The Capita Mercury Snowboard Review

What can be said about a board we’ve already praised a ton. This is the best all mountain freestyle board for 2017, it’s still killer in 2018, and we still love it. Buy 3.

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
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Zeb Scott says:

Would I get away with the 153cm (253mm width) with US 11.5 boots or should I play it safe and get the 155cm? I weigh around 69kgs, looking for an all-mountain/freestyle whip. Cheers man

Mark Halvorsen says:

Great review!! Would u say this board is similar to DWD Kwon?

Rob Rodgers says:

Whats up with that Easter egg?

Stan Deeks says:

Im looking at this and the slush slasher to compliment each other. I mainly charge, tree’s, carve and powder. I think this and the DOA are kinda similar. Do you think this is the better option for me who’s doing minimal park? Do you also think the Slush Shasher and this are the perfect pairing?

Rob Rowman says:

I am 5’4” and 145lbs. This past weekend was my first time to the slopes in over 15 years! By the end of the day I was carving well and going down greens and some blues with confidence. I was using a 151cm board. The smallest this comes in is 153. Do you think that is too big for me? I really want this board for carving

jason says:

snagged on of these at my shop’s end of year demo dump sale and took it out for some fresh spring heavy pow…. wow, you hit the nail on the head! Been riding a NS proto2 all season, and while it’ll press with 0 effort, it was holding me back huge on edging and actually doing press tricks. Stuff I couldn’t do all season came easy on the Merc, first try! Pressing did seems to take a lot more lean, but so much easier to do anything useful once you get it up. Man, I wish it wasn’t April already 😛

Jay Go says:

I got this board as a beginner. Do you think that was a bad idea? I consider myself a beginner because I only go boarding 3 times a year

Jordan Calon says:

Great review! What binding set up would you recommend for this board?

Porter Nelson says:

You’ve got me super stoked on this board! Last 2 times I bought something you loved, I loved it too. (2010 Joystick and 2014 Blacklist). My riding has matured since then, due to injuries, so not much park riding anymore. I now prefer to charge in all conditions and boost side hits. I’m on a Coda Rocker 158 right now. Looking for something that’ll be fun, but with a bit more stability in chunder. I’m 5’8 and about 200 lbs now. What size would you recommend?

BCDC says:

Great review! You managed to get me even more stoked on this board! I’m about to pull the trigger, jus deciding what size to get. I’m 5’9”/ 145lbs/size 10 boots (DC) so it’s between the 155 and 153. I’ve been riding camber decks since I was 8, this will be my first board with rocker in 20 years of riding. How many cm’s do you typically downsize? The 153 sounds small but as long I can get comparable (or better) float to my old Ride Prophet 156cm I’ll be happy. I’ll pretty much be using this board for what you described in the video, Pow and pillows in the morning and a few park laps in the afternoon. Cheers!

Joren Smeets says:

Hey man, nice review. Looking for a board to have it all, i’m 70% groomers/carving, 20% pow and 10% jibbin/butters etc. This seems to fit my needs. Thing is, i can get a nice deal on a 161cm mercury. But i don’t want to go for it if it’s actually too long for me. What do you think? I’m 190lbs and 6’3. Thanks!

Bradley Hillson says:

going to buy this board for next year because of you – thanks man

Daniel Gebhart says:

Looking to get this one. I usually go to ski and golf and I have never recalled seeing anything capita there. Where would You recommend going in the west Denver/Littleton area

mugwump1234 says:

It’s such a breath of fresh pow to hear someone’s actual opinion on a board, not to mention a board that they’ve taken out in real life. Every other reviewer just regurgitates the company’s press release.

Ryan says:

How does this compare to the Capita Kazu Kokubo pro? Looking for all mountain board but more towards powder.

publiuss says:

Thanks a lot for a Great review especially this is board I’m heavily interested in (as second- stiffier deck) . I’m 6ft , 9.5 size and 177punds , I’m really stuck if take 161 (as my ride slackcountry rocker) or 159 for faster turns and attack. I need it for better edge and tougher conditions . Thanks for advice Angry! You got my sub

Casey Ladd says:

This is a really thorough review – thanks for going into so much detail here, with more on your site. I’m seriously considering this board, and also the other boards you mentioned as comparable. Do you have reviews for them as well?

marco menchetti says:

I have 12 boot, am i Gonna be able to carve hard with the 161cm?

is that a fact says:

I have a never summer proto . How does the mercury compare . Got my eye on on it

Henni112 says:

Love your reviews!! Much respect!! Quick question though. I wear a 10.5-11 size boot, will this cause a problem with the regular width of the board?

gjbing89 says:

Hi Avran, I can’t find this board anywhere. But I can instead get the the Endeavor KTV for a good price and it seems they have the same popular camber profile with little rocker closer to the tips and the same stiffness. Tough question, but how much grip and stability do you actually sacrifice when you put rocker in the tips compared to a pure camber board?

Claudio LoBraico says:

I’ve picked up snowboarding relatively quickly and I’ve only ridden Burton LTR 155cm (I’m 5’11 190) because thats what they always have as the rental at places I usually go. At this point, I definitely would consider myself at the intermediate level. Ive never tried much else besides riding around the mountain and carving but I want to keep the door open for progression (butters, possibly some park runs). This board seems to be a good option, but I don’t wanna get too ahead of myself. What do you think? Are there any other boards you have in mind? I was also looking at the Capita Outerspace Living and the NeverSummer PT 2. Thanks a lot!

MultiBadBass says:

Thanks for the review. If you’re looking for a deck that can compliment your park deck to do groomers, pow and spin off of side hits and pop off of rollers, would you do this or the BSOD? The directional nature of it would be good for all things not park, so I’m leaning towards BSOD but I still want to do freestylin when I want off piste. Is the Mercury more park oriented than all/big mountain?

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