Lib Tech T.Rice Pro HP 2017 Snowboard Review –

2017 Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP Snowboard Pointy/Blunt Shape Available at Tactics



The Lib Tech T. Rice Pro HP Blunt C2 snowboard is loved by Travis because his standard “164 feels and spins like a 161.” What he’s referring to is Lib’s Horsepower construction, which uses basalt instead of traditional fiberglass to cut weight and increase power. The result is a board that rides like a shorter version because it’s lighter and stronger. The Blunt was developed by Travis Rice to be one of the most versatile boards on the market. A top-selling “do-it-all” deck for almost ten years now, the Blunt excels in the park and has a lower swing weight for spins, easier presses, and better hold on nose / tail grabs.

Now you’ll have a much easier time staying up in powder and getting your butt in the air off kickers. This is the first stick Travis Rice reaches for to conquer the entire mountain. C2 Banana geometries allow for more aggressive riding by focusing pressure between your feet for easier turns and better edge hold. Look for the Blunt in Travis Rice’s latest movie, Fourth Phase.

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Nico Lezama says:

I want a snowboard to ride in groomers but also i like backcountry, can u recommend me one?

William Cadogan says:

I’m coming from a older traditional cambered board and looking at the 161.5 for an all mountain board but wondering if i would find it too loose. i like carving and riding powder when we have it. Don’t really ride switch or hit the park. Any thoughts?

DJA SalLgooD says:

Just bought that board today. So excited to ride it this weekend. Any tips?

Thiago Silva says:

You are the fist person that said that this board is good for park riding as well. . i am an advanced rider who rides all mountain, loves parks and don´t do carving
do you think this board is the best option for me ? is 155 is a good size for me ?
I’m 5’72 and weigh about 175 lbs

311i0t says:

what is the difference between the pointy tip and blunt tip version? im guessing blunt tip is more for park riders and pointy offers better float for pow? is that right

Lateralus 982 says:

I just got my 2017 t rice pro hp after 3 seasons on the 2014 t rice pro (regular version, not hp) and when comparing the two, they seem to be exactly the same weight. I thought the hp was supposed to be quit a bit lighter. Anyone else notice this?

Runetone says:

looking for a new borde. my size 14 feet are dictating as always. do they make a wide 166-8 ?

Boo Neuse says:

I’ve been snowboarding for a long time… about 10 years. And skateboarding year round for about 6 years. I live on the East coast in the mountains of Virginia. I ended up getting a T.RICE C2 POWER BANANA 153 as my first real good board 3 years ago. So the 2014 model I believe. It seemed like the best option for me at the time since I was doing a lot of different riding depending on where I went. That was when I was about 14-15 years old. Back then I was hitting the park a little, doing backyard park stuff whenever my hometown got hit with snow, and of course riding blacks and and other slopes at resorts…. along with the parks there. I’m 18 now and have been getting way more into the park. I’ve always loved Hibbing around on anything and everything…. throwing frontside and backside 3s out of all the little side jumps, buttering around all over the mountain, and definitely sliding boxes and rails. like I said before, for snowboarding this season I’ve been getting a lot more into the park. And I still jib around everywhere. My question is should I get a super soft flat camber board like the Signal park? Or maybe Scott Stevens Capita? Or just wait till I bust up this one? I’ve kept it in good condition all these years. The only thing is I feel like I could potentially up my park game with a jib stick. But I don’t want to waist my money on something that I don’t really need. My Lib Tech is a 153 I was thinking about going down to a 148. I am 5″9-5″10 and weigh 140lbs. Would a smaller jibby board make a real noticeable difference? Is it worth it? I also have never owned a park/jib board.

KrAzE says:

Hi, I am currently looking to get a new board (I have snowboarded for around 7 years and enjoy powder and carving but I am looking to try some more park stuff), and I have narrowed it down to the lib tech attack banana and the T.Rice pro hp. Which one would you recommend?

Gerard Dyckman says:

Need some advice please. Seriously considering this board and unsure of the size. I have been riding for about 15 years, mostly on the east coast, and mostly like cruising the mountain hitting side hits and hitting the park every now and then. I am 5′ 11” , 230 lbs, and a size 12 boot. I have been riding a 159 cm for the past 5 years or so. The Lib Tech site recommended the 161.5 W for me but really struggling with whether to go 157 W or the 161.5 W. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

J-c Tisserand says:

Thanks for the vid ! I’m still a beginner (2nd year practice with a total of 15 days of ride). Would you recommend this board for beginners ?

marvquake says:

Hahaha… look’s like we know partially The Good Wood 2017 results… 🙂

Timmy Jimmy says:

I love that poster(?) thing in back. It’s amazing

Scifo Monteiro says:

Is there any difference between this year and last years besides the graphics?

snafuu85 says:

Hey, I’m thinking to buy this board but need some advice what size is the best for me. I’m advanced rider (15yrs exp), I like carving, powder and all kind of fun with natural obstacles, but now I also like to spend more time in park. I’m 6’16 and weight about 203 lbs. I need a wide version, so 161.5W or 164.5W. I used to ride F2 Eliminator LTD 167 for many years which I love a lot, but i want something softer and smaller. I’m just not sure but 161.5W might be to small… What do you think?

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