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In this snowboard review video we were able to get our hands on the 2018 Rossignol Jibsaw snowboard. This is a versatile all-mountain/freestyle snowboard with a camrock camber profile (camber between feet, rocker in tips). The highlights on the Jibsaw for me are the great edge hold provided by the magne traction, and how much flex you are able to get in the tips when trying to press this snowboard. The Jibsaw is a great snowboard for exploring the mountain, carving, and learning new tricks in the park. It has a forgiving feel but also provides the stability you will need as you progress and start to ride more aggressively and on bigger features and terrain.

If you have any questions about the Rossignol Jibsaw snowboard or any requests please leave them in the comments below, and make sure to visit for the full review of the Rossignol Jibsaw!

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NotAboutLife says:

rosignol and Salomon boards are gay as fuck

ChrisCo says:

I could watch TJ ride all day. I’m in the market for a new board for the 2017-2018 season and he is definitely helping me decided. The jibsaw looks sweet!

Mark Halvorsen says:

Another sick review. What boots u ridin?

neocyndaquil says:

Can you do the penguin walk on this snowboard?

morfistro27 killer says:

Hey Kevin. Hope you are doing great. Just wanted to ask if you are planning on doing review of the Salomon Huck Knife or the Never Summer proto type 2?

Arvind Vyas says:

Dude….awesome… you should totally do a season edit (2016-17), just pure shredding…..

Odd Boy says:

IDK who this dude is but he’s really good like damn

MLB Films says:

Hey guys! Check out my latest snow adventure video filmed with GoPro & Karma! Have a good day

Rytis Zlatkus says:

Bataleon GW ’17 please 🙂

kkk kkk says:


PhantomX128 says:

what resort

PhuBunny says:

TJ, I noticed every time you test a board edge you perform that trick at 0:54. Can you please tell me the name of the trick and post a video on how too? Love your videos and thanks for helping my increase my riding this first season!

Michael Yang says:

Are there any differences between the 2018 and 2017 models?

Matt Smith says:

Scott M

Jay Nguyen says:

this or neversummer funslinger ?

Hanna Kley says:

Could you make a video on tamedogs (nollie front flips)? Great content, keep up the good work!

Quinn moore says:

Nice fake steez

Casey Thompson says:

Heya. U should open an online store of your recommended snowboard gear. I’m in the market for a beginner board and all the fixings.

Andrew Lyon says:

Can someone look at my most resent video I made and give me some tips for editing, it would mean a lot.

bskdopeboy says:

2018 board, as said, or 2017?

J.G2511 says:

review signal park ?

Bronson Burger says:

Are you ever going to do a Burton process 2017 2018 bored????? I was trying to look into this board but I would like more detail on it

Thank you

Johnnie Chen says:

Keystone is my fav resort

Cypion gm says:

I’ve got one, it’s really good snowboard.very light under feet

Jjenniferjade says:

You should review the never summer proto type two

Emilian Popov says:

TJ, could we get a review on the Gnu Metal Gnuru 2017, pls! Sick riding BTW!

Justin Gregory says:

what bindings are those

Azamat Galimzhanov says:

What’s the name of the trick you doing at 4:49, Kind of a cartwheel?

James3160 says:

I love my jibsaw

Matheus Bondezan says:

TJ, could we compare this board with lib tech dark knife? Do they have the same board style?

Kieran Duncan says:

hey, i have that board

E.DUNN says:

you guys should review the LIb Tech Lando P Tools Pheonix HP C2. It would be interesting to see the camparision to other boards as it has risers under the bindings

Taiku says:

damn, i’m at whistler blackcomb and it’s cloudy as fuck at mid mountain runs

Rhome Anderson says:

I dearly love my Jibsaw. Been riding it for 2 1/2 seasons. Really took my riding far from beginner to strong intermediate. Nice to see more Rossi riders on the hill!

Rev It Harambe says:

Can u do dwd wizard stick review

Matt Maniaci says:

Any snowboarders wanna support each other? Comment “done” when subscribed and ill sub back!

Brian McNeil says:

Great review! =)

marco hu says:

hi tj, can u review the capita black snowboard of death?

Pot natividad says:

aye man love watching your videos!any tips on preventing knee pain?im just started snowboarding and i depend on constantly breaking but after 3-4 hours my knee starts to hurt.any tips?or should i take breaks thanks

RthymicGaming says:

Could you review the “superhappytimedeathmachine” board???

notjux says:

I picked up the 2017 Jibsaw at Sport Chek for $200 last month. I had to check with the staff that the had the price right, because that was an absolute steal. Such an amazing all-rounder, even at MSRP.

Bike Race Addict says:

Does anyone else just want to see a video of just TJ riding? His style is amazing!

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