United Shapes Orbit Snowboard Review

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Instrumental produced by Chuki: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

In this video I am checking out the United Shapes Orbit Snowboard at Keystone Resort, Colorado. The Orbit is more of a freeride/carving oriented snowboard and was a lot of fun on groomers as well as the banked transitions we found in the terrain park. A wide shape and large sidecut radius make this snowboard a lot of fun for carving as well, allowing you to lay the board over at higher speeds. United Shapes also put an extra pair of setback inserts to give you more of a fish style feel on powder days. Overall the Orbit is a great snowboard if you want something stable at high speeds that will also float well on soft days. Let us know any questions you have down in the comments, thanks for watching!


SourD13537 says:

Also you guys should do resort reviews, like how you guys do board reviews you should also review the ski resorts you go to, it will let people know what ski resorts have what for run options. It could even open up more places for skiers and boarders to go to that they might not know about already.

finkdaz says:

Hey TJ, I have an issue with my bindings overhanging on the toe edge. Kills any attempt to euro carve. I’ve adjusted the bindings, and have about half inch boot overhang. I only have 10.5 size boots, but large in binding size, the bindings always seem to have alot of plastic overhanging. The Contact Pros were shockingly huge with this issue. Any suggestion, new bindings?, should I go for boards that are wider than a 25.5cm width. I’m not a tall or big guy so only need 154 size snowboards. Help please,

Matthew Robinson says:

Love how you describe the type of rider that would get the most out of the board you’re reviewing! Nice work TJ

Flash09990 says:

Are you guys in whistler because I really want to meet you when i go up on Friday

SourD13537 says:

You guys need to come thru Flagstaff, AZ n ride arizona snowbowl I’m a lift supervisor so ill get you guys lift tickets!! Just let me know n I got you n your crew!!

Palme Gangen says:


Jack Marek says:

I was literally in keystone 5 days ago. That’s awesome

Тимофей Новиков says:

Can you make a review on Lib tech skate banana or Ejack knife? It will be cool.



BestFortnite Moments says:

Is the Burton process good in powder/park and all mountain?

Ramon Mendoza Nunez says:


jib_jeep79 says:

Is this board in the same class as the Burton Flight Attendant? Which would you prefer?

neg TwoSeventyThreeC says:

Seems like a rad board. But Average boot size (US size 10 or 10.5) carving low and hard on a 26.3 cm = boot out.

inMotionSLB says:

that slo mo at 3:20 though

Jack Stanley says:

Size 12 boots work on this width?

Bruh Sweet says:

channeling that inner Ryan Knapton on some of those carves!

Drake Lenker says:

I’m looking into getting a park board. Any suggestions on lower end budget?

felix Buk says:

is the skiarea closed? 1:16 😀

the ledge says:

hey TJ have you seen never summers new Peacemaker model for next year? im really interested in it and would love to see a review or know your initial thoughts

Daniel Johnson says:

Hey TJ awesome review as always. I noticed that you were riding the union force and have been in most videos over your pair of atlas bindings. I am debating between the two and would like to know which you like better. Thanks!

qaesar elhaj says:

Nice review! I’m curious what’s the side cut radius on this puppy? Can you get a long drawn out euro carve going on it?

bobjohnson says:

What happened to the capita outsiders review that you were doing before the season started?

it's johny says:

Can you sub to me please

Sam Zdanowski says:


troma says:

Can you review some Korua boards??

Richard Chin says:

TJ, What is you stance setup for this board? Are you in a duck stance or alpine stance?

PhaseSkater says:

How come some boards have flat tips and others are round like a skateboard? What diff does that make?

Infinite Stars says:

Yasss i was in keystone and you can see me in the vid!!!!!!

jasonhall10 says:

Sounds a lot like the K2 87

Marrty _CZ says:

How can i jump on snowboard with smooth landing ? Every time i try to jump i start spinning and i fall hardly on my butt 🙁

Jay Go says:

Please make a video review for the 2018 Capita Mercury

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