Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

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In this snowboard review video we are going to take a closer look at the 2016 Burton Custom Flying V, a playful all-mountain freestyle snowboard with Burtons proprietary Flying V hybrid rocker profile. This is a twin snowboard in between the contact points, but outside has a slightly longer nose so technically it has a directional shape. We tested it out at Breckenridge resort and had a great time on the slopes and in the terrain park. Even though we didn’t have the opportunity to test powder conditions, the directional nose and overall rocker profile are going to help float in powder. Overall this was a very versatile snowboard and could be a good choice for snowboarders of any skill level.

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Tom McA says:

Hi snowboard pro camp, I live in New Zealand and have just brought a k2 vandal. It is really good and my first snowboard but I really need some help learning to ollie . I have got all the basics down e.g turns, stopping and all that. But it is quite heavy any tips?? I have already looked at your video Thanks! nice video btw

Fire Rose says:

I like these reviews even though they don’t really apply to me because I’m a woman. It would be awesome if you could get a woman to do some gear reviews like these but I understand that it probably won’t happen.

At least these reviews help me think about different aspects of boards to look into. I got an Arbor Poparazzi (144) this year (my first season) but I think I might want a board that will allow me to be a more aggressive rider at some point. I could already feel my board getting a little unsteady at speed. Not sure what profile to look into or size. I’m only 5′ but 150 pounds. Most boards at my weight are as tall or taller than me. The 144 already comes up to my eyes. Any thoughts?

Combine Bros says:

I love snow boarding p.s I think you are boss

Stamina-CSGO - says:

What do you do when you are not being a snowboard instructor AKA In the summer time? Do you rely on youtube to live? Sorry if this is too personal, you dont have to answer if you dont want. :c

usa1327 says:

im torn between something like the custom V or the clash. basically a beginner, not my first time on a board per say but my first actual board (first was an old school walmart board). i want to be able to ride but also want to be able to grow and progress as time goes on. moneys not the biggest factor as i can find a way to put in what i need to. i also have some lib techs on my mind but i think id prefer burton.

Alexander Pirpiris says:

I got this board this month. Did my first day on it 2 days ago, love it.

Xonic Jensen says:

please make more videos

Cooper Faith says:

Hey Kevin, will you ever come to Australia. Are k2 snowboards good. And what binding brand should I get?

stupidboyrofl says:

how does this compare to process?

Jonas Wesam Zineldin says:

i absolutely MUST ask. I cannot decide between this board and the twin version. and FlyV or camber. i think i prefer camber tho. im not much up to tricks yet and i will def NOT b doing any big jumps. Also i own a Burton Barracuda for offpist/powder runs. what would make me chose one over the other? was thinking i need a more all-mountain board apart from the powderone i have.

a1000asians says:

thanks for the review! just bought this board gonna be trying it this week

James L says:

I had one of the older custom flyer’s and it was the best board I’ve had.

Lucas Schroeder Extras says:

Hey love your videos, i was wondering if you have any videos like demos or edits of your best snowboarding?

eRa Tryx says:

do the k2 www enjoyer

Trevor Hume says:

Would you say that this board rides normal or dose it feel different

assassination516 says:

Get t this board and I’m having trouble boardlsiding, is this because the rocker or is this just soemthing in my head slowing me down

William Johnson says:

Thanks so much! Sorry I saw this comment so late :

Noah Mitchell says:

You guys are awesome! Great job supporting our community and getting new people to give it a try. I am thinking about getting a board myself so I liked this review. Keep it up!

Hirad Ghanei says:

Any ideas for the binding and boots for this board :)?

Metal Fury says:

I only watched this just to see him ride

cameron rezac says:

U should do the capita horror scope

Frederik Van Eeckhout says:

Hey, i love your snowboard vest! Can you tell me what type it is? Thx

William Johnson says:

Could you please try to make a video on ” hop on rails”

Noz28 says:

I have to say something for the sake of newer/less confident riders out there 🙂 I’m sure a confident intermediate or a “pro” can make a flying V work well, but if you are a beginner or maybe in between, still having some confidence issues that prevent to say you are a true intermediate – maybe look at other boards first.
I tried a flying V recently and it was a miserable experience 🙁 Hard to turn but lacks that edge and stability of a normal camber. I then tried a Flat to Rocker board and it felt much much better. Had stability, great edge grip and easy to turn.
I asked people at a local board shop (which has a good rep) and they also dislike the flying V.
I would advise to most people to try it before buying.

Eric Dye says:

I love seeing this guy ride

Diego Pimentel says:

burton process off axis 2016!!!

Azeem Vishnani says:

@snowboardprocamp how was the carving on the Flying V?

Robin Sloekers says:

Can you make snowboard vlogs at mount bachelor

Lukas says:

i’m 5’9 tall my weight is 130 lbs and my shoe size is 10 is that Board something for me? and which size should i get? 150, 152, 155?

buuutzz says:

which board would you recommend if i want a flying v AND a twin tip?

Enjoy Prime says:

you ever been to camp of champions?

Katherine Lee says:

maybe consider reviewing woman’s snowboards?

Lachlan B says:

Do the Burton Process Off-Axis 😀

Austin Lightcap says:

Hey guys I’m looking to buy a snowboard I’m a 6’0ft weigh 150lbs mostly wondering what size I should get and also wondering whether to get a Flying V or a camber I’m looking more into all mountain freestyle

jay cee says:

Can you guys do one on the Rome Mod Rocker?

Luis Neri says:

im looking to get burton custom camber but don’t know if 169 is going to be too big for me? i where size 13 boot im 6’3 and weigh 210 . any suggestions or inputs?

C'REAL says:

Flying V ..? Sounds interesting

IAmZebra says:

Breck is the best

Gordy Weng says:

Nice video dude!!! I’ve just got the same board and was looking for review and this was a really great review. Good job on this video!!

VWRabbit2008 says:

Almost went back to burton but can’t pull the trigger. Capita is too good

Neel Iyer says:

You guys should review the 2017 version. I’m curious if it has noticeable differences than the 2016 version

Sindy Senior says:

good video!!
can you guys do some review on burton process off axis.

oğuz karakuş says:

Hi, great reviews, hope you keep em coming next season! Can you do a review of yes the greats?

Rust HD says:

Nice jacket!

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