Top 5 Do-It-All Style Snowboards 2019






The snowboards you’ll find on this list are going to be solid, one snowboard solutions for riding everything from groomers, trees, and off-piste as well as freestyle. They are all twinnish style snowboards with roughly a medium flex for versatility and stability without being too aggressive. I think that the Warpig and Custom are going to offer the best powder performance while the DOA and Westmark are going to be the most fun in the terrain park out of this group, however I wouldn’t hesitate to ride any type of terrain on any of these snowboards. I believe that a good do-it-all snowboard is a board that feels secure and stable regardless of the terrain, and is going to offer that performance without limiting you and while putting a smile on your face. I think these 5 snowboards will do just that. Let me know what your favorite snowboard is in the comments, thanks for watching.


MichaelA88 says:

Man, you are awesome, amazing content as always! Hope you are recovering well and will be ready for opening day, looking forward to having an opportunity to meet you and Kevin 🙂 Out of curiosity as well, have you ever ridden a Rome Mechanic? I would love your opinion on it. Peace!

Ignacio Igarzabal says:

Hi TJ! Could you try the Burton Tree trick Pilot and let us know how works it !! Thanks man, sick Videos and advices! Try to come to Argentina men .. Best Powder bro

Bogdan Mihai Cosofret says:

The Lib Tech TRS doesn’t have a sintered base as you said, but an extruded base. Thought it was worth mentioning. Though the guys at “The Good Ride” website said they consider it to be a high end extruded base, as fast as a lower end sintered.

Ginger Ninja says:

What about NITRO snowboards, never saw a board from nitro in your top 5’s…

RedHyphen says:

The arbor westmark is probably my all time fav board

The Friendzone says:

Can you do a “Top 5 Budget snowboards”?

Mitchell Jarvis says:

Hey TJ! I’m soo interested in the arbor westmark camber. The idea of a full camber, and a 3D shaped nose/tail just sounds amazing. But would this snowboard still be a good pick for a novice park rider and advanced all Mtn rider who is trying to progress in the park and in freestyle? Would you recommend going a bataleon board or gnu headspace instead? Thanks!!!

MrKarijes says:

Nitro team

M3Nightfall says:

hey, im about 6’4 and weigh 176 lbs, or in meteric 1,93 M and 80 kg. i have a foot size of 10,5 do i need a MW board if i am going with the lib tech trs and what size ?

personal conclusion: 165 MW board

it’s gonna be my second board i had a flow merc from 2013

Brian Antnssn says:

Hey TJ, nice vid!
Just a heads up, the microphone picks up the rubbing sound of your jacket, creating background noise. Bit annoying with headphones.

Mikhail Pozin says:

Press 0 on your keyboard while clicked in to the video to begin your DJing career!

Enrico Rubele says:

Best Surf shape board?
– Jones Storm Chaser
– K2 Cool Bean
– Rossignol Sushi
– Nitro Treehugger
– Capita Slush Slasher

In The Surf says:

Quick question. I was just messing with my stance cuz it felt too wide at reference. I measured heel to knee cap and added a centimeter. Gonna see how that feels. My question is tho.. i set the bindings back a little giving me an inch more nose that tail. Is that ok? I ride one way. Still learning so no park or switch for me yet. Its a TRS btw

christc0409 says:

You should try the capita mercury

Mark Guardiani says:

Salomon ‘Assassin’ is another in this category I’ve loved riding.

amychumer andthefunkybunch says:

Can you do top freestyle snowboards

Gary Gregg says:

Hey TJ,
Whats your thoughts on a comparison between the Burton Custom and the trick pony?
Hope you are making a good recovery.

kynkas says:

What do you think of the Capita Outerspace Living as a Do-it-all board???

boreddude123456 says:

Hey, I was interested in the arbor westmark camber. Is there anything similar to this board? Just want to explore options.

Joshua Schaffer says:

The war pig and the d.o.a are boards I would loooove to try.

Get Nautical says:

Would LOVE to see a review of the k2 www board. Specs looks great but haven’t seen anyone on it yet

Matt cox says:

Can you make a split board video please as I want to know more about them.

1GamersGear says:

Signal omni review please

Eyvindur Leo says:

Do you setback the bindings on the trs in pow?

Leevi21 says:


Brian Biederman says:

Why does your westmark have a different design than the 2019, or is it not a 2019 model

kieron browne says:

Do the Scott Stevens 2019 please

Board Archive says:

Check out the women’s specific options in the description!

Steve Okay says:

Looking for a follow-on to my Carbon Credit which I’ve had for the last 3 or 4 seasons. I ride some park but mostly downhill/freeride. I’m thinking DOA or TRS but maybe also the Capita Mercury? Please to be making with the quibbling.

douglas tam says:

Trying to pick between warpig or twinpig…which one is better for curving… need help!!! Thanks

mrosterbra says:

Hey I just got the nitro team exposure board with the gulwing camber. Just wanted to know if the gulwing camber performs well in the park? Also its a directional twin so should I center the stance?

James Brabrook says:

What about the YES Standard?

Cory Deschamps says:

Bataleon omni?

Ricardo Hernandez says:

Warpig or skeleton key?

joe3stix says:

DOA vs Head Space??

PlantiPal says:

I thought you were going to throw in the Kazu in the background!

. CTRLgaming says:

What about Burton paramount?

Eric Loop says:

Can you help me? I search a Snowboard for the terrainpark and for riding powder? What is the best choice? A softer board for some buttertricks would be perfect.

Federico Collini says:

Very good indeed! Thanks.! What is your opinion on the yes basic decade?

Ricoman611 says:

DOA or TRS guys?

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