Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard Review

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In this snowboard review video we are taking a look at the 2017 Capita Defenders of Awesome snowboard. I am testing this snowboard at Keystone Resort in Colorado and had a variety of conditions ranging from snowy groomers to sunny park laps. The two biggest highlights for me on this snowboard are the sidecut, and how much pop the board has! I would say the DOA has an all-mountain sidecut that is pretty aggressive, this allows for hard arcing turns to happen naturally and makes cruising around the mountain really fun. The carbon stringers and regular camber profile in this snowboard provide a ton of pop and response; it’s also a very stable snowboard on jumps and at high speed. Overall I would say this all-mountain freestyle board is a great do-it-all kind of snowboard that is just as much fun exploring and carving as it is in the park. I would recommend this snowboard to intermediate riders and up.

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Nick M says:

This board or the children of the gnar?

Vincent S says:

Do a capita mercury review

0YouCanCallMeAl0 says:

Sick riding man!

James Ellis says:

Finally!!!! This board is awesome!!!

Filip Busse says:

Hi TJ!
How You will compare it to Travis Rice Pro HP 2016/17 model??
I’m searching for board that will give me nice edge to edge response during dynymic fast and normal riding but will give me fun doing some little tricks during the ride on flat.
Should I consider Lib Tech TRS HP over Travis Rice Pro HP ?
Thank You so much for help!
Take care TJ!

David Medeiros says:

Do you test lots of boards?

Rafi Ramadhan says:

I see that you ride in A51 Keystone!! You should do a vid with Jonathan Buckhouse, or maybe pump out an edit! Super fun watching you ride.

Ренат Равилич says:

awesome riding TJ!

Nikolaj Bruun-Nielsen says:

Can you link to a good website for buying the board?

bansheehalo2 says:

Cool video man! Thanks for putting me in it!

Дмитрий Супрунюк says:

Great review!
This or Outerspace living for small/medium jumps, buttering and carving at moderate speed?

Nate Sprenger says:

haha im in the background of a couple of those shots. So fun riding with you TJ and TJ the filmer!

brandon _bmxz says:

I saw that board at my local shop and I was planning to get that, until I got the capita children of the gnar

vHAMILTONv says:

do anyone know if he detuned the edges for that park riding ?

Carreidas says:

I absolutely love TJ’s style when attempting spin tricks.. there’s a panicky flailing of arms and I think he is going to fall in a bone breaking Krakatoa of an epic crash… he nails it every time… TJ? instructional video, mate. Please.

Ced Louis says:

Dude, TJ. You and Kevin are the some of the only snowboard reviewers that can actually ride well too. Great Review!

DnBQemist says:

Can you review the Proto Type two? Recently bought it and want someone else to confirm its the best overall board ever produced!

Christian Wilson says:

I’m heading out to Keystone tomorrow! Wheels up at 6:30am .. never been to Keystone how is it?

Dawid Shirz says:

it s camber or rocker board 🙂 ?

garrett purcell says:

Have you done a review of the edge risers, i wear a size 12 boot but i dont like wide boards. i have heard the risers can allow bigger boots on a narrow board

Bev says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE test some women’s boards now… preferably all-mountain freestyle boards, intermediate-advanced level good for progression for women wanting to do everything all over the mountain! THANK YOU!!!

Settex says:

I cant find the board 🙁

Server says:

After watching this video a million times lol, fell in love with this one honestly, I was wondering if it’s stable on large resort terrain park jumps? I love that it’s true twin. My first season of snowboarding and these are all sold out in my size 6’3 190lbs size 13 shoe; so I figured I was gonna wait til next season to either get this board or the next depending on next years review. I was torn between this and the Ride Helix, leaning towards DOA

Derp Jones says:

review proto type two PLEASE

Polina T says:

What flex of your snowboard?

kurt qler says:

I have 🙂

Toby O'Sullivan says:

you should test the burton proces of axsis

dudeableful says:

Very enjoyable review, can tell you really rode the board rather than do like most people that just put a stock description.
I’ve ridden some expensive lib techs boards but don’t regret getting my DOA, bang for your buck is an understatement. I’ve had mine since 2012 when it first came out and every now and then I browse to maybe get a new board but I think I might just buy a new DOA when my current one falls apart. Mines also signed by Scott Stevens and Jess Kimura so that makes me try even harder to rip it hard.

P.s. any tips on doing the tripod with it? I was surprised you managed to do it, I’m a beefy bloke and still find it a bit tricky to hold a press. Shall I try nollie into it like you?

About 30 Ninjas says:

i feel like i saw you at troll mountie

vHAMILTONv says:

do anyone know if he detuned the edges for that park riding ?

Alexander Iwanowski says:

Legit best Board !

deinsification says:

how much is it

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