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In this video I review the Burton Malavita snowboard bindings. I was lucky enough to demo these bindings last winter and have been hooked on them since! The new tech in Burton Malavitas have really improve the performance and comfort of the bindings. The performance comes from the hold and security the hammock heels strap and hammock angle cup. Just like a real hammock these features suck you boot in and holds it in place. Witch your boot secured to your snowboard you can get maximum performance while snowboarding. The straps and foot bed are also very comfortable and adjustable for your boot size. The Burton Malavitas seem very durable as well. I’ve rode them almost fifty days and they are in the same shape as when I first bought them. It would be great to hear about what you look for when buying snowboard bindings! Thanks for watching!


Rylan Locke says:

Bro I need some tips on a lazy dog back flip you got any ?

Tim Kidall Park says:

I tired these bindings on a demo board couple weeks back. Amazing toe grip and all-round an awesome binding! Probably will purchase them next season. 🙂

speats101 says:

Been on Union Contact Pros and Forces for the past 4 seasons and decided pick these up around mid season last year and they are definitely worth the coin. The comfort level is insane and board feel/control is on point.


Which bindings should I buy ? Malavitas or Union Force ? Help 🙂

Chupanebre637 says:

Noice. Reckon you liked them more than your cartels then?

권석환 says:

I bought the 2018 Malavita theses are so sick!! for park and allmountain useful wherever you ride!! Absorbed shock is very good

HybRidZ YT says:

rode malavitas last year, will be riding them again this season. they are great bindings, very flexible yet stiff at the same time. I used them in highschool competitions for both slope style and GS and they were just fenominal. Love your channel, keep up the hard work. ~Lucas C-A

PROGAMER69 says:


Sam Vaughan says:

I’ve been using these for years, you should check out the winged highback version. It makes pressing and buttering insanely effortless! I have 2 pairs EST and the Reflex. Would recommend them for any style of riding!

davidsjones says:

Had these bindings for around 4 seasons but on the 4th season everything started to fall apart, like every day there would be something new that broke Hahahah! Ohhh one question!!! When I rode these bindings every now and then the buckle would get stuck and I would not be able to get my foot out which sucked hahah this is still happening to my friends with burton bindings today, has this ever happened to you?

lacrosse4higher says:

Hey kev you should try to get your hands on some Salomon bindings with the Kevlar heel cup. I think more people should try them out since they’re so fun to ride

Jacky Chui says:

When is the next superchat??

Jorden Moe says:

I just have the alpha flow bindings they work great

peterattheboro says:

Didn’t you have yellow Malavitas before your Cartels?

Philip N.L says:

I got K2 ion bindings, Are those good?

Sean McGuinness says:

Burton Diodes baby. Love em.

Kevin Cariveau says:

I have the Red alternate version, fantastic bindings.

5lander1 says:

Thanks for the vid kev, i was literally gonna ask about this on the next live chat as im going through the process of picking new bindings. Im torn between the mission and the cartel.

J Vert says:

would you suggest these for a shorter rider? (I’m 5’6) Highbacks look…high. 😀

Katherine Lee says:

Any update on if you are going to do women’s review on snowboard gear? 🙂

Lucas Smith says:

I agree with you. I decided on a whole new set up and seen the malavita’s and super happy with them super comfortable and I find myself to be constantly adjusting through out a day of riding so the no tools makes it easy for on the fly adjusting. I would buy these again with out hesitation. thanks for the reviews I enjoy watching all your videos even the basic stuff.

Ben Trujillo says:

I have the same ones. Love them. Love the foam base plate over a traditional metal one. Two thumbs up from me.

Mark Halvorsen says:

Bought these and love em but the biggest con w these and most Burton bindings is that stupid sticker they put on the bottom of the toe ramp. Mine stuck to my board so when I tried to take off the binding it it ripped the adjustable foam toe ramp off. I glued to back on w gorilla glue but now the toe ramp doesn’t adjust at all. I don’t adjust my toe ramp anyway but this is super annoying that a 1 cent sticker caused this to happen on a $350 pair of bindings after a month. Why does Burton put those stupid stickers on the toe ramp anyway??? It’s so meaningless and they could put it on the plastic instead. Take those stickers off asap and be careful for the glue that’s left or it can re seal when it gets wet and rip the toe ramp off. I ride 17’malavitas, 17′ union team forces, and 15′ union contact pros. Unions are better bindings overall for freestyle cuz the ankle straps are smaller and allow for easier tweaking and movement but the malavitas are the most comfortable bindings ever. The new vitas are gonna have smaller ankle straps which will make em less comfy but more like Unions. Exo straps without padding or fabric are definitely the future.

marvquake says:

Kev, you didn’t comment on buckle freezing on double take strap. You were claiming it in one of backcountry videos. I have few pairs of Burton bindings (all with double take) and cannot trust them 100% when it drops to about -10 C degrees and less. Therefore for my freeride boards I switched to Flux and Now. My Malavitas are left only for freestyle fun, where they really shine (highligts: great dampening and solid but comfortable asymmetric ankle strap hold).

Jack Wu says:

Review the ion Boots!

fran.san says:

I have been using the union force binding for a couple of years and the durability is great, they perform as the first day I ride them! Check them out!

Daniel Z says:

Bought a pair of used 2017 cartel, gonna try them winter

Alvaro G says:

I have the Mission Burton bindings. I like them but im ready for an upgrade…. what should I get?

Royce Allen says:

You should review the 2018 flow fuse gt bindings

Tyler Greening says:

what boots are you running now since you had to cut the lacing on those other boots?

ButterSnow says:

Yes, they are awesome! I prefer them over my cartels and diodes … Minor complaint would be that they are a tiny bit more heavy than my k2 lien fs bindings.. but they are definitely more reliable freestyle bindings on jumps and I find them surprisingly also perfect for carving and high speeds … the winged highback does a great job here and also helps to lock in presses for butter tricks.

trabant66666 says:

I had problem with my Burton Moto 10.5 boots and the size of the Malavitas, I have purchased both XL and L size and after a few test I had to select the XL because even if Burton says the L is up to 10.5 boots, the toe overhang was too much for me, I used to ride K2 Auto XL size with those Motos too, so be careful while buying it online, because the charts are clearly wrong if you don’t test it right on your feet.

Silas Anderson says:

Please make a video about g form I really love your reviews you’ve been doing lately keep up the great work

F-Stop Production says:

Sick Video! Thanks dude

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