The 2019 Bent Metal Logic Snowboard Binding Review

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber

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The Man On The Mountain says:

Guys, these reviews would be much better if you show the real boards, bindings, and boots instead of a pic, showing details and all that.

Corey Truhn says:

steps to being a better rider… step one: ditch your skiing friends. Step two: ride with boarders instead.

rsyjseo says:

I’m curious about your Bent Metal Solution now. I have the solution bindings on my K2 simple pleasures and first time i tried those bindings, it was night and day difference compared to my old Burton custom bindings. Felt like there was no binding between my boots and board and it was soo responsive. Way less effort required to get the board to do what I want.

Micah Reese says:

I’m not the angry snowboarder but I am pissed off – off piste

Jon Brown says:

I have these and I’d have to say this review is pretty much spot on. The only thing I’d add I’d that they are also great if you’re looking for a surfy feeling binding, I run them on my powder board and they’re awesome. I’m pretty sure you can buy the drive plates separately you just have to order them from Mervin ( or I’m guessing from your local shop). I run the transfer plates in my logics and the pairing makes for a great all mountain surfy ride. Thanks for the great review.

JSanNic85 says:

I ride K2 Hurrithanes. I saw you had one on the counter in the top 5 park binding video. Could you briefly compare the two? Would it be a significant change if I go to Logics? Thanks for the dope reviews.

ian hill says:

It’s stupid they don’t sell drive plates separately. I have the solution (I love them) but I want to try some softer drive plates, just for fun. But no, I would have to actually but the logic bindings to use their drive plates.

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