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In this video we are taking a closer look at a new snowboard on Ride’s lineup for 2018/2019, the Ride Twinpig. The Twinpig is an evolution of the Warpig which has been around for a couple of seasons now, and brings some of those unique characteristics into a true-twin frame. The most unique thing about this snowboard is that it is a volume shifted twin, that means that it is naturally much wider and can be ridden at smaller sizes. This is going to allow you to carve more aggressively while avoiding heel and toe drag, and is going to make this snowboard a natural choice for those of you with larger boot sizes. I am also a fan of the asymmetrical sidecut that you’ll find on this guy. This snowboard works really well as a freestyle friendly, do-it-all style snowboard, and it also comes in at a very reasonable price. Let me know what you think about the Twinpig down in the comments, thanks for watching.


John Wu says:

Sweet riding per usu and nice to see you do it live! This thing looks so promising!

Jay Nguyen says:

Sucks the base is extruded. Correct me if I’m wrong

PhaseSkater says:

Still ugly AF lol

inMotionSLB says:

minor and useless point, but im not a massive fan of the topsheet graphic

Nick Cohen says:

Love the bloody Dracula! How would you say the twin pig handles high speeds, chunder, or hardpack compared to the warpig? How damp is it? Great review!

Panha Ung says:

where is kevin?

Simon says:

Great review TJ. Love ya work buddy!!

Jacob J says:

Where is this at?

Get Nautical says:

So that your daily driver for next year after riding it?

PiMpiNx187 says:


CJ Explored says:

Yeeeww! Warping series so sick. Not a park guy so I’m lookin into the mountain pig

Slicknick 478 says:

Nice review man I love watching these videos

Chris B says:

Great review! I’ll stick to my Warpig, and Greats uninc! Nice board, though!

Timzle says:

Really cool video and an sick board!!

Christopher Luong says:

Hi TJ thanks for the review! Also, will you be reviewing the 2019 version of the indoor survival?

Owen Strength says:

Oh my goodness I think that’s the best thumbnail I’ve ever seen

Chris DeLeon says:

Hey man. Sick video. Thanks for the review. Between the twinpig and warpig, which one would you pick for a daily driver?

Joshua Snyder says:

Always great edits and transitions TJ, but man please review the new 2019 DOA. I doubt its any different, but I wanna know your impression. Thinking of getting a board like that that isn’t so stiff like my Jibsaw HD.

ZanyDreams says:

A review of the ride machete would be awesome since they changed the profile for this upcoming season

mattthew Hall says:

You should do a review on the bataleon disaster board!

Joshua Schaffer says:

That looks like a solid board. I’m impressed that it is a park friendly board that carves well. That’s basically how I roll.

MrSpreadem says:

Your stance looks narrow in the thumb nail, do you ever ride with a more narrow stance then recommend

OllieNA says:

hey man, do you know if the union flite pro bindings are comfortable?

Dominic Vassallo says:

can you please review the devils twin 2018

JRounder87 says:

Please do a de-tune tutorial on new boards!

James69888 says:

Hey TJ, how do the twin pig compare to your evil twin? Can it replace it as your new daily driver?

Ryan Umagat says:

First! And I’m gonna be at HCSC Session 5 for my first time ever, subscribe to my (other) channel @Ryan Umagat if youre interested in seeing what thats like!

Mike Teran says:

What’s the best snowboard you’ve reviewed? @TJ

Peter Saunders says:

I like the look of the board, just worried about a small board as im 100kg 185cm size 12 boots.

Daniel Z says:

would u take this board into tight trees? The board looks solid!

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