Lobster Sender Snowboard Review

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Check out the written review at: http://boardarchive.com/lobster-sender-snowboard-review/

In this snowboard review video we are checking out the 2017 Lobster Sender snowboard at Keystone Resort Colorado. The Lobster Sender is a versatile all-mountain freestyle snowboard that is really fun for exploring and carving but also does well in the park, especially on jumps. This snowboard has a regular camber profile, medium flex, carbon stringers in the nose and tail, as well as 3BT (Triple Base Technology). Highlights for me on this snowboard include the side cut which is fairly deep, I would call it an all-mountain oriented sidecut and this allows for really fun aggressive carving. It also has a 3 dimensional base shape in the tips (3BT) that lifts the base and edge of the board off of the snow; this creates a very catch free feeling on snow, on jumps, and on rails and, in my opinion, really combines the best parts of rocker and camber in this snowboard. This is definitely a do-it-all style snowboard and I would recommend it to intermediate riders and up.

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Colton Whale says:

You should do one on the lib tech skate banana

henry gonzalez says:

I’m 5,10″ weigh 215 wear size 11 adidas superstar boots….
159W or 162W?? I want to do the all mountain riding and go play in the park.
Appreciate the info man.

Eric Bryant says:

How about reviewing an affordable beginner board?

Agnes Glennow says:

I have a question, I am 14 years old and has snowboarded when I was younger. I recently got to snowboard again and I want to improve. The problem is that I´m still in school and also I live in Sweden where sometimes there aren´t any snow out. Do you have any tips or ways to progress and get better?

Clark&WillyBoy says:

anyone know what union bindings he’s riding?

Matt Smith says:

That shit is the future of snowboarding

methanebomb says:

it’s says lose aswell

Trevz says:

Reminds me a lot of the Capita DOA except the lobster sender is a little more expensive. Although you do get the 3BT thing. Decisions decisions…

zrhassberg says:

TJ! Awesome review, thank you for all you do. Any chance you can do a review of the Never Summer Proto Type Two or the Never Summer Funslinger? Keep up the great work!

Ermecinn says:

Who is recording ?

Nathaniel Freet says:

You should do a review on either the dinosaurs will die rat or the maet

stupid_sleazoid 2 says:

this 3BT things doesn’t affect carving ability?

Ced Louis says:

Great review and Mad Skills!

John Austin says:

Hey TJ, great vid! When are you doing the Never Summer Proto Type II?

Sam Hens says:

Duuuudeee this guy rips, moreof this guy please

Dylyn Cady says:

Can you do a review of the never summer prototype 2? It’s a super high end board and it looks very nice and goes very well in park

Loco Co. says:

start giving prices of boards please

Noah Hoffmann says:

how long can i ride my snowboard
i mean how much years

Luke The Pancake says:

Can It go down black diamonds and do a Little bit of big mountsin stuff

The Real 6 God says:

Quick question, is the Rossignol XV Magtek a good board for a beginner/intermediate rider? I’m currently looking for a board and I’ve gone boarding 5 times and I can hit a blue trail without busting my ass and I’m sick of rentals, need help buying a board

Rick Viramontes says:

Awesome reviews Kevin! Can you review a Burton Antler (camber.) Preferably 2016. Thanks!

Dinel Konrad says:

how does this compare to the Gilson? A friend has the Gilson and it slays in the park but can’t maitain speed over flats outside the park.

blaz Oparenovic says:

i am looking for a snowboard i usualy snowboard on tracks little on snowboard parks sooo can u sugest eny snowboards. Than you

kidcret1 says:

Tj do the Salomon Huck Knife

Axel O. says:

Can you do a Capita DOA vs this board?

Matt Smith says:

Really??? this board starts at 155cm? Who can refer me to a similar board, im 5 foot 8 and a level 2/3. Or am I a fool and thats the height i want? lol..

lk31xy weezy says:

I just saw that the board starts at 155cm. Do you it is a good experience to ride it with 60kg and 180cm 15 yo?

crstothard says:

How would this do in my icy NY State homeland?

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