DC PBJ Snowboard Review

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In this video we are doing some summer snowboarding up at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and checking out the DC PBJ snowboard. The PBJ is a great snowboard for beginner to intermediate snowboarders looking for something that is going to perform well in most situations and still be easy to control, it is also a good choice for the rider looking to progress their freestyle riding. It features a true twin shape, soft flex, and positive camber profile offering solid freestyle performance. It is also going to be a really fun snowboard for playful riding outside of the terrain park, hitting side hits, working on butters, and generally riding with a freestyle feel. It’s not the most stable snowboard and can be overpowered fairly easily with the momentum created on bigger jumps/gaps as well as riding with speed. Let me know what you think about the DC PBJ down in the comments! Thanks for watching.


Riverdog 00 says:

95 in new jersey but you keep getting me ready for this winter

OllieNA says:

was deciding between the pbj vs ride helix, what do you think?

1994 boarder says:

Thank you homie actually was just deciding what board to get now I know !!!!

Chuck Hanson says:

*Going to Mt. Baker this winter?*

Konstantinos Chronopoulos says:

Great review man, could you please do the Media Blitz? Would be great to have your perspective on it.

ELCNUmorFnaMehT says:

More reviews of DC boards, please.

Carlos Lorca says:

Santiago de Chile https://youtu.be/LD0dbOnjsoY

Oliver Creighton says:

Bataleon Whatever pleaseeee

Klaudia Rybárová says:

I love theese videos, because it remind me winter, thank a lot ❤

1994 boarder says:

What size do u ride

1994 boarder says:

what song is this from chuki?

Joshua Schaffer says:

Super sick vid my dude.

rifelife says:

You guys are so fly – I have been watching your stuff for several years now and even started making my own stuff inspired by you… not nearly as good though lol

Kaan Akan says:

i miss snowboarding so much

Jasper ASHTON says:

Hey man, great review, could you please do the dc focus board. Cheers dude

Chin Chin Tsang says:

One question on the Extruded base snowboards. I they don’t hold as much wax as the sintered base snowboard do. And having them waxed or not won’t make a huge difference in terms of speed. But my question is, how often should you wax an extruded base snowboard?

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