Lobster ParkBoard Snowboard Review

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GLOVES: https://goo.gl/R4eQvC
BOOTS: https://goo.gl/yNZbiC
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Instrumental produced by Chuki: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

In this video I am testing out the 2018 Lobster Parkboard in the Whistler Blackcomb terrain park! Western North America has been off to a fairly slow snow start to the season, but Blackcomb is on point offering a nice variety of boxes, rails, jumps, transitions and bonks. I found the parkboard to be a little softer than advertised by Lobster, and it reminded a lot of a twin tip version of the Bataleon Fun.Kink. This is a great board for all around park riding that falls on the more playful side of the spectrum. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Mac Stec says:

Hey TJ.
When will you post Capita Mercury review?

Joe Fornari says:


Deylan Engel says:

After 3 months on this board, Id give it a 10/10 for what it promises to deliver. Love this deck.

Jacob Russell says:

Could I start learning how to snowboard and get good when I’m 16?

Kobe says:

kevin vs tj game of “board” (someone does a trick and the other has to do the trick or they get a “b”)

Blake M Hall says:

Can we get a vlog or just full day session vid with you guys please!

J C says:

Would love to see a review of this years halldor pro! Ty for vids.

David Fertig says:

Can u review a Palmer board

Alaric Chen says:

Is it worth buying a marhar lumberjack online when I leave in less than a week?

Ryan Thompson says:


Fortnite Master says:


Harry Mitchell says:

How does this board compare to the Bataleon evil twin if they are using the same tech 3BT?

I was also wondering where TJ got his snowboard pants from?

Yaop117 says:

Hey TJ or Kevin, what are your opinions on the Libtech Skate Banana?

Fortnite Master says:


ilparola says:

this is basically a Bataleon Airobic

Frank M says:

When I grow up I wanna be like TJ.

_ ____L_E_O_N____ _ says:

What do you prefer bataleon disaster /lobster jib board or the lobster park board

ronaldo says:

You took it outside the park, how was it for outside the park riding/all mountain?

HolyPineapple says:

Lobster Parkboard vs Evil Twin?

Cya_Birds says:

What stance do you run on your bindings?

Hugo Jonsson says:

Would be dope if you could do a review of the K2 Daniel Franck Whales board 🙂

KillerGeo909 says:

So cool board

paulisawesome10 says:


Deylan Engel says:

I have the same board, but Im having trouble loading it for ollies. Any suggestions? My Rocker board I can ollie easily 2+ feet, but with this one I barely get 6 inches off the ground.

Owen Kelly says:

can you do a review on the salomon sleepwalker

GurnakeDaSnakeMon says:

You guys should really get into skiing. I board but let’s be real, skis can allow you travel further as hiking is easier. Also I
For me personally, I love watching you guys improve at things, it’s great to see the progression.

Hank Moody says:

And I’m here in Arizona with hardly any snow.

Jared Jones says:

Holla atcha boy

Blackligxt says:

Omg I was about to buy it yesterday and now you guys are reviewing it XD

Jacob Pomerleau says:


Crew Nguyen says:

TJ you defy biology. Goats only live for 15 years

Brian Biederman says:


young Sandhu says:

can you review the arbor coda rocker board

Leighton Smithwick says:

Could you guys please do a review on the new 2018 Happy Hour

Ryan Thompson says:

great video!

Pim says:

I see a snowboard review from TJ I press like

Jhostin Salazar says:

Best snowboard channel ever

DizzyHead says:

can you please review gnu riders choice, been hoping you would do riders choice this year. best regards from norway 🙂

Nacho 24 says:

Early crew

PiMpiNx187 says:

Sick review TJ any chance you can review the NOW Pilot?

Brayson Storm says:


Skrt Skrt says:

I ski but still watch sprocamp just so entertaining videos!!!

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