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In this snowboard review video I am testing out the 2018 YES The Greats Uninc snowboard at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The Greats is a freestyle snowboard with an asymmetrical sidecut, this helps out with carving on your heelside edge. Featuring a camrock camber profile, bamboo pop rods, and a sintered base, this is a snowboard that is best suited in the park but is still fun for carving and exploring. I found that the rocker in the tips of the snowboard provide a playful feeling that made hitting rail features and pressing butters a little easier. The biggest highlight for me on The Greats is the asymmetrical sidecut and how much fun this board is on rails. I would recommend this snowboard to beginner riders and up. Let us know any questions you have in the comments, and make sure to check out the archive of snowboard reviews available on Thanks for watching!


Menusolly says:

Love The SnowBowardProCamp team! <3 I've been watching snowboard videos for over 4 years. You are Them i have seen The most. After 4 years watching vids it was time to snowboard. I learned to SNOWBOARD in like a Half Day. I was making The S turns, riding The transporting pists and i did that because of you! <3 thanks!!!

Matt Smith says:

That board rips!! First time I’ve been able to see the board truly do its job.

Simon Barbarasch says:

hey snowboard procamp crew: why dont u guys longboard? seems like its the perfect off season version of snowboarding. I promise you it has a waaaay better feel than riding park with those tiny popsicle stick decks

cleanmynikes says:

Nice Video!

Assis Nunes says:

First 🙂

Alexander Streck says:

Sick video Kevin keep it up was wondering if you could check out my new vid

Chad Graham says:

First like

Julian Chou says:

I ride the 2017 Greats and it’s an awesome board apart from the fact that it’s super fragile. It gone through 10 days of riding and I’ve already got chips all over my topsheet and gouges in my base. I met 2 others with the same board as their boards have the same injuries. Definitely DO NOT take this off-piste where you might run into rocks. Also probably not a good board for Australia as conditions here are pretty harsh.

YoshiBros522 says:

it could be a GREAT option for ya. xD

Sidius says:

Hi=) Im a new snowboarder and i wanna start riding in the park. What is the easiest/best way to start riding in the park? Video request =)=) How to start riding in the park

Raven 604 says:

Hey Everyone, I’m going snowboarding for the first time this week for a few days, what’s a good beginner way to record? Tips? Anything Thankyou guyss ❤️

Gamer says:

Im used to riding a never summer legacy 161 from ~ 10 years ago, and need a new board finally. What should I get for something similar? I ride mainly in back country and free riding, with little to no park/rail usage.

Hyphen says:

can you make a review about the | Lib Tech – Skate Banana 17/18 | or the | Yes – Jackpot | :3 ?

CR Cook says:

TJ, thank you brother for this review! Would be awesome if you could also review the Gnu Riders Choice and do a compare/contrast. Would love your opinion. Been looking at these two for a park/jumps board, and the Capita DOA for slashing the groomers.

Jordan Main says:

Love my Rome mod rocker

Albert Sht says:

What about reviewing the bataleon goliath + ?

Phri Pheoniks says:

Have any of you tried any Vimana boards? I bought a 154cm The Clone from them as a first board :3

Lukas Richter says:


Daler Obrien says:

Thx for reviewing this board adam I was just looking at it yesterday! Much appreciated!

anotheranonymoususer ] says:

Why am I not living in Canada? Feelsbadman

Gus /! says:

Could you make a review about the salomon “assassin” ? Please

Callum Howarth says:

I’m looking to buy my first snowboard, would you recommend an asymmetrical sidecut style board for a beginner/intermediate rider? Or just get a more traditional shape.

Twiggy Biggy says:

Do a review on salamon assassin !!! Plox

Thomas Nagy says:

Could you make a review of the Capita mini Tree Hunter please? Thank you guys keep up the good work. Love ya all.

Bruh Sweet says:

Watching TJ makes me want to start learning flips on my snowboard !!!

SeggledFade says:

TJ, could you do the new Capita Ultrafear when it comes out?

Chris Kokkalis says:

I don’t get it at all, why are asymmetrical snowboards even considered to be used, what’s the pros and cons? You should make a video of pros and cons on asymmetrical snowboards.

Александр Дудоров says:

hi, guys. As i feel this board is someone like prototype 2. So the question is: what you liked more and why?
regards, Alexander

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