Never Summer Funslinger Snowboard Review – Board Insiders – 2016 Never Summer Funslinger Review

2016 Never Summer Funslinger Review

Wondering what snowboard to get to learn how to butter a snowboard? Check this one out.

The Never Summer Funslinger snowboard is one of our most requested snowboard reviews since it came out half way through the 2015 season.
Even though it copies the NS Ripsaw’s exaggerated rocker and camber zones, the Funslinger is 10 times softer. It’s softer than any EVO we have ever tested (and we’ve test them for about 5 years), thus making it the softest Never Summer snowboard we have ever tested.
If you’re thinking you want a soft, jibby snowboard with an amazing 3 year warrantee, and made in the USA, there is only one choice, the Never Summer Funslinger.

Timberline Lodge, OR

Special Thanks:
Coal Headwear
Crack Grease Snowboarding
Mt. Hood 26
Vie Industries


Yeaux Breaux says:

I wonder how this rides compared to my bataleon disaster….

TravieAction says:

I just broke my board recently and im between this board and the arbor westmark. which board do you think is better for jumps?

Ron Seibel says:

this or the evo? for jibbing and buttering

Aleksey Kanaev says:

Help me with the choice: Funslinger/Ultrafear/Skate Banana?

makemusicnotwar says:

Stoked to see a new review from you guys!  Just curious, do you guys longboard in the off season or what?  I feel in love with longboard 2 or 3 years ago and I love it more each day I get out to shred!

John Booth says:

Such cool reviews bros! Just moved to Colorado and new to snowboarding. These reviews will def help me with deciding what to buy after I finish renting / demoing. Subscribed and looking forward to more gear reviews!

Robin Michalik says:

BoardInsiders posting a full review………..


DFA(Producer) says:

plz review the proto HD! 😀 there is only an old Proto CT review =/
great work, keep it up!

Mitchell Bendickson says:

I am a experienced snowboarder but how will this do for all mountain and jumps in know it will do good in rails

Demetres Iunak says:

You saying the board is 153 cm.
I am thinking to get 156 cm and I am 5.8 around 146 pounds which size would work better for me? 156 or something smaller? Riding at the park and resorts as well ]. Thank you

Daniel Goebl says:

I will need the Funslinger X because I have big feet. Should I get it in 154 or 157? My weight = 174 P and my height = 5,10 F.

70% All Mountain
20 % Pow
10 % Park


Haydar Emin Evren says:

I am looking for a soft park & freestyle board. Should I get 154X or 157X? I’m 6’2″ and 180 pounds.
50% Park and ground tricks
30% all mountain
20% powder (mostly trees)
All size charts says for 6’2″ height get at least 156 but for 180lbs weight get at least 153. My setup is 23.5 inch width. My second board is 153 and I have some issues when doing nollies especially when doing tamedog. The length between my front foot and tip of the board seems too short to spring me off.


aye bro says:

I’m pretty new to snowboarding and just want an all around good board. I’m stuck between this and the skate banana, would you say this board would be a better beggginer board?

VWRabbit2008 says:

Nothing like doing 37,000. Love those

theGREATcoolio says:

How tall are Keegan and Javier?

James Watson says:

this or the ride helix? helppppp

josh gilman says:

new to boarding, the mountain is my playground… like to hang with my ski friends down the groomers…. this or type two?

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