Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings Test Ride / Demo

Believe the hype.

After two runs during the SIA on-snow demo at Copper Mountain I’m completely sold on the Burton Step On Bindings.

I’m going to spend a lot more time on the bindings before giving a thorough review.


mitsubishidiamante says:

Ugh.. they Sold Out online.. can’t even find them on a Retail Store

iiTripodz x says:

They look so cool but it’s Burton so you know there gonna be expensive I’m going to wait till they get cheaper. On burton website there $649.00 so Ill stick to my reg bindings for right now

Bruce Lee says:

how much.. n how are they on all mountain terrain along with the park..???

KRONOSS * says:


Corey Lewis says:

please tell me there’s gonna be a non boa version to this boot

Frank De Mascio says:

I like my K2 Clickers better. Just wish the Eclipse boot was nicer to get in/out of.

1080JMAN says:

Dude should be wearing a helmet.

aiden vokes says:

I would stick to regular bindings because it seems like you have more flexibility, and if you dont clip in the boot right your foot can easily come out, regular binding will probably be cheaper and I think it would be worth it to just bend over quickly.

Kyle Powell_sbs says:

Haha skiers have had step on bindings since the beginning

Punch Smack says:

How about snow build-up on the boot and within the binding in between rides? I’d figure someone might have to scrap off packed in snow to ensure clean connections.

With my normal setup, I have to scrap out some icy packed in snow throughout the day (1-3 times, depending on the snow conditions and where I’m riding).

Dario Bonk says:

hey what’s the soundtrack?

sa なさた says:


Justin Vaezi says:

Hey Matt,
I’m hitting up Mammoth next weekend and am rocking a performance demo to try out some new gear for 2 days. I’m an advanced rider and wanted to get your opinion on what boards I should demo. I’m way more of a hard charger then a freestyle rider. I love carving at high speeds and hitting deep pow. I currently ride the K2 Happy Hour with Hurithane bindings, but feel they are a bit soft for hitting deep powder, and I feel like the Happy Hour has some trouble floating in the pow because of the twin shape. Any recommendations would be awesome. I’m debating trying out the K2 Joy Driver or one of the Family Tree Boards from Burton with one of their Binding Boot combos!

Team crap sheep says:

Fricking game changer

Anything that means I don’t have to bend over is good by me

sa なさた says:


Roman Alexander says:

that deep thinker is so sexy, bindings are cool to i guess haha

Dan TheMan says:

Boarding in step on bindings seems so amateurish. I will be rocking lace-up boots and straps until you can’t find them anymore. They’re more comfortable and light off of the board for hiking, more responsive tightening, and laces can be replaced easily for virtually no cost. Bindings are more secure, adjustable tightness, and still light on the board itself. If you’re hitting rails, jumps, trees, flexing your board and buttering, you’re either going to come out of those step on bindings or break your ankle with how stiff they are. Not to mention when they are packed with snow, and you can’t hit the contact points properly, leading to being unsure about how “in” the binding you are. This is coming from a guy whose first pair of bindings were the old school step-ins when i was like 12.

“Saving time” or “not bending over” are situational arguments for these. Takes 5-10 seconds to strap in by bending your knees or yes, sitting on the ground. This is the next big thing for old people or people who got the up-sell from a ski shop employee working on commission.

Mark Simmonds says:

There are step ins and then there is the Step On.  I’m very impressed with the mechanics. Here is my up close video showing the ratchet and cleats in action and the self-tightening capability https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFWS-o7mkQs

Corey Lewis says:

im thinking about getting 1 just for my back foot and a regular binding for my leading foot. who wants to do the same and split the new setup with me. I’m goofy and sz 12 … you’d have to be regular and sz 12

Sid says:

didn’t tell us shit about it.  does it require a special boot?

justgot123 says:

Awesome !! Wish I can afford one

AstralLemon says:

Yesterday’s technology, today’s prices lol. This was a thing in the 90’s

Jason Zhang says:

Where I can buy this? I really wanna a one!!

Beli Beli says:

I remmeber step in’s 15-20 years ago…they were’t popular even back then! And today i can not see evolutioniary design in those. Still, i’m not going to be hater, i will try them…
Mat, can you reduce the angles of the highback and still get in/out without problem?

Lucky13 says:

I feel like the front clips will wear down the plastic and start to come unclipped overtime.

daverutt1 says:

I’d like to see these being put on when u have stacked it in pow and need to take ur board off.

Chris L says:

they look like a hassle to get out of.

BlAzE eLiTe says:

I find this kinda dumb like what would happen if in mid air it falls off? You would be fucked.

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