K2 Afterblack Snowboard Review

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In this video we take a closer look at the K2 Afterblack snowboard while riding Perisher, Australia. The Afterblack is a freestyle focused snowboard with a stiffer flex that is going to be fun all around the park. Running a camber dominant profile with rocker in the tips, carbon stringers for added response, and a sintered base for maximum speed, this board is a lot of fun on both jumps and rails alike. For me the highlight of the snowboard is how much fun it is for things like presses and butters while still offering a good amount of stability for jumps, larger features, and riding around outside of the terrain park. Let me know what you think of the Afterblack down in the comments below, thanks for watching.


Taylor Fuller says:

Actually loving these vids with TJ.

Oldman Shredder says:

Pleeeeeeeeeez do a review on the Lib Tech T.Rice pro ORCA if you have the chance. Im soo stoked on the looks of that board and die to know hoe it handles!

VWRabbit2008 says:

Yo could you do a review on the dinosaurs will die Kwon?

Issmo Dissmo says:

Pretty nice video

Steve Zimmerman says:

Hey TJ thanks for the review buddy. I was looking for a Westmark Camber but your review for that must have been popular in the UK because I can’t get the right size anywhere. How does the Afterblack compare? Do you have any other suggestions for something similar to the westmark?

Benjamin Coles 88 (STUDENT) says:

First and sick vid

Get Nautical says:

Love the throw back k2 bottom like my skies from late 80’s early 90’s before snowboarding existed

Sly Dog says:

Nice looking top sheet!

Hopefully a few more whilst in Perisher. 2019 Greats?

Kanel Nang says:

That was some excellent camera footage from behind for those rail tricks!!!

Danny Moore says:

Guys I’m a filmmaker and I just landed in thredbo and shooting a bunch of footage, I’ve put a couple of things on YouTube but just getting started here! If you’re around would love to shoot you guys, my last thredbo vid is up! We’ve got a mad crew and we’re all big fans if you’re cruising around!

inMotionSLB says:

how about a review on the bog standard rental board, ie those burton ones I see a lot in europe, to show people what the differences are and how to take the full potential of those types of boards!

Jarred Cole says:

What’s the name of the song you use at the very end of ever video? Gets me going every time!

CJ Explored says:

solid looking park board from k2

MiniTrash Creations says:

Omg. I was just checking out this board in the shop half an hour ago

Bad_Riders says:

A k2 park board? I never thought id see the day

J C says:

Looks like a sick board, hard to find tho

bailey paine says:


MegaSander Nijman says:

another awesome short to the point video! keep it up!

Mitchell Carson says:

Lol I have the Afterblack from 2008 and it’s nothing like this one.

Oliver V. Films says:

hey kevin does the capita horrorscope have a certain way the the bindings should be like the ride helix or can it be anyway

YS/2 says:

Heeey, TJ! Tell me about your stance width and angles. Ty adv

Martin Kolář says:

Please test lib tech cold brew c2

Shred1904 says:

third super steeeeeze

Coach Zac says:

Looks like an awesome board would love to ride it

Oliver Creighton says:

Please do the Bataleon Whatever!

melvinlard says:

Test the YES Basic Decade please!

FleXxii says:

Hey TJ, I’m searching for a board which has the ability to ride fast and stabil, is good in the those jumps and good enough for powder riding. Park is not very important to hit for me. It should also have a camber or hybrid camber. Do you know some boards there for me?

Keep up the good and quick to the point reviews! 🙂

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