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In this snowboard review video we are taking a closer look at the 2017 Never Summer Funslinger snowboard. We had great conditions for testing this asymmetrical freestyle board at Keystone Resort, Colorado and also had a great selection of features in their a51 terrain park. The two things about this board that stand out the most to me is the asymmetrical sidecut and the Ripsaw profile from Never Summer. The asymmetrical sidecut makes your heel turns noticeably better, and made the snowboard a ton of fun for carving as you get around the mountain. The camber profile was also noticeable making the board feel loose and catch free when sliding sideways on rails, it also prevented your edge from catching while riding flat base. The Funslinger was able to carve surprisingly well despite its softer flex and overall rocker profile. I would recommend this snowboard to beginner riders and up.

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trabant66666 says:

Which one is better, Capita DOA or this one?

Justin Bordwell says:

Im splitting hairs here but im debating the 157x vs. 160x 5’10 200lb rider. My fear on the 160 is i wont be able to have a wide enough stance to engage it properly…

DJ XtAzY says:

Can you review the Never Summer Proto Type Two and Rossignol One MagTek someday? Thanks!

Corlan Blyskal says:

Could you review the 2017 Neversummer Warlock? I’m a beginner and I got the Warlock as my first board. Have yet to ride it, but I really liked the design and the description of how it rides. There are no good reviews out there yet. Please review this awesome board!

Mark Halvorsen says:

The BEST REVIEWS. Sooo sick of dudes just standing in gear and talking about boards without showing what the riding actually looks like. This guy has awesome style and his reviews r perfect.

Aleksey Kanaev says:

Thank you very much for your work! You are getting the best reviews. Help me with the choice: Funslinger/Ultrafear/Skate Banana?

Eddie Williams says:

Those jumps look really fucking nice

Jay Nguyen says:

i have this board and love it !

Jacob Yuzwin says:

I’m looking for a new board and I’m starting to do some butters and jumps is this board great for park and the mountain because I want to have equal performance on both mountain and park

iHaZard says:

Can you do a review on the Rome agent Rocker I’ve watched some other reviews but I like your guys reviews better tbh

Spencer Dziuba says:

Would you recommend riding this board at a smaller length or a longer length? I weigh 130 and trying to decide whether to go with the 146 or 149?

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

This run pushed me over the edge to buy one.

Chris Perez says:

I have a Never Summer 2016 West. Love at first sight and ride!

Md BassMaster says:

how is the filming so stable?

Buttifuttihatti says:

great video!!! by which brand is the pant you are wearing?

bronsonburger says:

Hey are you going to do a Burton process 2017 board this year

Jared Bishop says:

more TJ

NIkita G says:

Will you try Warlock from nvrsmr?

SnowboardForLife101 says:

Also can you plz review snowboard boots and bindings plzzz

Вукол Сандберг says:

more NS snowboards!)

blaz Oparenovic says:

Helooo !!!
I just want to thank the mainn guy Keven for lurning me T-bar so i am sooo happy new i knew how to ride it thank you and keep up the good work on SNOWBOARD!!!

austin kha says:

I wish I could afford a new board every year, I’ve been using the same one for like a decade now.

Daniel law says:

Compar capita thunderstick , which one is good?


Review the Ride Burnout Pleaseeee

Daniel Muddy says:

Really keen to grab this board, reckon It could survive some pow aswell?

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