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In this video I am taking a closer look at the YES Basic snowboard, this has been a highly requested board and I am stoked to be able to review it for you guys. The Basic is a true twin, all-mountain freestyle snowboard that lands on the playful side of the spectrum when it comes to flex. You will be able to get some good flex for butter and rail tricks with this snowboard, while still having decent pop and stability thanks to its camrock camber profile. It also runs Underbite Tech from YES which helps to increase edge hold on firm snow and ice. Overall I think that the Basic would be a really fun freestyle specific snowboard, as well as a fun board outside of the park for casual riding. If you aren’t riding any freestyle there may be better options for you out there. Let me know what you think about the YES Basic down in the comments, thanks for watching.


michael schnaars says:

whens the bataleon global warmer review coming haha?

Tonchen Tayler says:

I love my Basic!! It’s like messing around with a friend all day.very forgiving! And !if I fall it’s only because I’m progressing on it!!!(with the help from you guys! !thank you! !!

L Bos says:

Please review the yes typo!

Brandon Spencer says:

Did you detune this board before you did the boardslides?

Felix :D says:

what degrees do you have on your bindings?

Yugtesh Sahu says:

How long have you been riding snowboard?

Nadine P. Try says:

Thanks to Lauren I already know there’s a women’s version. TJ, it would be great if you could mention an option for female riders with comparable features (If there’s any) from the same brand? Like you do with the 5-favourite videos. Or the maybe add the size options?

Leo M says:

can you please give a review on libtech hot knife?

Müfit Hüroğlu says:

Please take a video about the GNU RIDERS CHOICE

DJ Raghu says:

Please do the k2 raygun.

Lauren says:

And it looks like they’ve made the Basic unisex this year, it goes down to a 143

-kingyonglu - says:

Pls test the burton kilroy process

Lauren says:

I love this board! (I ride the women’s version) It’s great for learning and progression, it really takes care of you, it’s not catchy at all. But I also know very experienced riders who also love it; they say it’s because it’s super easy to ride, making it really fun, even kind of relaxing to ride. So while it’s definitely beginner friendly, it’s not just for lower levels.

Ron Patten says:

you guys should do A review on the burton clash.

Spiral TV says:

Your videos have saved me from being bad at snowboarding

Allan Elliott says:

You need to review the Lib Tech Box Knife.

sbecktacular says:

YES greats next!
been on it and damn is it
ever great!
how’s the shoulder TJ?

boru1993 says:

Have you ever ride on DC PLY ? I heard some many different opinion about this board. Some say this is amazing board , others that is a trash.
On the internet there is no ply review

Matt cox says:

Go back to whistler and go snowboarding with Doug please

Bernard Bar Brother says:


Daniel Z says:

Wondering if it is possible to DIY the under bite tech. Like file down a portion of the edge a lot.

mougabo says:

what do you think of those stratas TJ?

Juliano Andrade says:

Hey TJ… Could you do a review of the Bataleon Whatever snowboard?

bertman4 says:

Are you fully recovered from the shoulder injury?

Shred1904 says:


Dana Griff says:

Love your reviews TJ!
Please review the YES Libre! 🙂

Will Filali says:

What happened to Chris

Mr Jeka says:

Yes But this Board is for beginners, TJ, if the level Pro! this Board will be sad!

Jack Carpenter says:

Good board

guywithoutthought says:

I keep thinking I should have got one of these instead of a Burton Instigator . 🙁

ellstacker adventures says:

You were riding this board with buckhouse!!!!

Chris Sharpe says:

Keep up the good work…. my Favourite Snowboarding Channel

Jack Young says:

Cheers for the review tj. Keep up the vids!

Kermit the Frog says:


Ethan Bell says:


Jason Wang says:

Yes standard please

lewis Jones says:

should i buy this as my first board and ive had my eye on this since last season

Inbesuto Sirubesuto says:

Endeavour archetype next! :p

Alex Dokhtiar says:

Have you ever ridden YES Standard?

Carlo Alberto Montesi says:

If you should choose between the yes basic and the gnu headspace, to use in different ways such as: a little jib or some butters but even slopes which would be the main differences?

Dope New Name says:

I can die happy now, TJ reviewed my board

Ethan North says:

Please review the GNU T2B

Oliver Allen says:


Bad_Riders says:

I didnt find this board as poppy as my ultrafear or my thunderstick. I had my beginner friend (2nd day snowboarding) on this and he struggled hard. Maybe a follow up could be done on binding pairings for this deck.

defnoxs says:

Tj please do Yes PYL and Standard reviews

Oliver V. Films says:

yo so i bought the horrorscope and rode it for the first time, after riding figured out theres three chips on the top layer, is it probably a defect?

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