Top 6 Snowboard Picks for 2017


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In this video we take a look at 6 great snowboards that are reliable and sure to provide you with good times for years to come. I provide a snowboard recommendation for all types of riding ranging from beginners purchasing their first board, to freestyle riding, to all mountain and powder cruising. While there are obviously lots of great snowboards out there, these are snowboards that I have experience with personally and am confident recommending to you all as a quality product. Let us know what you think in the comments! If your favorite board didn’t make the list we would love to know what snowboard you enjoy the most. For more info on these boards and many more snowboard reviews make sure to check out

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kwstasgr90 says:

As a begginer i am thinking to buy the Arbor Formula 2017 but i am a little bit confused about bindings/boots, so the board has medium flex rating, should i go for soft/medium bindings/boots or i can go for something more stiff? (i am thinking that maybe to soft it will be bad for me as a begginer but may i am wrong). I am doing linking turns atm and my goal is to ride easier and with more confidence and to learn some butter tricks. Thanks in advance.

Dorien Hutter says:

Do you know happy place from slash

Ollie w says:

Can u do a review on the GNU Headspace

TeqHDcasper says:

Im a Capita freak (Goes trough the family) What park board would you recommend? (158 size)

hoover9 says:

What do u suggest for bindings

Pawel Sikorski says:

yo TJ, have you ever had a chance to try DC Tone board? it’s flat, freestyle board, pretty stiff. would you recommend it for a beginner rider?

maytitanium7 says:

hi I want to buy capita DOA so my weight is 184 Lbs, height 67 inch and shoes 9 so 154, 156 158 let me know what is me best option, thanks

Jacob Andrews says:

My skill level is between intermediate and advanced and I spend a lot of time off piste and in powder. How much would you recommend the Jones flagship and would there be a huge difference between the 2016 and 2017 model?

cameron monks says:

Should review the flow bindings!

is80065 says:

i useing burton snowboards rheat now i have burton prosses

Alvaro Martinez says:

what board would be more suitable for slopestyle? i would like to get into it

Robert Fazekas says:

Hi!! is still possible to find the Ride helix 2016 edition? please help.

Nathan Carrier says:

I would like to see review for more freeride or that type of aggressive board, like the Yes Optimistic.

Bev says:

PLEASE could you guys find a girl who rides really well like you guys do to make a list like this for women’s boards… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! LOVE your vids!!

Nicool333 says:

ride on most days: never summer ripsaw. pow days: Burton flight attendant.

Eric Modny says:

Sick vid. U r a steezy af rider son

권석환 says:

I got the Ride Helix for park run!! but too stiff for me TT

IllCoilYouUp says:

What is the people’s opinion on the Burton Superhero board? I have this board now, but it just doesn’t feel… Right.. I don’t know what it is about it. It rides well trough everything I’ve put it trough, but it feels.. unresponsive when I try to do turns. It also feels kinda stiff and maybe.. heavy? What do you people think about it? I like to do most things on a mountain. Go offtrack for some powder, hit jumps and I’m learning rails. I like to carve here and there, but I’m not that good at it. Hate riding on ice or hard-packed snow.

Zavier Orlos says:

extra con-points, bananas, asymmetrics, durability, stability????? At the beginning I thought he was talking about Gnu!! Well, that was the last video I watch from snowboardProCamp. See ya!

Daniel Riddell says:

Mad good snowboard review

Clash of clans daily says:

Thoughts on flow boards?

salzheeringer says:

I just don’t believe these kind of reviews, I bet the boards mentioned are simply the ones where manufacturers paid him to mention them. I mean think about it, how much difference in 2016/2017 boards can there be for these companies? the differences are going to be so small that most riders would never be able to tell. and physically it doesn’t make sense to me that one board would absorb shocks more than the other, unless one is as soft as a noodle and the other really stiff… right?

Jefferson Medina says:

Great Intro. Solid choices. Dope video. I’ve ridden a few of those. Spot on. My go to is my DOA. Love it to death. I don’t see myself outgrowing it any time soon. Slush slasher is also a lot of fun.

Robb Zbacnik says:

DOA all day.

Lor Bau says:

lib tech travis rice pro

Richard L. says:

What’s your opinion about the Never Summer Cobra?

web0z says:

Yes Capita DoA I’ve just got it and love it.

CK says:

I ride a capita Scott Stevens pro

börni Jp says:

Why am I watching this? I’m a skier…
still I would love a Kevin for skis

Waggy Waag says:

Got Neversummer Ripsaw for myself this year and it’s amazing! Even tho this board tried to kill me first days of riding lol

Matt Palese says:

Bought a NS Funslinger because of this review. Love it! thanks TJ!!

Zach Jopp says:

Jones mountain twin?

ChrisyBoiPlayz1221 says:

I’m on the slash brainstorm 2016

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

Nice video, your run on that Funslinger pushed me over the edge to buy one.

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