Nobaday Ambition Snowboard Review

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In this video I am testing out the Nobaday Ambition snowboard at Keystone, Colorado. Nobaday sent me this snowboard to keep so I have ridden it around 4 or 5 days before filming this video to really feel it out and get used to it (also I am waiting on my replacement Bataleon). The Ambition is an aggressive snowboard but is fun once you get used to it and is very functional for what it is made for. I would classify this as a jump leaning freestyle snowboard, although it is still fun for rails as long as you aren’t trying to press out technical tricks. The two biggest strengths on this snowboard are its stability and pop which stem from its true regular camber profile. You will find 1 full centimeter of camber on this guy. All in all the Ambition is a very precise, powerful, and poppy snowboard. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Stephen Ayres says:

Can you do a review on the Burton Name Dropper?

Johnathan Buckhouse says:

Get it TJ!!

GRN says:

tell the sport rx crew -they gotta get the nfx2 chris benchetler sig back. i gotta by it. if you do it really thanks. i may have some bad enghlis. i am a 12 year old boy from norway.

MLB Films says:

Hey guys I just dropped a dope snowboard edit if u wanna check it

Michael Robinson says:

yo! i’ve been riding at keystone for the past 4 days. that’d be sick if I saw you! hopefully we get some good snow tonight

o Adorable says:

Was this yesterday? Could of sworn I saw you that day but was nervous to walk up to you lol

Rekaw97 says:

Have you thought about reviewing RIDE Helix again?

JairNijkamp says:

i spotted kev while you were hitting rails

Alex Heckels says:

any chance of a video that talks more about entry level boards and boards that you can progress with? love the reviews in your gear guide but a video on the subject would be nice too 🙂

dubbreak says:

Great review as usual TJ. Always so much style and flow. Didn’t quite look as comfortable on this board as something less agressive (at least in the park, carves seemed legit).
You really need to throw some crashes into the edit so we know you’re human. With a board that agressive you must have caught an edge at least once, right?

Eric Brown says:

wondering anyones opinion on stepchild’s the weekend or stepchild in general?

Aron Brynjar says:

Yo TJ what goggles you wearing???

VWRabbit2008 says:

I’ll be honest. I usually take both my boards to the mountain (doa and warpig). I just can’t get over how great my warpig is. I rode it 12 hours straight through everything.

Leevi21 says:

why didn’t youtube give me a notification?

Dan Carter says:

I think I saw TJ in breckenridge was he there last week???

snowboard Gus says:


jlalonde1000 says:

it is about time they showed a carving board you need to let someone like Ryan Knapton
review this type of board you can tell he is not into hard carving

niccolò sartori says:

You’re great i love your videos

Mike Grenke says:

Can you test the Bataleon Japan Edition

Dru Adiza says:

Hey Tj, would like a review on the salomon super 8. As an pow/all mountain board.

Preston says:


ChrisWells NobadayUK says:

Great review TJ you make everything look so effortless in all your videos

Joshua Schaffer says:

Nice video my dude. I so wish I could do what you do. I want a job with snowboards so bad. I just want to ride all the time and in different locals. With different snowboards too. I don’t even have great mountains here in PA. Vermont has some great ones. I plan on doing Killington vermont eventually. More than likely next year. I might do it this year. I hear good things.

bureaustoel3000 says:

Can you do a review of the bataleon the one e.s. 2018 model?

Iron Moose says:

Just an idea but maybe you should do some reviews on more beginner boards that are sub 300$ and find some boards that are nice for people who just want to get into snowboarding. Most guys looking to buy they’re first board aren’t looking to spend 400-600$

Shah Ridzwan says:

HI.I have damaged acl since last surgery will be on the end of question is can i play snowboard now? XD hahaha im just a beginner/amateur snowboarder, and i really wanna play it despite of my injury.i just cant control myself to ride T.T

willmoua1 says:

Review the yes jackpot

Young Bean says:

Can you please do a review on the dwd maet snowboard

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