How to choose your snowboard bindings

How to choose your snowboard bindings

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Ilie Bogdan-Mihai says:

Lovin the content you provide and the medium you provide it in. but smile more man, you’re talking as if you’re reaaaaaly bored ^_^

Ephraim Latson says:

them Nike Boots is everything

Ibrahim Rammal says:

Intro music track name please?

Avan7garde says:

Helo, I will buy next month new snowboard, and I found burton ripcord 2016 model, and I want flow alpha binding (rear entry) Does will it work or I need other model? I rly like rear entry bindings, I didnt try it but this is my first buy, few years back I only rent a board.
What size you sugest for board im 192cm and 95kg, foot is 47. will be good 158-159w model?

Steve Libby says:

So, I’ve been snowboarding since I was 8, so for about 10 years now, and have had various different boards, but I think I’m going to need a new one now, or at least soon, and have always just got used ones because I’d need a new one soon anyways. Now I need to get one and new bindings, and I have always really wanted snap in bindings, but have never been able to get them. Can anyone give me an opinion on snap in bindings? Are they good? Are they bad? Pros and cons and that stuff?

Aleks of the Night says:

I’m a beginner/intemediate snowboarder, and i want to buy the Burton Ripcord 2014/2015. There’s a pack with the board + the outpost Black bindings. Are they compatible with the channel system or should i buy some others?? (Sorry for my english, i’m french ) 😉
Thank you


oh maaan… as if choosing the board itself wasn’t hard enough – camber, rocker, symmetry!…
so much more complicated than skis!..
thanks for the video, it helps)

Max de Koning says:

Fuckin chav

Milian89 says:

blink for fuck sake

Fenris Wolf says:

You kind of look dead in side, but you come with some great tips, thanks.

Petar Nikolov says:

Too much talk about personal preference. If we’re watching, we don’t have an opinion and we want an expert to tell us theirs.

ethan skogen says:

I’m a beginner to intermediate snowboarder just wondering if the flow micron and the nitro ripper were compatible with each

dirtyz125 says:

i work at a board shop n all ppl care about is the color n shit…DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

Hongboum Kennard says:

one question if anyone can answers this. So my binding is a m3 and i dont have a back support thing

Nick Donnelly says:



Great info bro! Super helpful!

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