Lobster Jibboard Snowboard Review

Get the Lobster Jib Board: http://bit.ly/2drJQgV

Full written snowboard review of the Lobster Jibboard: http://boardarchive.com/lobster-jib-board-snowboard-review-2017/

In this snowboard review we’re riding at Mt. Hood during Session 2 of High Cascade Summer Snowboard camp. I am riding the 2017 Lobster Jibboard on a variety of rail features and jumps. We also rode a variable of snow conditions to carve around throughout the day. What stands out about the Lobster Jibboard is the soft flex, regular camber, and 3BT. Those three pieces of tech work together to create a playful snowboard that is great for jibbing. If you have any questions about the Lobster Jibboard snowboard or requests leave them in the comments below. Make sure to check out http://www.boardarchive.com for a full review of the Lobster Jibboard snowboard!

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BiHsinalco says:

Hi Kevin, I want to thank you for your videos and great work. Last winter I went first time snowboarding and learned it rly fast with your 360 beginner video. I just want to ask you two questions:
1. When I gain speed on the snowboard I start feeling that I am loosing control and I tend to crash almost always. So how can I fix that?
2. This winter I plan to buy boots only and the next year the snowboard. Since my foots are bigger than usual xD 47 (eu size, i think it is 12,5 us ). So if you were on a budget limit would you buy the snowboard first and rent the boots or the other way?

Thank you for the great work, keep it up.

James P says:

Could you review some endeavour boards? Thanks!

Brecht Francen says:

Can you review a capita board please?

Vaheed Janfada says:

What are the best freestyle bindings to go with the Burton Chanel system?

Jarrod Davis says:

is the 3bt like the burton infinity edge?

miGz325 says:

+SnowboardProCamp would you guys recommend this board to a beginner?

Jonathan Pare says:

This is our classic jib deck with a little camber update. It now has zero (or flat) camber because we think it makes the most sense for jib boards.

Elliot Damon says:

I’m disappointed with the lack of tutorials but if ur having fun making these then keep making them

Vikram Khandka says:

Hi TJ! Thanks for this wonderful Lobster Jib Board 2017 review. really like the flexibility this board has, however; if you have to choose it with Burton custom twin 2017 which you did the review of it in past, what will be your choice?

Taylor Zero says:

I thought the 2017 model had zero camber. and is that much different from the 2016 model? Just cuz it’s half the price.

Kieran Duncan says:

herro everyone

Joshua Henry says:

Im here

Niels Dijkstra says:

Review salamon villain 2016?

Capital says:

which camera do you use ?? greetz from germany

IrishFish11 says:

Is it as soft as the Bataleon Disaster

Vikram Khandka says:

Also waiting for Next Q&A… unite you cool guys – TJ, Kevin and Garrett for next Q&A. do you play SnowParty snowboarding game available in Play Store? is it necessary for one to learn skiing before snowboarding.?

fabio Lorem says:

capita DOA review

trevor pachunka says:

burton nug review 2016

SidiNic says:

i have a bataleon 3bt and it rocks for shredding. Not so much on ice though

Wil Smith says:

how come every time I see a lobster board in a video the person has switchback bindings?

isaac phillips says:

Im moving to vail colorado this november and i don’t know if i should buy insulated or shell pants what do you think? shells are cheaper but i don’t know if they’d by warm enough for winter up there.

NeOn Gaming says:

I’m 5.3 but looking for a board that I can ride for a good 4 5 years tips on size anyone plz

Film More Snowboarding says:

Hey Kevin, I know this might be a LONG trip for u, but one great mountain u should visit on the east coast is Stratton Mountain in Vermont. The mountain is decently sized and has a couple awesome parks. The service is great there, and the food is good too. It’s probably a long shot, but it would be cool if u came to the east coast because it would give a lot of people out there (including me) a chance to meet u. Anyways, keep up the great work.

Mason Kinsella says:

plz subscribe here!!

Sam Allen says:

hey kevin do u have any videos on riding the superpipe?

Brayden Abbott says:

Can you do an updated gear video

James P says:

Could you review some endeavour boards? Thanks!

Samuel Kügler says:

what do you think of the lib tech skate banana snowboard? Have you tried it yet? If no, it would be really interesting to see you riding it and giving a review

Brookster yay says:

Can you do a tutorial on how to gain more speed/get the confidence to go faster or just give me some tips ?

Thomas Kovacik says:

Damn I’m early, you should review the scott stevens pro!

Twipz Knutson says:

Can you review the funslinger 2017?

Germaux NCIv says:

okay i hate my life ^^ its fucking 30 degrees and he here is snowboarding in the mountains :o… Ill guess i have to keep riding my longboard until winter 🙁

Sebastien Darcy says:

Can you to a reacting to skiing for the first time

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