The Bataleon Goliath Snowboard Review

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: I Can’t Remmber I Can’t Recall – The 129ers


Alessio Carrara says:

What about the Bataleon funkink 2019? As all mountain freestyle pow (forgiving) deck?

Ronald Wycoco says:

Is there a board in the Bataleon family that u consider as a step down (“less board”) from the Goliath?
I’ve rented out the Disaster and I enjoy its playfulness, especially in the park/on boxes, along with the 3BT but want something with more carve capability & stability on jumps, which u mentioned the Goliath has

Robert says:

Thanks for the review. I just picked one of these up and I agree with your assessment. The base took a run or two to get used to, but it’s a sick charger.

James Cuddy says:

Goliath or Jam?

GrahamStw says:

Have they fixed the base compound on these boards yet? I’ve got a Goliath from the 2009/2010 season and it is still a great board for hard charging and slackcountry, but that base (think Bataleon called it “synthduded” or some crap) just eats wax. Like it goes from slick fresh wax job to dry white and slow in a few days, especially around the edges and the transitions on the TBT parts.

Serkan Gürtan says:

Love your reviews, I would like to see the Bataleon Flight review too….

Justin Bordwell says:

This board or libs hotknife?

4nderzzon says:

This is not “the one”

assdiller says:

Thanks for reviewing this board! Have a good day

rsyjseo says:

Loving all the reviews! One on Bataleon Surfer coming?

James Brace says:

Thanks for the review, I have the 161W but have only ridden it in a UK dome so far so limited feedback. I would say it seems a little more playful and forgiving than the jam I demo’d, so it would be good to get your take on that board in comparison at some point Avran.

I’ll be taking my Goliath to Courchevel next week as a one board quiver with the intention to really up my carving game. It sounds like I’ve got the right tool for the job!

Ренат Равилич says:

The most worth seeing review on that board in YouTube! Have got new Goliath and agree with everything! Edge control raises while you running faster

Zacharias Jeppe Lau Nemborg says:

After 10 years of snowboarding i’ve decided to get my own board, but i’m kinda torn between the Burton Custom and the Bataleon Goliath… I’m not a park expert, but i’m looking to get more into it with my new board, which is why i’m gettin an all mountain instead of a park dedicated one… Any thoughts? I’m a size 11.5, so i need a wide board (if that matters)

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