Top 5 Freeride Snowboards – 2018






Instrumental produced by Chuki:

Freeriding is some of the most fun and challenging snowboarding you can do, and it is a style of riding we are all attracted to as we progress and want to explore new terrain. Whether you want to duck into the trees, search for powder drops, or just make turns at really high speeds, these 5 boards are going to perform. I have personally ridden and tested all of the boards listed in this video and I’m sure you would enjoy any one of them. I hope you’re able to find a board that matches your riding style in this list, let us know what your favorite snowboard is in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


Chimmy Chaunga says:

Anyone tried the salomon ultimate ride?

A. Goossen says:


Dmario Henderson says:

Come to Mt. Baker bro!

ben eng says:

I have the mullair and i can say coming from a burton process, its like a ferrari vs a dodge neon lol. The mullair really one of the best boards i have ridden. Its a very aggresive board with a touch playfullness and it does it all powder, groomers and kickers but not really the best for boxes and rails

Vlad Luchkiv says:

Hi mate! How would you rate Rossignol One Magtek for carving and freeride?

rkindras says:

Where is the Rossignol Magtek XV ?

Friend of God says:

Real quick wanna say that if you want to know the real deal with the board you’re interested in buying check out TJ’s written reviews on his website, seriously, you can tell it’s personal and he tells you wassup. His description at the end of the Salomon Huck Knife is the reason I’ll be buying the board here in the next week or two. So thanks for that work you put in for us and I seen a way that if I buy through your website it’ll help you guys out? Is that only through the “buy now” button or can I go all the way to the bottom where the different links to different companies are there (the house, Evo, etc.). Then lastly, I’ll be getting the board but I wanna know from Kevin that after a year on the board are there any durability or manufacturing problems you’ve experienced?

Some Dude says:


Thomgames Nunes says:


tatnai burnett says:

Have you ridden the DC Supernatant? Wondering how it compares to some of the boards in this video. Thanks.

Addicted says:

thank you TJ I’ve been anticipating this video

Dan Dibbly says:

Hey TG I have a question for ya. Is there any issues with getting magnetracton boards edges tuned etc. Either doing it yourself or having it done in a tech shop I just wondered any hints or tips. I have a T.Rice pro from a couple of years ago that’s well in need of some love. Thanks

joe roche says:

I’d never buy a gnu what piles of shite

vishal patel says:

What’s your opinion on DC focus?

Jonathan Gedye says:


Randomniss says:

11th boio

Trypticon says:

Considering Burton Moto’s this year. Any thoughts on these?

Flying Zebra says:


carlos machez says:

Hi mate! Carlos here, from madrid Spain. I want to buy my first board and i like the Salomon Sanchez. But the only one i can find for my size is de 159 and has a limit of weight of 90 kg. And i’m between 93-96 kg. (184cm height). My question is: would it be ok to buy it or it would be a problem for riding?? thanks in advanced!!

Swifty1212 says:

I absolutely love your videos haha they are so chill also I’m from Canada sk not to many mountains but we got valleys agah

qaesar elhaj says:

Nice vid man. I love these best of videos. Keep them coming please

turtlezed says:

you’re a pro T.J. that was great presentation….

Juan Ramunni says:

Third 😀

Scrums says:

top 5 powder boards next???

Roman Alexander says:

hey tj what angles do you ride with on your bindings

Jeremy Stig says:

I am currently considering buying the Rossignol XV 167 for Freeriding and carving. A lot of reviews say it rides a lot smaller and turns hard and fast but i’m afraid it’ll be too big… There is also a 163 version, but the 167 is on discount 😀
And then there are the big boy boards 168 wide and 174 wide.

Super Saiyn Bro says:

They all float down there
– Pennywise

S W says:

Can you fix the captioning from Korean to English especially for the Deaf riders?? Thank you

Dusty vHD says:

At the moment Im stuck between two boards, the Travis Rice Pro and the Capita DoA! I heard they are both great boards but I need someone to help me choose.

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