Travis Rice’s Lib Tech Dream Board Collection

At Lib Tech there’s a dream built in to every board we make. Travis Rice has a lot of dreams from the freestyle park dominance of the T-Rice Pro to the new all mountain powder pillow destroying Orca aka”…the best board I’ve ever ridden.” Join us at Travis’ fireside chat as he takes us through his 18/19 Lib Tech line of Mervin Made, Zero Hazardous Waste snowboards. Pillows galore and stoke for what’s in store it’s dream boarding with Travis Rice!
See the whole collection at!


Bartek Bialas says:

Where was it?

Scott Beutler says:

Who makes the hydrofoil board at the end?

Wallstreetavarice says:

Just wondering, does Travis ride the 153 orca?

BC Beast says:

wow… these boards are must have…. ive never seen another snowboard get down a mountain before.

Susie Q Houghton says:

Do you really want to take advice from a guy who’s not smart enough to wear a helmet.

Get Nautical says:

I know some people are sentimental about camber but “No”. Haha love it.

M Dood says:

Sure would be nice to hear why these rocker, angular radius, v-tail boards are actually superior. Instead of basically getting dissed on for appreciating proven designs and given no science on how this is a improvement. Help inform the consumers if you want people’s wallets to open.

Perpetual Student says:

Kite Runner was a mental book.

Faith & Action says:

I’m not “sentimental” about camber, I like pop & power in a board. As does Torstein Horgmo & many others progressing the sport. It’s amazing that you’re so proud of your design that you haven’t even been making camber boards. I guess you don’t care about that money or market.
For snowboarding that’s not too proud ~

MrRideutah says:

Move on from this dude, so many young guns out there. All these snowboard companies hold onto these old ass dudes, like make a name for some of these young kids that are throwing down 10x harder.

The Snowboard Asylum says:

The Orca is pretty special!

BC Beast says:

travis rice couldnt snowboard till they made the orca. fact

George McKenzie says:

Pre Winter?
We be riding in the east already

stludachris says:

If you don’t have the right board setup, riding pow is HARD.

Max Um says:

“Give me Lib, or give me death.”

John Michael Darrin says:

Got the Orca! Can’t wait

Mike Jeffrey says:

Picked up a Goldmember for this season – pretty stoked, hoping it can be ridden by mere mortals!

Jolly Giant says:

HELP: Me = 6 feet – 194 lbs – 11+ size foot – Rides resort with backcountry when available 😀 chasing my kid through the trees 😀
Im looking at the Orca, but Im afraid 153 might be to short for me?
Rumours of a 159 Orca coming in December? (to Europe (Sweden))??
And Travis if you read this, thanks for teaching whats its all about, soul, much love!
Thanks for the rides Lib, riden you for years now!!

oscar wahlstrom says:

What Orca boardsize do you reccomend for a 6 feet dude that weights 195lbs? The 153 or 159? Gonna ride it mostly in powder.

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