Top 5 Park Snowboards 2019






Freestyle snowboards come in a wide variety of flexes and profiles. Some boards will be better for jibbing, some will be better for jumping, and some are quite well rounded. In this video you’ll find 5 recommendations that are sure to stoke you out regardless of your riding style. I’ve tested these boards personally in a variety of locations ranging from Colorado, Mt. Hood, New Zealand, and Australia. This video was filmed on the Stubai Glacier in Austria, I hope it gives you some good ideas as you are looking for a new park board this season. Let me know what your favorite park board is down in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Coach Zac says:

Love your work TJ

Ian Cordero says:

I’ve been riding the capita peter line and I loveeee itttt

Bruh Sweet says:

I like how with each shot of you just talking youre in a different location. Its hard to describe but it feels like theres more action going on in the video

Rick MOrty says:

I just purchase my first board . I’m 6’1 135 . Got a burton blunt 158. I want something that’s good for everything . Mainly turning and basics and then park stuff like rails and all that. Is this a good choice ? Didn’t want spend over 300$

Thomas Kovacik says:

Love the profile of the ultrafear. On the 155 Stevens (same profile) and it’s a fun board to shred!

Georges Fayad says:

Where is the capita DOA ??

Joey Miotke says:

What about the new huck knife?

marty maness says:

Did you guys test the 2019 burton namedropper?

Skwurl says:

Capita indoor survival

Joshua Schaffer says:

Sick set of boards right there.

BoardSports says:

Hey TJ,have you ever heard of the 1st.Try in Austria around January? You can ride all boards of the upcoming season. Are you going to join the event? We are going to do a big comparison test and would love to maybe feature you in some videos?! keep up the awesome work!

Triple A says:

Do big mountain top 5 please

Jean De La Cruz says:

When is Chris coming back?

Branden Palarz says:

Check out dinosaurs will die snowboards

Unnamed Player says:

I need some advice guys.
I’m looking for a board to learn butters and flats but don’t wanna take it to the park. I’d rather still ride all over the mountain (not in pow tho).
Unfortunately I’m limited to those boards: Gnu CarbonCredit, Lib Tech BoxScratcher, Capita Paradise, Capita Ultrafear, Yes Basic.

Alvaro Batista says:

Good picks but surprised you didn’t include the Ride Twin Pig since you ended up buying one.

hayhead92 says:

Hey TJ!  Thinking about picking up the Bataleon Majic Carpet, do you prefer the Evil Twin because its softer?

1 the one 1 says:

How does the twinpig compare to these? why didn’t it make the list?

Daniel Watkins says:

I have only been snowboarding once and am looking for a first board that won’t be too expensive. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this would be a good first board.

ellstacker adventures says:

This is so good to know thank u

Smitty_ Jay says:

just got a rome artifact rocker for jibbing this season im ready!

Binho Guedes says:

#ad video?

Ray H. says:

Awesome video! I’m trying to decide between the GNU Headspace or Capita Spring Break Twin for this season. Would love to hear your thoughts on the latter. Thanks for consistently putting out such great content!

Brian Yiu says:

Hi TJ, Thank you ur viedo choosing the top 5 boards. I am interested in having a question here,Capita ultra fear and batalion evil twin. Which one is lighter? And it lighter about how many. hoping to get your important reply & get will soon ur arms ,Your fan

Kenan B says:

TJ … bless us all with some in depth binding vids. I got into messing with my bindings last year, and there’s so much to learn!

Big fan of you guys!

Daniel Johnson says:

Are you going to try the bataleon boss this year? It is just like the evil twin but with a faster base and lighter core and more extreme camber. I think it will be my next board

In The Surf says:

Who’s the man!? TJ’s the man!!

King Kwaan says:

Can you guys review some nitro boards?

Neil and Jolanda Richardson says:

Great review TJ! Thanks for keeping those videos coming!

Joseph Auler says:

How was the open? Were the conditions good? My ski express to there was canceled today to “lack of snow”

michael roche says:

Another sick video guys

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