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In this video I go over the pros and cons of my new snowboard bindings. I’ve been riding the Burton Cartel EST bindings for the last few weeks. They are very similar toe the Burton Malavita bindings which had similar features that I liked. There are some things that I don’t like about the bindings that have to do the heel strap. I would be great to hear what snowboard bindings your ride and what you look for when buying new snowboard bindings.

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Josh Morrison16 says:

I love the cartels but the only thing that I don’t like is the slanted laders on the straps. this is supposed to keep the bindings to stay tight but it also freezes up and can get stuck in place I have to hit them very hard to get the ice out

aap aaps says:

This is actually really helpful, because I have ’15 burton scribe bindings and read about that hinge point in the ’16 models which helps to get the strap out of the way when you strap in, and I thought that it sounded pretty neat (like, perhaps an idea for next year). But I never realized that it could also be annoying when skating and on the lift.

Mariah Colby says:

I have 2016 Burton Freestyle Re:Flex bindings. They are not the best Burton bindings, but they were relatively cheap and better than my current ones. I just got them, so I have not been able to ride with them, but I have done 180’s, presses, ollies and tripods in my yard and they have held up well. Something that I really like are that the screws and not exposed, so I do not have to worry about them rusting. I also really like that the bindings are flexible and move with my board. It makes for smoother riding. They have the flexible heel strap too, but I am not sure how I feel about it yet.

Nerenahd Dhaneren says:

I finally changed my bindings to a flow system. Couldn’t be happier. Getting on and off is a breeze.

Allen Bao says:

Hi Kevin, I own a pair of Burton Cobrashark’s with the winged hiback. I ended up having to return a pair of Van’s Aura boots due to how the wings sat on the edge of the BOA side dial. Do you think it’d be possible to switch the hibacks from binding to binding so that the wings are on the inside? Or could I buy a pair of hibacks from another burton binding and use them on my Cobrashark base?

Mihai Dumitrescu says:

That big heel strap is a pain in the butt. It really holds you from natural move/lean of the foot. Simply gets in your way. i have stay calm bindings with reflex for my ride board and i so sorry that i bought them. the foot padding is nice but i am so sorry i didn’t bought a pair of Ride Rodeo/ Rodeo LTD or Ride Capo. thicker foot padding, canted foot padd and much comfortable heel strap.
Highback is too high
The only Pro for this Cartel/Malavita/Stay Calm, is their toe strap, which is the best in the industry.
Sorry Burton but your bindings sucks 😀 even Rossignol bindings are way way way more comfortable

Michael Hamburger says:

Thank you – solid review.

Guangcheng Lu says:

The strap is by design. Can’t remember the exact argument, from what I can remember, the flex type of strap is more durable and easier to be put aside for a easier foot entering.

Matheus Bondezan says:

I thing I’ve never heard u saying that, but something that I realized: if you have chance, buy boots and bindings from the same brand. It fits way better and u feel like the bindings and boots fit in each other like LEGO.

彭定康 says:

that’s not a weak spot, it’s designed to be like that so you can strap in easier, and it’s not week at all, they have designed it speacially so it’s not weak as you might think.

Cichlid Bro says:

I love the feel of the EST as well as the possibility of micro adjustments because of the channel. That said I can see how the channel might limit someones stance width as well as the stance angles. Last note, IMO the channel should run from one end of the channel right through to the other end of the channel, instead of having 2 separate channels.(did I use the word channel enough there)

Will Ferrell says:

I picked up some malavita est last week and I love them great binding

Emerald Raccoon says:

I’ve always got rear entry bindings, they’re really unrestrictive and incredibly faster to put on which is great when you just wanna shred instead of sitting and doing your bindings manually which is very time consuming

AquoizStudio says:

Hey, what you think about new Burton Cartel 2017?

Dylan Marr says:

Hey, I recently just bought some new bindings and I don’t know how to tell if they will fit my board, my most recent bindings have the little circle in the middle, but the ones I just bought don’t, will it still work?

EgorShalvarov says:

I got the same bindings and usually just drop the highback down with throw the heel strap over it when I’m getting on/off the lift. And, yeah, when they’re new and stiff, keeping straps looser worked for me.

Zircon says:

Are nitro bindings good?? Particularly the 2017 team ones?

Christopher Davis says:

if you buy bindings that are EST from Burton can u use them on other boards not made by Burton?

carmine619 says:

I learned to snowboard late last year with Burton Customs cuz people say they’re great for beginners but then I realized their playful flex was actually hampering learning how to ride and also had your heel strap problems. Then I upgraded to Rome United mids and couldn’t be happier.

Canon Campbell says:

I have some old second hand burton freestyle bindings on my old burton bullet board and I love them both but I’ve never used anything else so I might upgrade to these or some flow bindings. Any suggestions? I also need a new board because that’s second hand and beat up too.

Avery Buda says:

Hey Kevin,
do you have any experience with rear-entry bindings, and if so, what is your opinion on them compared to normal bindings. I am looking to upgrade from the bindings I have now and am not really sure what to get. I’d say I’m more of an all-mountain rider but am starting to do more stuff in the park.

Elr0ndKing says:

Hey can you talk about the Pros and Cons between regular bindings and flow rear entry bindings. its something that was confusing for me as a first time snowboarder and something that you have not touched on in a video as far as i know. Thanks

javamac10 says:

I have the Cartel bindings as well. The only con I have is that the heel strap seems to ride too low, even with adjusted at it’s highest/back-most mounting position.

Blue Jays 11 says:

My dad is using triple strap for his snow board

Jürgen .R says:

Greetings from Estonia. I ride exact same bindings for 3 months now, I rly like em and I have no problems jibing in and out with em. Peace out!

JMAHP1 says:

Hey, can you show us how your boot looks after 1-2 seasons? I got a black boot and some points where he is going white because there are points where he is lightly pressing/ rubbing. Thanks

Bob Game says:

Hey Kevin, I love to ride with flow bindings just really fast to strap in. What’s your recommendation on flow?

OverMostHeads says:

I felt the same way about the floppy ankle straps. nothing a Lil duct tape couldn’t handle though. idgaf about the look of it. /2cents

Trend Magazine says:

Hey Kevin, is there a huge performance increase from upgrading bindings like from your malavitas to the cartels? Or is more because the old bindings are done?

Pow Ranger says:

I have the Process Flying V. what do you think about those?? I have Union bindings. Pro FLite.

Kahele Koki says:

Does your toe strap ever slip off when going down the run ? It happens to mine a lot you think I should get smaller bindings I have a size 10 boot on a large cartel binding

Aeodi Graphics says:

can i use these on a lobster sa park board? I’m a beginner and I’ve never actually gone snowboarding before but I’m learning this winter.

Wild Outdoor Living says:

I’m kind of torn on the ankle straps as well, they are easier to get out of the way when getting in or out of the bindings and they are a bit stronger but unless you remember to put them out of the way you end up stepping on them all the time. This can make things pretty awkward.

Harrie Essing says:

Flow bindings for 100%. Absolutely love them!

maki says:

i ride an old school gnu with old school k2 bindings

Adam Campbell says:

Hey Kevin,
I saw this video was made in March and you have done a significant amount of riding since then, with that being said do you have a differing opinion on the bindings? I just picked these up at a clearance sale of last years gear and I am wondering if it was a good buy. I got them for $130 over the $300 I think they were priced at originally.

Daniel Lego says:

Thanks for bringing up the issue of the weak heel strap, mine snapped at the weak point awhile ago, at the top of Harmony chair ha, creates more hassle than it should. Apart from that great binding! Keep up the great videos man!

Daniel Theaker says:

Hey Kevin, I’ve just brought myself the cartel EST Bindings but I’ve come across an issue and wanted to know if you have come across this yourself. I have brought large bindings as suggested by Burton for having UK size 10 boots, these bindings go from 9+ in large. The issue I have when I put them on the board and set them to the red marker is major heel overhang. I’ve even tried pushing the bindings as far forward as they will go but still have this issue. I can’t seem to get equal toe and heel over hang.

Matthew S says:

What do you think about the Union Contact Pro bindings? @SnowboardProCamp

J.Fish says:

I recommended you to try the union flight pros

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

It would be nice to hear the DIFFERENCES from the Malavitas.

bdlbd nyc says:

Love my old cartels, I think I’m going to get the new step ons when they come out will look forward to you reviewing them

WAZmc says:

I won’t be updating my cartels if all the new ones have that hinge strap. That would be hella annoying when one footing. I love my cartels though, best binding burton have ever made. The est system is perfect, union bindings are nice but I think est is the only way to ride.

Corban Andrei says:

Are you regular or goofy?

Mark Halvorsen says:

Cool videos, I ride 17 Malavitas 16 customs,15 Union Contact pros, 17 Union team, and 16 union superpro. Obviously I love flex and soft highbacks. I ride park and mainly east coast groomers. Love Union but have to say the 17 Malavitas are the best bindings of all time. I also will always love the customs cuz of how playful they are.Gonna add hammock strap to them to make em even better. Also love the 15 contact pros w the bigger ankle strap and mini disks.

theavianflew says:

It looks like you went from a medium in the Malavitas to a large in the Cartels. Which do you like better? I’m a size 10 boot and ride a 159, so I can go either way & am unsure!

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