor Formula in the camber, and plenty have recommended it, but the shortest they make is 153cm and I l’m a shorter guy, 5ft 8 150lbs… I really like the 148cm size on their previous rocker board… Know of any boards that are similar to the Formula camber closer to 148cm? Anyone?

Denislav Rusulov says:

What’s your opinion on the salomon first call? I hear it’s similar to the sick stick and I just picked one up for an amazing price

VWRabbit2008 says:

How do you like the strata bindings?

Austin Lintelman says:

The ride burnout is my go to it kills every board around

Angel Rosa VT says:

That’s awesome. Thanks for this video.

Garra1224 says:

What’s the name of the bib you were rocking? Thinking about picking one up

Dominic White says:


Ian says:

Great video, so jealous that you’re on the snow, here I am looking forward to a trip in January

Hoi Yee Nam says:

Any recommendation for female boards?

Matt Stackz says:

1:34 guy in the back – “yOUre gOiNg tO fAsT sLoW dOwn!”

Cody Kill says:

The DC pbj is a solid board for a cheap price. Soft for jibs, camber for pop and stable enough for jumps. Best $225 I’ve ever spent in 20 years of riding. I need a second board something a little stiffer for half pipe /all mountain/ huge jumps .. any recommendations?

Apollo Haze says:

Nice boards, but what caught my eye is your ride ! You made big improvements man ! This video was nice to watch thanks to your new skills.

Haven Tichy says:

Hey guys, great video as always. I have a request for a video on a topic you guys don’t hit very often. I, like many snowboarders, prioritize riding trees, steeps, and off-piste terrain when powder is available but ride park when it’s not. Could you do a video on your favorite North American resorts known for consistent snowfall AND sick terrain parks?

Ji Tian says:

Finally I have arbor element black camber as my first board, is this board good for beginner?

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