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In this video we are testing out the Capita Defenders of Awesome vs the Salomon Huck Knife head to head! This video was filmed on May 5, 2017 at Arapahoe basin, and still had pretty solid conditions for trying out these boards. These are both high profile snowboards that everyone was talking about and comparing during the 2016/2017 season, so when the opportunity arose I thought it would be a good idea to compare them and clear things up. The DOA is very freestyle friendly but rides more like an all-mountain snowboard while the Huck Knife is more of a pure freestyle stick. In the end they are both a lot of fun with the DOA being more aggressive and poppy and the Huck Knife being more playful, pressable and jib friendly. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, and make sure to check out the collection of board reviews on!


stevros48 says:

What sizes were you riding ?

pedrovaz24 says:

Hi TJ! I’m thinking of buying a snowboard for my girlfriend. Tell your thoughts about Rossignol Gala

Will Norton says:

I still think Capita is one of the most slept on companies for snowboards. Ives had a few other brands and capita has been by far my favorite of them all

Krzysztof Gołoś says:


mpix00 says:

What all mountain freestyle binding would you suggest to pair with the capita DOA?

max says:

The doa is sickkkkkk
Im new to snowboarding, this is my first year and my first board
The capita is very easy to ride, catch free and awesome for carving, very stable on high speed.
Coming from rental boards I was very worried that it will be harder to ride for someone like me at my level, but i must say its amazing, good for any ability level, as long as you can run comfortably on blues and carve you will love it!
I Hope my review can help and answer some questions.

Johannes says:

How is the nitro t1? Is it an Nice park and carving Board?

Jay Nguyen says:

does anyone hold their breath when he ollies over the fence

Darius Falahkhir says:

Hey Tj just curious if you detuned the edges on the DOA before testing? Also, when you yourself get a new board, do you detune, or just ride straight out of the package? Thanks!

Phil Graham says:

Do you detune these boards before you ride them or are they straight outta the box?

chris clark says:

I ride the capita doa. I agree with the pop and the camber helps with rails. It also carves… so deep. Like as a rider of 14 years who is just getting into park, so deep guys. It’s a fun all mountain with a flat kick nose and tail that works so well with butters and lands so well in bigger jumps. I’m 120lbs so I wish it had more flex but it really suits me and so many people really well.

Joseph Auler says:

Have you done a video on the flow era? Would that be better than the doa or hucknife?

Mirko Upali says:

have you union force? or atlas?

Eat Me says:

@3:01 my mans in the back reppin lonzo

Elvis Guk says:

im 197 cm and I have a obj 159 what do you think would it be better to get a 157 instead? because all your boards look pretty small

Mason Wilkins says:

Have you tested out the villain yet?!?! If not you should give it a review !!!

NetFlips says:

Please review the Nitro Team Board

Cool Gogo says:

Can’t be disapointed with the DOA. A nice Do it All board. I ride last year’s DOA and it’s a beast, love it !

plainjane says:

Daaaaaaamn you know how to ride a snowboard! Cool vid!!

Luca Brusamolino says:

Man your riding is so smooth… are just hawsome.
Thanks for al the video very informative, well done.

AWCK0392 says:

What boot size do you run

Jordan Graham says:

thuper sweet, thuper fun, thuper stoked, thuper excited

1994 boarder says:

what size did u ride

kyle gallagher says:

Looking at getting a new board soon and was just curious what would you pick between the d.o.a, jibsaw and headspace..I like to do it all but I mostly enjoys butters and carves ??? Also open for other options thanks

JFomo says:

Huck Knife it is then since I’m still at a beginner level. I just wish that top graphic was a little nicer.

Low says:

Nice vid TJ, can u help me? im thinking in getting DOA but dont know the size 1,52 or 1,54 im 1,72 cm and 70Kg

TrAd Ahi ツ says:


BambikSb says:

Very good film. I buy Salomon today. Your film help me chose.

Mason Williams says:

I love how much time and effort you put in your videos!

This Nuutss says:

6’ tall 165lb 11.5 I ride mostly in the park but sometimes i like have fun on slopes and on natural features. Should i get the DOA or the HUCK KNIFE  and 155w or the 158w ? Thanks

Fairi says:

6:08 whats that white thing at yo flyer TJ

Daniel Johnson says:

Which one do you think was more catch free on rails and butters and general riding?

Eren Alp says:

what is tj s weigh and height ?

Dud M says:

I recently rented the Capita DOA 2018 and it felt kind of slow and not so responsive compared to the Black Snowboard of Death 2018 which I loved. I did carving, some powder and also a bit of park. Could this be because of the size I rented, as the DOA I rode was 158W (which is all they had) but the BSOD was 156? Would a smaller DOA make a big difference to the ride and responsiveness of the board?

Gionni Sessa says:

What’s the name of the trick on 6:03?

Alec Grace says:

Love TJs riding

Gipi Line says:

Hey TJ! Can you tell me the brand and the model’s name of those pants??? Thanks man!! Respect from Italy

Nataku Gundam says:

Tj what is your stance?It looks very narrow maybe 19″ stance?

Juan Galo Lavenir says:

I love the way that he rides, it’s so rad!

Elio COGO-COTTEN says:

Hi! Could you do a review of the Salomon Craft and the Salomon Sleepwalker?

an an says:

Damn I want to get the capita doa but it’s 420$ ;((

Elise Lenske says:

Hey TJ, love how much effort goes into your videos!  In your previous video reviewing the DOA you have said that this board is aimed towards intermediate/advanced riders. I am beginner/intermediate and looking to get into some more park and tricks although still want to have a board to cruise around the mountain.  The womens version the Birds of a Feather seems super popular, but also maybe softer in comparison – I am wondering if this might be an ok board for a beginner/intermediate to progress with?

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