Arbor Westmark Snowboard Review

Arbor Westmark Snowboard:
Union Contact Binding:
Dragon NFX Goggles:
Volcom Goretex Jacket:

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Today we’re at Breckenridge resort taking a look at the 2016 Arbor Westmark Rocker snowboard. The Westmark Rocker is a well-rounded park board that you can do pretty much anything with. While I wouldn’t say it is a specialist in any one area, it has the stability you need for jumping and all mountain riding while still being playful and easy to press and jib with. I took this board through a wide variety of terrain and had a lot of fun testing it out, let us know what you think in the comments.



CoinCollecting SD says:

Wha t bindings do you have on there?

Darin McConnell says:

Deciding on a new board between this and the gnu head space, what do you think? Also what do you think for size I currently ride a 151 I weigh 145 and am about 5’8. 149 or 152 ?

Matt Maniaci says:

Super sick board love the blunt nose and tail.

Sushi says:

damn i wanna see more of this board. that sht was OP af

VWRabbit2008 says:

If you could smooth out your landings, you would be really good

NME Media says:

Is this board any good for free riding?

59Vintage says:

I have the Westmark Rocker Heritage, a limited edition Version of this board with a palisander topsheet. I never had snowboarded as I brought it, I just had the feel I want to do this. And I learned riding very fast with this board and an experienced snowboard teacher. So I can recomend it for beginners (but might be also nice for kickers, buttery and freestyle.) The Base is sintered, so it will be very fast good waxed. But slides will damage the base more as an extruded base.

xXspectre170Xx says:

3:46 LOL

hddd says:

Really well shot and edited

Carston Mertens says:

So I’ve been renting a snowboard from my local mountain all of last season and am looking for a board of my own. My friend offered me his old Capita Horrorscope but I feel that’s too advanced. I was looking at this board instead. What your opinions?

Flo says:

Cool Video

59Vintage says:

This board also have a 2017 version, but I don’t think that you can buy it yet.
Btw can you review Flow bindings?

Evan Weider says:

Is it just me, or does this guy kind of look a bit like Travis Barker? Haha

Leon holmes says:

Love watching these videos they give me lots of info

ARSoutdoors says:

Where’s Kevin?

Maurice Lattke says:

Looks like much fun! Interesting board

Al Cattouse says:

TJ you’re dope on a board Bro. I like your style.

Jared Jones says:

Were the edges dulled down at all?

Garrett Okun says:


REFL3CTioN619 says:

Anyone know what kind of neck gaiter that was he was wearing?

Ethan De Lugt says:

This video is not awalible y

Matei Ghita says:

this is not Kevin I’m sad now

pullingoffshorts says:

what bindings were those?

David Ung says:

Sorry for the late comment but will this board do well for slopestyle?

LHZ-_- TRiGGZ-x says:

Do the new Salomon villain pleaseee)’:

Trapezoider says:

Ive never riden a snowboard. Seeing this guy ride, and watching all these awesome videos has inspired me. I’m going to enter into this sport this season.

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