Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings Review

I got the opportunity recently to try a new product and i am stoked to get to experiment with the new Burton Step On bindings that have just come out. These are hard to find and were made in limited numbers. These bindings and boot combo are amazing. I was skeptical at first but they lived up to the hype and even out performed my expectations.

I have seen these bindings pushed by expert riders and how they can handle day to day use and extreme abuse however I thought they would be perfect for us mid age guys who might have some lower back issues. I was 100% correct in thinking so. They help ten times over with cutting back on normal back pain i can get throughout a day of riding just by no longer having to bend over constantly.,

I highly recommend riders of all ages and skill level try these out.

I would link to where you can get some but most places are out of stock for the season. You can find out more about them direct through Burton’s website.


To see a closer more detailed video check here. https://youtu.be/bj3IizUeMvc

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Mr. Perry says:

Age is just a number bro! Stay active, stay positive!

Corey Lewis says:

I’m hoping these will help my old broken rib injury. Can hardly bear the pain of standing up straight after strapping in. Can hardly do it 5 times and then quit. With these I can get back to Riding all day long

rollanotherone1 says:

Waiting for your end season analysis. Also, waiting for the next gen build before becoming a believer. Thanks for the vid. Good to see us 44 year olds still gettin at it.

roundingcorners says:

8 min video and you can’t show us how the release mechanism works in taking your boot off? =/

Evan Beswick says:

Sick snowboard pants bro. What brand and price

Stefan Horn says:

Is it possible to put them on on powder, when there is snow in the binding?

Bohdisattva says:

Good video. Shred on!

John Cribbs says:

these are sooooo pointless and always have been. I wish Burton would come out with some cool hard boots/bindings.

Nathan Lloyd says:

You should definitely be wearing a leash…

Sean Ozz says:

Check out my up close and personal video of the step on and how it works. Getting out is covered in more detail.


Dominic Moccio says:

great video man!

K says:

Typical Burton junk.

Four screws and two straps is all we’ll ever need.

If your mobility hindered or a special needs rider cool but for the average person this is straight junk.

Brochacho III says:

Have you been to a chiropractor? Worked wonders for my back after a car accident.

Denis Gontcharov says:

I’ve got a pair of black Photon boots of size 9 with Step On bindings for sale.
Bought the boots two weeks ago but they’re too big for me.
Alternatively, as I prefer to stick with the Step On concept, I’m willing to switch my boots with someone for a size 8.

PM for more info

Christian Necas says:

Pricey setup for sure, but glad to hear that the design is solid. Hope to get a pair in the future. Great video my dude

rsbudgood1 says:

that little bit of chatter is the only concern I have in the area you have highlighted. My concern is the material it is made out of and the abuse it can withstand. However, For the price of the boot and binding combo. It really is a minor detail until it fails. I’m Looking forward my my own test ride. Thanks for your review , really helpful.

Mason Smith says:

I like the bindings but how do you get your boot out when you end up at the bottom of the hill?

Jaka Berdajs says:

I agree… The idea and co cept is awesome… Buth when i got them for 4 days last week i did it serious… Full day riding… Took em to the park and on saturday we even got a chopper lift up to the top… As i sead greate concept… Buth only for easy going riders… I nearly killed myself on huge jumps… And just forget any powder drops or fresh powder riding… They just come off… Worst experiance was in tge park when i was on a 6 meters long rail and my left binding came undone… Nothning will replace the good ol straps…

James Shan says:

Went to Niseko in Japan at the start of this season, missed the step ons just one or two days at the Burton store there, they sold out fast and the guys told me to come back next season. Very disappointing, I saw a few lucky few carrying their step ons out the store. I hope Burton restock them this season.

lifeshort says:

Why didn’t you use the safety bar on the lift? A bit irresponsible fella 🙁

Kapitän Dritten Reich says:

definetley gonna try them out next season. I’ve tried other step-on bindings back in 2010 but they were horrible. I used them for a week and there were 2 days when we go 50cm of snow and strapping in these was imposible without taking off your glove and sweaping snow out of locking mechanism. The other ting i worry about is when extreme carving and freestyle. Don’t know if they are able to handle such forces.

edboogie78 Boogie says:

Demoed these about 2 weeks ago. The Burton store only had the photon boots. These boots are not made for wide feet. Crushed my feet the whole time. I was told that the Ruler was a better fit for me, but they didn’t have any in store. Other than the boots being uncomfortable I thought the bindings were pretty good. Very responsive, quick and snappy. Getting in was so easy that sometimes I didn’t know if I was locked in or not. Getting out wasn’t so easy. It took me sometime to get use to. If I’m being honest I never got use to it. My feet hurt so bad I only got maybe 2 hours on them. What I didn’t like about these was that they were a bit rigged and my ankle movement felt restricted. The base plate was stiffer than I liked and even though they weigh the same as mission bindings with boots they felt beefy and someone what clunky. So for now I’m sticking with my Cartels. I don’t think step ons terrible bindings at all. They are just not for me, but I think everyone should demo them. Overall these are the best bindings your going to find with easy in and out. I owned flow bindings before and a brand new one is sitting here collecting dust. These are far superior than flows in my opinion.

Knot Just For Boys says:

Thanks for the review! It was great to hear how they felt riding, not just a video on them clipping in and out is very helpful. How easy/hard were they to clip in and un-clip if you’re on a decline and not flat-ish snow? Cheers

Kyle Go Hawks says:

I started snowboarding in 1991. Seen it all. Depending on your style. You might like these. Just like the ones 15 years ago. I would never use them. What is 1 minute at best to strap your foot in for complete control and adjustments as you ride. I have always loved the loose style in parks. I have went from airwalks to boa and going back to loose

Ivo F says:

You show how you step on them, but I also would like to know how you step out.

Danny Leonard says:

I guess I’m the only one who wanted to know how to get the boot out of the binding?

The Stoobs says:

what is that ending song

Henkka Meikäläinen says:

Will the mechanism freeze in hard conditions since the parts moving are so small?

Tristan Tefft says:

Ha when I heard keystone I was like wut?! I’m going to eldora mountain and occasionally steamboat springs

Ty Jindain says:

The biggest question is… where do we get one. Sold out forever and ever

Cetlical says:

how do u unstrap

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