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Snowboards that perform both in powder and in the park is one of the most requested things I have been asked about in the last year, so a top 5 had to be done. In this video you’ll find 5 snowboards that offer better powder performance than your typical freestyle snowboard, but are still a lot of fun for runs through the park. The two most common features in these boards that help with float are a directional shape (longer nose than tail outside the contact points), as well a slight taper (skinnier tail than nose). Some of these boards are more directional than others, but I think all of them make a good compromise when it comes to offering float while still being fun on natural features and in the park. You are always going to be making a compromise when trying to find one snowboard to meet both of these requirements, but I think these 5 will start you down the right path if that is what you are looking for. Let me know what you think down in the comments, thanks for watching.


hamster w podrozy says:

Hey! What do you think abut Burton Name Dropper 2019 for park and ski slope?

Al Green says:

0:24 I swear, I thought you said “six dick” xD

turtlezed says:

wheres Chris? is he totally out the door now….??

Raphael Bullock says:

Hi, I started to snowboard again last winter after a few years break and I want to buy new equipment. I’m an intermediate 5’6 ft. man looking for an all-mountain snowboard to be able to sometimes go fast and other be more relax and playful (freestyle, but nothing extreme) without buying two boards. Now, I hesitate between a few from 2018 and I’d like to have an expert advise since I’ll probably keep it for a few years at least. Those are the boards I’m interested in:
– Endeavor Guerilla
– Endeavor High5
– Ride Helix
– Ride Machete
– Rome Blackjack
– Rossignol Jibsaw
Could you tell me which ones would you recommend and which ones are a “no”. Have a nice day!

Sebastian Howard says:

I just found this page, and was specifically looking for this kind of content. Thanks a million.

Chris Johnson says:

Can’t wait to see some Burton Paramount reviews

qaesar elhaj says:

Nice video bro! Definitely one a unique top recommendation list!

DerLoller LP says:

Hey could you Guys make A review about the GNU MULLAIR? Would Love to see one

Nick Barnes says:

Other boards to look at include the Marhar Lumberjack and the Amplid Pillow Talk

Mistergo100 says:

That was exactly what i’m was looking for ! yeah 🙂

Seanpaulnz01 says:

Burton Skeleton Key is another option

Etcher says:

Any recommendations for equilvent women’s boards? Thanks!

Ski Bee says:

Hey guys tj here

Leonard Lopez says:

What shades are you wearing?

catmaman snow says:

yeeew super sick vid

Joe Bertotto says:

I literally needed this video lmao

Maxim Dubrovin says:

Nice review!

My experience (just powder lover, no park):
Bought Capita Kazu 151 (me 65kg 172cm) last season to have short maneuverable powder shark. Well it was absolutely better in powder then classic twin tip camber I had previously. Easy to initiate turns & quick in trees. But you can’t be relaxed in powder. Always need to be careful because it could easily bury in the snow. You need to have steep slopes with good dry powder as Kazu rides to be relaxed and not to bury. In bumpy mixed (wet/dry snow as I have in Sochi) snow conditions legs will be burning quick. Stance too centered. Nose not so wide. Nose doesn’t have good long enough rocker. It’s definetely stiff not playful board for my weight. No flex at all. Good points: it’s very stable, good precision knife, you could carve and go to the park. You need to be skilled rider and have good conditions to ride and handle this beast. It’s a pro board as I understand. Still love it for the shape and design. But not fun for me). Expensive.

So I’m selling it and already bought Jones Storm Chaser. I just want to have fun in powder without big drops and crazy AK lines. I saw my friend rented previous season this board and he was riding it and he was always had fun not going down. Pretty stable during carving. So he & me bought this boards to test this season. Also another friend bought very cheap used Rome Powder Division ST so we are gonna have fun. Basically same shape without «spoon» geometry.

I also considered and maybe will buy Jones Mind Expander in the future as second board. Stance not so back so it will be better on landings when I will be ready for big jumps. Long rocker, no fucking camber. Not so stiff. Nose and tails good for butters.

Diego Rubio says:

TJ have you ridden the Burton custom
2019 ? I hope you doing good.

Roby So says:

No Warpig? Get well soon!

James Filip says:

Its a year behind, but would you throw the Rome Agent Rocker 2017 on this list?

gibsonisgod says:

TheArbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber? I own it. It reaks in powder

Joshua Schaffer says:

The kazu is a beautiful snowboard. Deep thinker is pretty aesthetic too. All great snowboards. I would try any of them.

Brandon Blair says:


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