Burton Process vs Burton Custom Snowboard Review

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In this snowboard review video I am riding up on Mt. Hood in Oregon and will be doing a head to head comparison of the 2018 Burton Process and Burton Custom. The boards featured in the video have the Burton Kilroy team graphics, but don’t worry, they are just the same as the the standard model. The biggest differences between the snowboards are the shape design and flex. The Process is a mid flexing freestyle focused snowboard that is a true twin, while the Custom is a medium-stiff flexing, directional, all-mountain snowboard with a setback stance. One awesome feature on the Custom is that it has a twin flex, so by moving your stance forward about 1 inch from the reference stance, you can actually ride the Custom as a twin as well! In the end I found the Custom to be more aggressive and better for carving, freeriding, and jumping; and I found the Process to be better suited as an all-around freestyle snowboard that is more playful and better for rail features. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, I hope you enjoy the video.

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Burton Process Snowboard Review (Kilroy)

Burton Custom Snowboard Review (Kilroy)

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Max Heeke says:

What’s up with the nose on the process?

andrew mesicek says:

First view first like

ADV Football says:


Wil fleming says:

Is it just me or does TJs stance look weird

GD1mac says:

Have both these decks in the 2017 versions and totally agree with this review. Process easier in the park, Custom for all over the mtn. Love them both, tho the Custom edges out as my fave, by a little bit. Great vid dude.

trabant66666 says:

But TJ is my fav rider :), Kev you should advance up :D, hit the gym, go the jumpcity or smth and ride it like there’s no tommorow :), I believe in you. Sorry Chris, you ride like you are too scared.

marty maness says:

custom for all mointain. process more for park. both bad ass rides.

Daniel Z says:

Any opinions on the burton process Flying V version? BTW love to see board comparison like this!

thelige 423 says:

Love the board reviews jt wondering if next season you could do the never summer ripsaw <3 from colorado

ADV Football says:

First to like and first to view

Eli Mirkin says:

Hey TJ! How are those Malavita bindings compared to your Union ones?

Kris Jones says:

Great format for the comparison review, and not too short. More like this!

josh Kuhbasee says:

how does one learn to flow and shred like TJ?

CR Cook says:

Hey TJ, dude, would love your opinion on either Yes, the Greats or Gnu Riders Choice. Any plans to review either? Thanks Mate!

trabant66666 says:

I don’t like the angle the video is shot

Gustav Kjær says:

Can i use a normal size snowboard with a size 11 Shoe

Benjamin Elton says:

Can you do a board review on the 2018 DC media blitz!

Murat Özbayraktar says:

i have burton clash 164w and now time to upgrade. which one do you prefer.
Burton Custom 162w 2017-18 or Burton Trick Pony 162w 2016-2017

Rawr says:

My name Jeff

reconsoundproduction says:

you should make just an edit of your favorite clips from videos you’ve made before.

z150 says:

In this 6-minute-long video of park riding, there were about 15 seconds of the Custom actually being ridden…and a chunk of that was just off the lift. I think that says it all.

landy says:

Great vid guys I love watching your vids. You guys make me so jealous I live in Southern California.

Weston Meyers says:

Yo! You’re at my local ski park timberline! I ride there all the time

Vincent Lebeau says:

I hate burtons (generaly), but these are sexy !

Brendan Bauer says:

Killroy was first

LukasSpa says:

Would you consider proposing the Custom as an all-mountain board for intermediate drivers?

Tristan Samiee says:

Enjoy the gritty crunch, it tastes just like chicken.

Ruben Boi says:

You should review some of the 2018 Bataleon boards, like the Fun.kink, Evin Twin, and Wallie!

Chickenwing_7 says:

How does the 2017 process compare to the 2018 process?

I play to much smite says:

Burton Descendant PLZ

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