Ride Helix – Snowboard Review

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Full written review visit: http://boardarchive.com/ride-helix-snowboard-review-2016/

Today we’re at Keystone Resort testing out the 2016 Ride Helix Snowboard. The Helix is a powerful and lively snowboard that has a regular camber profile and pretty stiff flex. It’s a freestyle snowboard and is comfortable on jumps and rail features as well as all mountain riding. One of my favorite features about this board is the asymmetrical side cut, which is going to make turning on your heel side a lot more fun. If you’re looking to go big and push your riding, the Helix has got what it takes to back you up.

Let us know what you’re looking for in a snowboard in the comments!

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Linnea says:

good video

Tuomas says:

when i bought the ride helix, after the first ride i was already in love with the board its just so good

Robert Fazekas says:

WhAT size it is ?

A A says:

Great review, but the
background music is a bit too loud, can’t really hear the introduction clearly

Tou Xiong says:

I have this board and love it. Totally destroyed the trails at high speed.

wowowow says:

why snowboard
Equipments are so expensive?

Carwyn Blosch says:

The heel edge also makes landing heelside easier

lou hutchinson says:

+Brian Sechrest

mmmocto says:

Really like the point by point summary! Please keep that in

Viktor Mustapic says:

Sounds like a nice all around board
Might have to pick it up

colin otteson says:

how does this compare to the capita defenders of awesome?

Kieran Lambert says:

Great review guys. I’m looking to get this board but i’m wondering what size i should get. I’m 5 foot 9 weigh usually give or take 75-77kg would a 157 fit me?

Al Cattouse says:

I wanna ride like this dude… kills the board!! #goals

Derrick Ekum says:

Im really hoping someone can help me with my question.
Do you think if I got the 159W it would accommodate to my size? Im 5’11” and I weigh 185lbs.

Phu Dao says:

CAn you review the SLash Happy Place? Please!

Drew V says:

That is one ugly board.
Great snowboard skills though

yukikevo says:

Your board reviews are great, man.

eathg9 says:

dude… your riding is so sweet that you could sell me just any board!

takudzwa gorondondo says:

I’m a beginner snowboarder, only been down the hill like 2 times anyways I have a pretty stiff board. I was wondering Is it easier to learn to board on the stiff or a softer flex board or is it doable

Wesley Wu says:

thanks for the review on this board, i can’t really physically try it out myself since I’m in HK. so just couple quick questions if you could enlighten me here, really appreciate it:

what size is this board you tested? I’m 179cm(5’10), boot size 28.5(US10.5). would u recommend me the 159cm or the 162cm’s? and do i need to go for the Wide version for the boot size 28.5?


Dany Van Dudeson says:

Great style bro. 🙂

Zeid azhari says:

Hey Kevin, I’m an intermediate rider, but where I snowboard there is no park so should I still buy this board?

chiel b says:

Is there realys till snow on the mountain? In may/june??

Server says:

On asymmetrical boards is it weird riding switch? Mainly carving switch. This is my first season riding, actually hit my first large park jump today lol super sick, but then ate it my second time around. I was thinking the carving switch would cause the toe to be aggressive and then the heel kinda not so much, could you tell a big difference on boards like the never summer funslinger and this one? Also, what are most durable, reliable, comfortable bindings for an all mountain rider? I just don’t won’t bindings that’ll break after a couple seasons. thanks!

treedisguise says:

came for the review, stayed for the sick riding!

Matt Palese says:

Great stuff TJ….question; ride helix or lobster sender? Which did you like better?

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