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In this video I compare the Burton Malavita to the Union Atlas snowboard bindings. I’ve spent roughly one hundred days snowboarding on each binding and want to share with you guys the pros and cons of each. If you have an opinion about which snowboard binding you think it better it would be great to hear it in the comments. For more snowboard gear videos check out the link to the playlist. Thanks for watching!


Per Sandwall says:

Don’t forget the re:flex plates, they don’t let people fine tune their stance. Hate it!

Its Kick says:

Ok union 9/10 r better than burton.. most serious riders that aren’t sponsored don’t even like burton so y r people even trying to compare… especially considering the over price from burton

bigbillwaltonsacidheads says:

Burton’s over Union any day

VWRabbit2008 says:

Try nitro team or nitro zero. I’m riding force and ride rodeo but I have nothing but great things to say about nitro. Probably one of the best out there. Union screws come loose. I check mine every time I ride. Haven’t had issues with my rodeo’s and the nitro teams are unbelievable in every aspect

MrSpreadem says:

A 100 day season is amazing.

sbecktacular says:

nitro team bindings are awesome too—
after riding them this season i’m sold!
check em out.. can’t wait to see what designs/ colorways they roll out this season…
i also want to try switchback bindings—

sean mcInally says:

I started with burton bindings, switched to union force bindings which I love, but now I mainly use now bindings which I think are superior to my unions.

Haroen Debruyn says:

I got the same heel cap screw loosening on my Union Flite Pro’s.

Dima Bakinec says:

bought atlas in blue color – awesome!

Mecca 417 says:

Blue loctite on the union screws and they are mint

Isaac Knuuttila says:

Haven’t tried unions yet … I was having comfort problems with my burtons.. currently got now opi bindings that have been been doing me well for the last1/3 of this season

scriblzalot says:

I’ve ridden both as well. I had the mala vitas then the atlas. I would always have pain at the end of the day on the top of my foot from the heel straps on the mala vitas. The Atlas are extremely comfortable and a bit stiffer for more support.

RetroRotor7 says:

Union bindings are great but the screw holding the strap sucks but an easy fix with lock tight

Koji Buckhold says:

nitro teams r the best

Marcos Perez says:

Union is being really hyped right now I ride Burton cartels re flex and I have to say these kick fuckin ass reasonable price too l own union bindings in the past quality sucks not good for heavier guys if ur past 170 you’ll break them down really fast that’s what I experienced not only that Burton bindings better board feel and comfort. The straps on the reflex bindings is way better than the straps on union

Titch says:

Fix magnums are amazing for people with larger feet, basically have built in risers as the foot bed sits so high. I usually get toe and heel drag with most bindings but the magnums have been amazing.

rap padrigon says:

dude that is so true with the screws on these union bindings man, i hope someone from union sees this, but great binding over all

1994 boarder says:

UNION is dope. Union has great customer support, the bindings are super adjustable and durable. burton I don’t even care cuz I’m never ever gonna buy anything from burton till they make 6 hole binding mounts.
hate the channel system, once ur screws get lose ur just wabbling around in that channel rail there’s nothing worse that could happen on the mountain then ur stupid stance changes while ur riding, i also think that 2 bolts aren’t enough and this is just another way for them to make them selfs feel like their something ‘special’.

Mecca 417 says:

Got a pair of Salomon Defenders this year, amazing binding, worth a look for sure.

Jade Fox says:

I thought TJ was going to release a binding comparison with his Atlas and Force.

West AD says:

I have owned and ridden Burton Cartel, Nitro Team, Salomon Hologram, Salomon Defender, Salomon Quantum. The Nitro Team bindings are actually pretty good – very comparable to Burton Cartels. Of all these bindings I think the the Cartel has the best board-feel because of the Re-Flex disc/construction. The board-feel with the Nitro Teams is also pretty good. The Salomons have good quality construction and components, except for the combined highback-rotation/forward-lean design. The Salomons also won’t give you the best board-feel, but other than that they are great. Hologram=freestyle, Defender=All-mountain/Freestyle, Quantum = all-mountain/freeride.

James F says:

I have union STRs and I have had the same issue with that exact screw coming lose. It’s happened multiple times on the mountain and I have had to awkwardly ride down with only 3/4 straps connected hhahaha

Ty Jindain says:

Union claimed the loose screws has been fixed from 2017 up but I’m guessing that it hasn’t

Timothy Ostryzniuk says:

The ratchet problem on the malavitas is why Danny Davis and mark mcmorris use the older style burton buckles and not the double take. This is also why there aren’t double take buckles on the redwing special edition malavitas as they consider is mark and Danny’s pro model

MrSpreadem says:

I have a pair of union forces and the screws come loss every time. I have to check it every single time I go ride. Small issue but seems like a weak design flaw from a binding specific company

Tim Jacox says:

Union finally fixed issue with hardware coming loose for next year. already got sent the new hardware and it works great

Daniel Johnson says:

I love my atlas’s they are amazing but the ankle strap almost did me in when it was about to fall off at the top of my mountain and the screw driver at the top was really stripped

k c says:

Yup can confirm same issues with union strap binding…its a problem 100% I have 2 pairs of this years forces and both the left bindings ankle strap comes loose. Also have friends who have contacts- same issue. Really like union but they need to address this, it’s actually a dangerous problem.

Christian Ruiz says:

Thanks for the great review, you guys should do some reviews on some of the entry level gear, not everyone has the budget to buy the more expensive options. Thanks again, I really appreciate your channel and what you guys do.

Sly Dog says:

Bindings are always a hot topic.. I feel like there were a lot of negatives mentioned about the unions yet they are ‘superior’? In my opinion the top strap always coming off and the screws getting loose are greater negatives than what was on the malachite. I guess a lot of wear and tear quickly as 100 days riding is equal to 3 or 4 seasons for most of us.

gregory49 says:

I would rather be stuck in a malavita than have the union strap fall off and the toe cap slip halfway down the mountain lol.. TONS of other people have had this issue with the screw as well. That being said I’ve ran into ratchet issues on my burtons as well.

Henderson771 says:

The RIDE CAPO is an excellent binding, great ratchet system, no issues, stiffer flex than most, Comfortable, you can really crank them down and the urethane webbing on the toe strap is amazing because it won’t fall off/shift/come loose.

Raj Kissoon says:

100 days each… Meanwhile, I’m here in the Northeast getting like 8 days in the season……… lol

Daniel Silva says:

I have the same setup. But the malivita are est. bought that set up thinking would be nice to move your bindings on the fly but didn’t do it once this season. Had issues with the malivita. The toe strap. I cranked on it and it bottoms out all the time. And yes I have lots of the ladder to go down. And I noticed too much flex. But I know it’s a soft binding. Ohh and you always got to tighten your straps ! Lol my unions I totally agree on those loose screws haha so true. But for sure next season I’ll be using those on my channel board just got to figure out how lol . Awesome videos man you had a crazy season , been following your vids keep it up! Also I hit red mountain this year if you haven’t been check it out what a gem

Corey Truhn says:

The ratchets on the malavitas for me stick from time to time, I usually give them a good yank and they come loose. I also own a pair of contact pros that have lasted for about 2 seasons but the heel bolt like yours always wanted to come undone. As a lifty I needed something a little more reliable and chose the malavitas and never been happier.

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