Best Snowboarding Game of All Time? Amped 2 Review (Xbox)! 🏂 ❄

Happy first day of winter! I thought this would be a great opportunity to replay my favorite snowboarding game of all time – Amped 2 on the original Xbox. I’m still going to have all of my regular skateboarding content, this is actually an ADDITIONAL series I’m going to try to do throughout the winter. What games should I play next?


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NSNOfm78 says:

I didn’t play Amped 2, but I loved Amped 3

fearection says:

Great video. I’d agree. The best snowboarding game ever


yo the snowmen noises were ripped off into dispicible me

AmarantFFO says:

SSX 3 on the PS2 is my THPS2 of Snowboard games

Josh Struble says:


El negro feo says:

What about steep

Justin Osborne says:

1080° avalanche for the GameCube

Robert Wenzel says:

Supreme Snowboarding! Anyone?

Aiden Rae says:

Incorrect, SSX 3 is king

Geo Belmont says:

Long butters?

…is…that where butters from south park come from?

Bobyozy says:

The best snowboarding game is fortnite

mylifeintheknifetrade says:

Amped 1 > Amped 2 > all other snowboarding games.

I’ll never understand people who prefer SSX, other than that they only had a PS2 or Gamecube.

multijamesbondfan says:

@Rad Rat Video, could you review Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding for Nintendo 64, as well as Coolboarders 2001 for either the PlayStation 2 or Xbox or Gamecube?

Steve B says:

Best snowboarding game ever. NO question

David Peachey says:

Still my favourite snowboarding game. A nice bonus to this game is it can actually run at native 720p on an original Xbox using component cables, and it also plays on an Xbox 360 (also at native 720p)

Ihavealotofsubscribersbecauseofmylongyoutubename says:

I only got to see the ads of it on brute Force.

Jay Silva says:

Xbox needs to make this backwards compatible

TVindustries5000 says:

SSX3 tho

sockpuppetkingdom says:

The DS version of Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam has a level with a snowskating section, but it’s just a cosmetic change compared to the rest of the game.

Danen Mineard says:

I have fond memories of playing this game growing up.

Andrew Hill says:

I was a big fan of Shaun Paulmers Pro Snowboarder.

Radd says:

nah the SSX series can’t be touched. especially SSX 3

Dev Illion says:

This IS the best snowboard game ever. I still play it regularly with my wife. Can’t keep my hands of it. Most entertaining

Wolfgang Rechberger says:

Did he review Supreme Snowboarding already? If not he should play and review it, as it is one of my favorites

RandyAcostaTV says:

I like Shaun white snowboarding

Troy Macdonald says:

SSX3 is my personal favourite

Dubstep 4 Dayz says:

holy shit i played this game to hell

fernando reyes says:

SSX 3 is the best snowboarding game of all time.

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