Burton Step On Bindings Review: My Thoughts

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Max Mazourov says:

Sorry if this is a silly question, but do they work only with special boots or any boot will do?

Hannah Holt says:


jarryd rizk says:

Ur carving is friggen insane

johnebadass says:

Ryan I noticed during your video every time you clicked into the bindings you were on relatively flat terrain. How do you think they would go trying to get them on when you’re on a much steeper incline/in powder? It looks like it would be a bit disconcerting standing one foot in on a 45+ gradiant trying to click the other in.

mitsubishidiamante says:

Man they always Sold Out

Jordan Michon says:

When I can rotate the highback I’ll bite but til then they wont work with my +25 -12 stance. My heelside turns would have way too much pressure being projected improperly along the heel edge. Highback rotation is the main selling feature of Burton bindings I’m a bit surprised this wasn’t considered.

M Att says:

How the heck do you carve like that!

TS RI says:

best gear for snow 🙂

KSI says:

I improved my riding just by watching this guy…

arunepoon says:

Great carving technique and style dude.

hkbullet says:

hi nice video thanks !!!! just curios what model your board and what degress you are using on

Acrid93 says:

Man, I’m a skier and I’ll probably never snowboard, but you made me salivate….
Great review, awesome carving, loved it.

Jack Wan says:

Mad carving skills Ryan!! Love it when you touch the snow with your elbow

Bob Conrod says:

Funny but they seem exactly the same as the Yonex (only sold in Japan) bindings that I’ve been using for the last 3 years or so

Manny J says:

Dope riding bro, definitely following.

louis dorrico says:

I love Carving and looking for a new board i like your review can you please tell me what make and model of your board ?

Michael Mckenna says:

great vid….i ride flows and have done so for nearly 15 years but i am seriously tempted to switch to this system. what were the bad points ?

Alex Soloveiko says:

What camera do you have? Picture is awesome

james wheeler says:

How old are you?

Marko I. says:

Your ride style is ammmazzing omggg!!! Just great to watch. Also the camera angle.

A to Z Productions says:

Watching you snowboard is therapeutic. Can you release an hour long video of just you snowboarding!

Toao says:

Edge work is nasty!

Wallace Rose says:

You again? Awesome!

Michael Wang says:

Thanks for review. BTW: how to step on if drop into the deep powder or on steep slope?

Brad Landon says:

I’ve been using The step ins all season on my flagship and storm chaser with the ion boot. Absolutely love them. Two of my friends have as well. I will never go back to straps! Great review!

341134203 says:

I got a set and new boots and board this year. It was great the first 4-5 times. However the last time my front foot (left foot) was a sore. The side of my left foot just behind and little toe was swollen from some rubbing. I am using the ION boots.

Fan Jackie says:

Already got one last March, really like the step on system, and it saved me a lot of time and energy.

Nathan MTB says:

Dude you are like the best carver in the world

Josh Vance says:

This old man can fuckin shred

Ethan Al says:

bro you are really good at snowboarding

Ibrahim Rammal says:

Nothing to see here. Just Ryan being the monster carver he’s always been.

IKG Trinity says:

Best part is you can go straight off the lift and put them on without stopping. Skiing ai`t got shit on snowboarding no moe.

Yan Swann says:

Damn, your carving is on point! Wish I could do that!

Michael Silber says:

OMG Your Ridingstyle is Awesom!! Soo smooth! I like that

Jeremy Stig says:

I sometimes don’t like my normal bindings, because they kinda cutt off the blood circulation if they are too tight. You kinda have to find a happy medium between too loose and too tight which is difficult sometimes. No straps no such problem i guess.

Justin Lutz says:

Dude you need to make a video on how to carve like u do that’s sick

YTC Thrive says:

These look so much fun to ride on! Awesome video! What gear did you use to record this? Video looks amazing!

TDayOfficial says:

how did he film so smooth while boarding?

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