Top 5 Do-It-All Style Snowboards – 2018







In this video I am going to answer my most asked snowboard advice request, and that is to point you towards some snowboards that really are capable of doing it all. I have personally ridden, tested, and reviewed each snowboard listed in this video, so make sure to check out the detailed reviews! These are all high quality, high performing snowboards that I feel confident recommending to you. There is a mix of hybrid, regular, and reverse camber boards in this list, so I think there should be a good option for everyone. I also made sure to include some women’s options for our female audience, since that is also one of my most requested topics. Please leave your questions down in the comments below, and thanks for watching!


katrinagwen says:

TJ, I know weight matters more…but how tall are you and what size of board do you ride? What size was the DOA & Proto on this test?

Simon Barbarasch says:

What’s different about the womens boards?

Franky Action says:

Hi TJ, you have tried 2017 doa and the 2018. Have you noticed any differences in between them while you were riding? I’m asking this because I see that they have shortened the effective edge on the 2018 doa.

Loic Olivier says:

Is the proto type 2 still okay for powder?

lucas sutton says:

Hey TJ a few questions here with the triple base/ 3d bases is it any more tricky than a flat snowboard to wax and p-tex? Or do any companies sell a scraper with the bevel to match the boards base curvature or do you just eyeball the curves with a standard wax scraper? Thanks for the great content

BlueWolfSe7en says:

YES greats, best all around mountain twin in my book! +1 on the Evil Twin, much preferred it to the Never Summer Evo from a couple of years back. Not tried the Proto, on paper looks good. Evo left me cold tho.

Berta Ferrer says:

I want to buy my first board this winter and that was very helpfull! Tanks for including women’s boards, normally there is not much information for us! Love your channel!!

Wompy Films says:

My 2018 Capita DOA comes in this Wednesday. <3

AdamZenz1313 says:

Next time say the prices

mpix00 says:

I’m getting the Capita DOA this winter!! Seems like it fits my aggressive all mountain free style free ride energy

TeqHDcasper says:

Where did u buy the union hoodie?

Azamat Galimzhanov says:

Can’t decide between lobster sender and never summer proto type two. How would you compare them?

wiemlepiej says:

Is lib tech banana magic good for do it all?

Dogger says:

What do you think about the YES Standard, it’s the board I am looking at getting but its not mentioned on here so I’m not sure.

Hank Moody says:

Bird’s of a feather
Come together
No matter the weather
We gettin’ chedda

Marco Virgillito says:

I’ve riding a Custom for many year , no way to change it. Now the technology is so forward and it’s time to place it aside, I would buy another custom or the igichi pro, i really dunno what to do….i don’t play much in park, i like ride fast in groomed slopes and powder…what do you think i should get?

Yitzhak B-gomerzky says:

Gnu Zoid and Gnu Hyperkyarve review or RIOT!!!

The Pits says:

Just bought a Burton Process Flying V as my 1st board. Almost took the DOA instead but opted for the Process since I’m only at 1yr of experience. What do you guys think of both. I’ve seen lots and lots of good reviews on the DOa, not so much on the Process, but I felt like it was more suited to start with than the DOA. 🙂

qaesar elhaj says:

Nice! I love these best of vids!

Terrance Tate says:

Thinking about the lobster sender…any ideas on how it carves cus the 3bt seems like it will make it not hold an edge as well

Tyler Ripley says:

Hey I’m about 5’11,” 140lbs, and an intermediate-advanced all mountain rider. I’m planning on buying the doa this season. Can Anyone who is familiar with this board let me know whether I should get a 154 or 156? Thanks a lot!

karina chavez says:

Why is there a woman one? Is it different?

Adam Lafortune says:

I ride a soloman huck knife

Eon Thulcandra says:

What about GNU Carbon credit ?

Bennet brauer Reporting from a van by the river says:

I am having snow withdrawls

Philip Weinstein says:

Would get a Capita DOA or Lobster Sender

LinknPlay says:

Hey guys Ive been snowboardling for about 7 years on and off and have only ever really ridden Burton boards. Im okay with branching out and am looking for a board that kind of does it all but is mainly focused at carving at high speeds but also being able to throw out the occasional butter and possible jump. If you have any ideas please give me a shout, thanks.

Reed Browne says:

Hey TJ, Just wondering if you have tested the Ride Berzerker? If so could you give me your opinion on it? Much appreciated bro, keep up the good work!

TubeLadin says:

Planning on going for the DOA as my first board! Cant wait for Whistler in January!

Jman Vlogs says:

Burton custom all day

Showes One says:

What do u think about the swiss knife from lib tech?

s0n1cas says:

Hi. Have you tried Capita Outerspace living? What is your impresion about it?

Mark Halvorsen says:

I’d never get a Crapita cuz they ALWAYS fall apart. Everyone I know who owns one has some sort of issue with the top sheet lifting or the edges. It’s a shame cuz when they are new Capitas are awesome but if u are rough on equipment don’t expect this to last more than 2-3 seasons.

turtlezed says:

wow T.J. i see a future in T.V. …great job mate.

Silas Tupper says:

Have you tried Gilson boards? If so, what are your thoughts?

Ella McCutcheon says:

Good Video fam

Magnus Wold says:

what about the Bataleon Fun Kink? 🙂

LaurentPatrich says:

bataleon evil twin ???

John-Peter Sacre says:

Hey tj, Great review! Do you think the custom kilroy would fall into this category of snowboards or is it just the regular custom? thanks

ELCNUmorFnaMehT says:

I was looking at the DC Space Echo, and then the Capita DOA comes by and sends me into a dilemma :/

gary Kohler says:

Any opinions on the k2 eighty seven?

Nadine P. Try says:

Thanks TJ for including the women’s boards!

John Oehmler says:

The Yes Basic belongs in this list too

Ryan Smith says:

what are some of the standouts on the custom ??

Ryan Ralston says:

Yes. Basic…love mine!

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