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2016 Salomon Villain Snowboard Review

For the 2016 Shred Cred testing season, the snow in the NW was a challenge. So we decided to make the most of it and test only park boards. Well, it snowed and we were able to test this year’s boards everywhere (for the most part). What started as a 10-day park shoot out turned into a month and we enjoyed all the conditions.

The Salomon Villain snowboard got an amazing 98 Shred Cred. 65% jibs and 35% jumps made this thing 100% park!

Check out the Flex test of the 2016 Salomon Villain:

Timberline Lodge, OR

Special Thanks:
Coal Headwear
Crack Grease Snowboarding
Mt. Hood 26
Vie Industries


Xargo says:

Hey I got this board (155w for carving deeper, medium Trigger bindings, -18,18) based on your review and found the stuff you said about it very accurate. Especially after riding the board for a while. Anyway, I’m a freeride guy (2008 Salomon Burner) and thought I’d try to expand my riding a bit and get a park board that can still handle some carving. That said the Villain does jitter quite a bit between the bindings when carving hard (prolly the flat section) but I guess you can’t have it all in one board. I had never done any rails but could easily manage fifty-fifties with first try.

If someone is looking for a jib board that can do some semi aggressive carving too, Villain can handle it pretty well. Carves much better than Ftwo TNT that I first bought for jibbing (should be pretty similar to Funslinger). That kinda teeter-tooter rocker is def not for me. =)

What I liked the most about Villain is how you can do a revert carve and follow up with a noseroll.

Thanks for accurate review!

Matt Bellingshausen says:


Jonathan Ng says:

im at 175cm tall. would riding a 153cm on this board be just nice for me? Or should i get something smaller if i want it to be more jibby? Beginner here

Trikk says:

Was either this or the Ultrafear, sounds good as, but went with the UF. Review that, would like to know what you guys say.

taburett says:

181cm, 90 kg, is 153cm still ok for me?

Stepan Stulov says:

Cheers for the review. Don’t care about rails but generally appreciating taking a flexible (and mostly a gullwing/hybrid rocker) park board into pretty much everything: jumps, powder and some fooling around on the piste. Owned Forum YoungBlood DoubleDog, Forum Destroyer DoubleDog, Nitro Cinema Gullwing and loved them all but they had to go. Would this be a board to look into for me? Thanks!

Elliot Baker says:

can you guys by any chance reccomend to me a board to get.

I’m just getting into buttering and can do biggish jumps

my spend is anything.. would really be thankful if you can reccomend something.

all these reviews seem to be the same (every board is amazing) so it’s hard to pick

Trikk says:

You get that dyslexic talk when you hit the spliff just before the review haha

taburett says:

finally a camber playful one for me! i m getting one!

Hristo Popov says:

Hey guys, great review! Got the board and I must say, its amazing! I was wondering, when sharpening the edges, should I go for 88 or 90 degree edge?

Learning to ski says:

Omg you guys did a review.

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