Burton Torque Snowboard Bindings Product Review

Snowboarding with the old Burton Torque bindings. Food for thought. Powerful, responsive, and IMO a damn shame that bascially all binding companies are only selling bindings with 2 straps that are all pretty damn similar. Shouldn’t there be more of a variety of binding styles for a variety of what you want out of your own riding?

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Johnny-Anthony Khawand says:

Hey Ryan, Is it normal that when carving toe side the boot is not touching the pad on the heel side? Tried to find some tips on the internet to what i can do about it or how to setup my bindings to have my boots always touching the pad without elevating but couldn’t find anything.

TheGoldensalmon says:

Hey Ryan, a big fan of your videos and style. I was curious if you would be wiling to do lessons. I’m actually getting on a plane now to head up to Breck for the next couple weeks (I’m from the ice coast). 

Carlos Philpott says:

I love that you’re reviewing old gear. There were some good design ideas that got tossed to the wayside – and this is certainly one of them. Personally, I would prefer a third binding with a flexible boot to a stiff boot with two straps. Though I like the convenience of the Boa lacing system, I’ve had a few “Awww Hell!” moments at the end of a run after I realized that one of my boots had popped open. 

Gerbeck S. says:

Hey Ryan what’s your stance on this video? Do you point both feet downhill when carving aggressively?

fearlessjoe says:

people still make 3 strap snowboard bindings….. they  make them for ski-boards so you can use snowboard boots…

i tried a pair last year….. although they do all seem to be modded bindings rather then made that way….. dont know if anyone is manufacturing them that way 

Jimmy90022 says:

These were my first bindings!

Terrance Kennedy says:

Hey Ryan, What headphones do you ride with?

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