GNU Headspace Snowboard Review 2019






In this video I am riding at Perisher Resort, Australia, checking out the 2018/2019 GNU Headspace snowboard. The Headspace is a unique snowboard as it is one of the only, if not the only, snowboard currently being made that offers a positive camber profile from contact point to contact point, additional contact points in the form of Magne-Traction, as well as an asymmetrical sidecut. These features combined with a medium flex make this a great all around park snowboard, as well as a board that can hold its own outside of the park exploring and carving. The biggest highlights for me on this one is the carving, stemming from its sidecut and magnetraction, as well as how much fun it is on rail features. All in all the headspace is a solid all-around, freestyle friendly snowboard. Let me know what you think in the comments below, thanks for watching.


Danny Bush says:

ayyy shout out to all of us east coasters and those “icy conditions” lol

Lofty Beet says:

Nice one! I’d love to see more pure freeride and surfy type boards.

DollarStrawz says:

that stall though that was sick bra

Lucas Ricardo Barbieri says:

hey TJ, which 360 camera did you use there arround 3:48?

Gulag Administrator says:

already slush?

Olivia Grondel says:

i love to carve and do everything the mountain has to offer but i catch my toe side edge occasionally is there anything i can do to stop that

inMotionSLB says:

theres something about board reviews, you are defo not going to buy them all but still like watching them ahahaha

Steve Zimmerman says:

Hey TJ great review buddy. Does this camber profile have raised contact points?

Cathal McCartan says:

What bindings do you use when board testing?

Zevulos says:

Please do the Gnu Space Case Asym, cant decide between the two :/

Mike Grenke says:

Can you do a review of the newly designed Bataleon FunKink

Jo Go says:

Hey TJ can you Check out the Nitro Team 2018 Gullwing Rocker? I’d like to hear your opinion about this Board.

Bad_Riders says:

Looks decent in the park and slaying groomers. Dunno if id add it to my quiver though. I dont have the rep for that top sheet.

Bruh Sweet says:

dude the 2019 headspace is looking sooooo steezy

limbo says:

so awesome seeing you guys hitting my home mountain. i love this place but it sucks you guys are down there during a mini spring heatwave! hopefully some snow comes during your stay, its awesome when it dumps!

Noah Vlogs says:

whats up kevn i used to watch a lot of your videos but ever since snowboard season ended i stopped watching and most of the tricks i know are from you

patzo says:

Is that a crow in the music? What is that song? I need to know.

Jacob Rossiter says:

Im coming down next saturday. Hope to see you there!

Sly Dog says:

Yo TJ, Yes the greats 2019 review…

jls1337 says:

love the graphic on this board

Deylan Engel says:


Vergilschmerzen says:

Can you please make a review of the gnu hyper kjarve snowboard!

Ascent - NemeSyS says:

Cmon guys get Kevin to 1Million subs he is the best Snowboard teacher out there i love ur videos if u come to germany i wanna ride with u dude <3
Good luck
PS:TJ u have style dude 😀

Metal Fruttolo says:

Jeez the no-core nose and tail info just saved my Carbon Credit! I chipped it in the nose last year and was going to buy a new board since everyone told me it was gonna swell with humidity, but I feel so good on it I was actually sad, so the fact I didn’t ruin the core is a really good news! Thanks TJ!

Jamie Holyoak says:

You guys should hit the back country run from the top of Mt Perisher around the the far right into Guthega. It’s a solid run with a bit of everything.

Shred1904 says:


Dick Dangle says:

What’s your height and weight?

Mitchell Jarvis says:

You’re extra steezy on the headspace man!! How come you don’t daily drive this bad boy?

Get Nautical says:

Sounds nfs similar to the ns proto except for tip and tail construction

Der Thomas says:

Tj makes it look soooo easy

Arsenu Gainullov says:

Please do the bataleon disaster snowboard review btw nice vid 😀

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