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In this video we’re snowboarding at Mammoth mountain and testing out the new Burton Step On. It’s been difficult to find a snowboard shop that carries the Burton Step On, but our friend has a pair that he’s loaning to us for a few laps. We’re going to test the Burton Step On by doing a few laps though the terrain park here at Mammoth mountain. The conditions for snowboarding today are perfect with the sun shining and snow getting soft in the terrain park. The things that I’ll be looking for from the Burton Step On is how responsive they are, the level of convenience and also comfort as I’m snowboarding. I’m doing me test lap through the terrain park and will do some butters, jumps and some boxes/rails. I’m also going to as my friend Qaesar what his thought are on the Burton Step On, now that he’s been snowboarding with them for a few months. Finally TJ is going to take them thought the terrain park and test them out on jumps and rails to give them a true test in the park. We hope that our test and review will help your decide if the Burton Step On system is right for your snowboarding. Thanks for watching!


ButterSnow says:

Thanks for this awesome review guys!

Shawn C says:

Thanks for the review. Nice to see a video on the Step Ons from guys who aren’t sponsored by Burton.
Are you guys planning on reviewing the DPS Phantom base treatment that supposedly eliminates the need for waxing?

David Mullin says:

I used the old plate style step on when I learned to ride (wearing a shit 1 piece ski suit). Both experiences were horrendous and scarred me for life so I’m very sceptical about the new technology. That being said, the convenience aspect does sound appealing. One down side – does anyone else think resorts will start insisting on boarders wearing stupid leashes again… in case of system failure??

milanzabro says:

Guys, are there any videos of “Kaiser” riding?

Peter Landis says:

Wonder if Burton can fix the clicking noise in future revisions?

Thorny says:

Dammit, now I need to break my bindings and my boots so I can justify buying these. Why did I watch this video.

Chris 825 says:

Learned switch frontside 180’s today. I have to dial them in a bit more but progression is in the air. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Sean Ozz says:

most responsive binding i have ever used.
love them, hated having to give them back after using them most the season!!
I did a very detailed video review as well. Great product!

the chatter is strange because it does not always make that chatter.
position two is locked in and just amazing!

i also show a close up of how they work and how to get out.
working on one to show the new cleat piece people are calling a recall (it’s not a recall though)

good video !!

H E J says:

Qaesar be looking like bob the builder lmao

Spicytuna says:

Your friend KAISER!!??

Mark Simmonds says:

What a stark contract to your first reactions video.  Moral of the story don’t review something unless you try it first.  Glad you like them.  Happy Shredding.

Jon Rodriguez says:

Do you know what brand of snowboard pants TJ was wearing?

Danial Pham says:

My only concern is the durability, but I’m sure a company like Burton would’ve pushed it through some tests.

The Lemon Square says:

Step Ons are great, the problem with them is that they are a pain in the ass to put on if you are not on a flat slope

Nick Rivers says:

Those are some pathetic ass slopes

Nick Rivers says:

Those are some pathetic ass slopes

Xzygy says:

So, I have a pair of step ons, and I’m going back to straps. The bindings are fantastic. The boots unfortunately do not fit my feet well, so I’m in the market for new ones. I’ve heat formed them, tried custom insoles, etc. Two little toes on either side are numb within a run, and if I push through, the entire foot goes numb. Loosening them gives me heel lift, and listening to the internet who suggested I remove the insoles nearly caused actual damage to my feet. If the Ruler or Photon fits your foot though, these bindings are badass. Its easy enough to get into that I’m able to snap in coming off the lift and go right into a run. Anyone got comfy boots to recommend?

Denis Borisov says:

Questions that concern me about those bindings.
1. The weight of the bindings. How heavy are they, compared to traditional straps?
2. The durability of the bindings
3. The durability of the boots.

Thanos Anastasiadis says:

I have the following concers about the product:
1. Is it easy to bind on non-flat areas?
2. Is there a way for the board to unbind itself for safety reasons? Traditional bindings do release for safety
3. Are these bindings good enough for a pro? Or the target group is amateurs and intermediate snowboardes?
4. Are there any spare parts to be replaced? Can they be fixed at all?
5. Is there any counterparts for having a board with a canal type of hole instead of the traditional circular holes which look more steady?

Jnmvem Victory says:

Da boys killing it!! Yew!!!

Steve Coogan says:

How bout in some pow? I have a feeling I would throw the board into the woods, walk home and get my strap bindings.

Mario Janušić says:

I bought new par of Flow bindings and boots last season, as I was not aware Burton had plans to announce Step On. Otherwise I would have waited. Seems very practical, although I am a bit curious what users will report after few more seasons. Looks to me it might happen that you accidentally unbind yourself during a ride? Time will tell, but I am very optimistic and this has just landed to my WANT-TO-BUY list 🙂

SnowboardProCamp says:

POLL: Is the sound fixed guys? YES vs NO? Also, thanks for letting me know about the sound on the last upload!

VWRabbit2008 says:

I couldn’t trust step ins. Just knowing what could happen has my mind made on these. Case a jump and probably break the locking system. Not clicked in all the way and full speed your foot breaks loose. I just couldn’t do it

Tomas Molina says:

why do u never try any flips? :v

Xzygy says:

Also, any chance you could put a blurb in the video to link to the recall? They had some issues where the binding would release if clicked into the first click and not the second, but they’ve been super awesome about getting replacement bits out to people.

Couch_Ech says:

I have step on’s. Love them i would never go back to straps 🙂

Hari Soco says:

Nice to see same set up as mine proto type 2 and Step Ons its the BEST PERIOD.

Peter Kehayov says:

What about powder?

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