What Makes a Snowboard Good for Carving? feat. Ryan Knapton

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In this video Ryan and I catch some early morning turns at Breckenridge and talk a little bit about what makes a snowboard good for carving. A positive camber profile is going to provide the snowboard with more energy and snap, a stiffer flex will give you more stability and carry you through higher speed turns without washing out, and a wider snowboard will give you the ability to lay over turns more aggressively. Ryan also points out that you can carve and make clean lines with any snowboard, but these things will allow you to progress and try carves you may not be able to on other snowboards.


Bobby Light says:

I feel I can carve well i just dont have the ability to i have a size 15 foot, my toes and heels always catch, I cant find a board thats wide enough for my feet any recommendations

l3v1ckUK says:

It’s a shame a lot of good boards don’t offer a wide version.
That’s one of the reasons why I’ve still got my 2010 Atomic Hatchet Wide.

jabbabbabba says:

just sick, so sick

Görkem BARÇIN says:

Where is that place its beautiful

Michał Borski says:

Crazy beautiful! How to do that so extremely?

johnnyboy2459 says:

Can i carve if im 113kg?

DaLizMs says:

what board has a 32 waist?

Yanzhong Li says:

2:22 wow

Ally bb says:

Boost mobile sucks

Johnson Neo says:

Does anybody know what ryans stance radius of binding disc to perform these?

DGETHIS01 says:

carving with the2019 lib tech Trice pro 157W waist width 26.3 and with 11 size boots max stance width and -15,15 degrees and can hang these carves. trying to imagine what a 32 would be like… must be insane

Fesche Mädel mit schneidigen Buam says:

I want to carve and jump like that

Nicolas Ruvalcaba says:

Great info….. Cracks me up when people say exspecially 3:34

Pax says:

Anyone out there that can toss up some recommendations for 290+ width boards? I’m guessing Kapton’s 312 is custom, but I’ll take it if available. Sasquatch here.

Hugo Beukers says:

Besides the twinpig are there any other super wide twins?

Grantland Gamster says:

Hey, really appreciate the video. I wear a size 14 and I am having tons of problems with heel and toe overhang. I’m riding a Capita wide @ 26cm but I’m having a hard time finding much else wider. Do you have any recommendations?

Brian Biederman says:

Are you going to make a 2018-2019 gear list video?

Adrian Soldati says:


tooslimforford says:

Hey Ryan, have you ever tried Magnetrek edges for carving ?

Lidia S says:

Good in-depth tips, stiffer camber is good idea. I also found this video for toe side edge very helpful https://youtu.be/1sDubHOQibw

Roger Hutton says:

Nice one Ryan!

ElZX6R says:

I can carve like that at high speeds but I cant do those jumps at the same time, that looks amazing

HNM69 says:

What stance does Ryan ride? Great vid!

William Phillips says:

Has not snowed enough yet where im living. Just watching your videos to fill the void until i can get on the mountain.

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