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Guf (@matt_guf) knows nothing beats the connivence of Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings; they’re easy in and easy out. Set the straps to the size of your boots and you’ll be set to ride all season long.

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Alex kruysman says:

My girlfriend has a problem standing for rear entry, bending over often helps her with rear entry

thomas alexander lawford granger says:


Zach Delos Reyes says:

i prefer front entry. but in any case, do they really lack responsiveness?
im kinda just starting out in freestyle and getting my butters and starting to do jumps and maybe rails. would you recommend gnu psych or the cinch compared lets say burton genesis

Bird Group says:

My friend’s mom is so hot and she loves rear entry hahaha

87gunsnroses says:

All I’ve ever rode is flow bindings and I’m curious is there any advantages with traditional over the flows?

TallJGoldBlum says:

I turned my girlfriend onto rear entry when we first met, she loves how easy it is. Just slip right in, and go.

Cheyenne Nivens says:

Kinda wish I realized that my Roxy bindings were rear entry.
I hate them. Absolutely hate them.

teddyinajapan says:

“if youre a mom or dad who likes rear entry ?” Matt did you really just say that

toby green says:

Can you send me a link to order the Flow Binding that you just demonstrated? I’ve had the originals now for 14 years. They finally need to be replaced. I board with skiers and they don’t wait for me to strap in – I need to do it on the chair lift.. Some of your commentators have their brains in their pants.

beefcurrywithrice says:

Stop saying rear entry IM DEAD HAHAHAHAHAH OMG

Atu Oma says:

My friend likes rear entry. He has Flow bindings hahahaha

Bird Group says:

Love rear entry all day long….

The House Outdoor Gear says:

Yes, Traditional bindings do offer some benefits but it really comes down to personally preference. For me…. I find that my traditional bindings are a little more responsive.

Kalei Hoopai says:

but are they heavier than ratchet bindings?

VonMilash says:

Nice chuckle at the end. If I had known these existed I would have spent the money on them. 

The House Outdoor Gear says:

We did not get a chance to try the RS yet…

Connor Reynolds says:

How did you even make it through this video

The House Outdoor Gear says:

If you do choose a rear-entry binding, and you want a lot of response, choose one with a stiffer highback. Rear-entry bindings don’t really lack response, it all really depends on which model you pick.

Out of the 2 rear-entry bindings that you mentioned I’d pick the K2 Cinch, but if you’re looking to get better at freestyle riding, overall I’d check out the Burton Gensis.

Michael Camello says:

forgets the haters on this video. It great at least hes giving you good knowledge on the products. 

Could you do a video on rear entry bindings that you would buy (I want to know what is GREAT not what is okay and out there). I rather learn about the good ones instead of learning ones that I may regret buying. …Not that Im saying any of these are bad, I just dont know enough

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

OK, but they are a little heavier, right? I have some Flows, but I am contemplating getting some Cartels to shave weight. That is the only reason.

Adaline Dailey says:

These are terrible for little kids who are learning because they don’t have the balance to stand on the mountain and put their feet in, but they can’t do it sitting down. 

The Man On The Mountain says:

Im thinking in getting rear entry bindings, because I don’t sit down to strap in since 20 years ago and I want to try something a bit easier and faster.

Danielle Petroski says:

What is the second brand??

neonbluen851 says:

Rear entry, if you know what I mean…

duunes says:

I know some moms that like rear entry….

charlie watchop says:

I’m having a problem with my gnu psych bindings I just got. I got a size XL which fits Men’s 11-14 boot size. I have a size 13 boot. And when I put my boot in, the toe strap doesn’t fit snug on my toe boot! There is a gap between the top of the toe and the strap, leaving room for movement. Also when I put my boot in, I almost can’t get the back down because it hits the back heal of the boot, so I have to kind of wiggle the boot out…

Is anyone else have this problem??

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